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  1. I've ridden, driven, piloted and sailed many vehicles over the years and I have to say for cruising around Bellisseria my personal choice is the GEMC Platypus. A couple of moles have them and we enjoy them very much. The level of realism and detail put into it is impressive and is the best of any vehicle in SL I have ever seen, right down to having to stop and "repair" it if you beat on it too much. It's probably my favorite vehicle of all. If you have the time and the skills you can even download the psd and apply your own custom paint job.
  2. Pussycat gets it I think. All of those things in Bellisseria from the covenant, to no ban lines, to not being able to sell parcels, to no commercial activity, to the filled space between parcels all work in conjunction with one another to make it NOT like mainland with the intent of avoiding many of the problems that exist on mainland. Take out any one of them and it could potentially ruin the whole. Even those pesky Mole built fences and hedges many people don't seem to like serve a purpose. They dissuade residents from extending their builds far outside of their parcel lines like many have gotten used to doing on mainland.
  3. It is important that if residents see something in Bellisseria that is a gross violation of the Linden Homes Covenant they report it in an abuse report for a couple of reasons. Foremost, the Lab relies on the abuse reporting system to track repeat offenders. A large majority of instances in Bellisseria are from people who simply don't know better. Once they do know it generally doesn't happen again. But for that small minority who may decide they are just going to do what they want anyway, having that record that they have already been officially warned (and are just going to ignore it) is crucial. Just as important is that Moles and Lindens often have other duties that take precedent over purposefully looking for platforms at 1000m or cyberpunk dance floors on the top of a Victorian home. That doesn't mean we want residents to go about being "covenant cops" looking for every minor infraction. Quite the contrary. If we see something that is a problem we will act on it. It just means we also rely on residents to bring things to our attention so it can be addressed as soon as possible. For the reason above, the overwhelmingly preferred mechanism for that is by making an abuse report. To that end, a few things residents can do when making Abuse Reports can help greatly: Make sure the abuse report includes a clear screenshot of the violation (if applicable) Click on the offending object in edit so it is highlighted in the screenshot when you report it. Be close to the object when you report it and not camming in from 200m away. That way the investigating person can easy see what the problem is and find it quickly from the slurl in the report. Be clear, succinct and stick to the verifiable facts in the report. The resident may have been quite rude when you pointed out their horse corral in their houseboat parcel isn't keeping in theme, but is a transcript of the entire conversation to show just how rude they were a necessary salient detail to the issue at hand? Probably not. It just means the person investigating has more to read. Include in the summary that this is a Linden Homes Covenant issue so they know what to expect when they open the report. For lack of a better category, perhaps use "Land > Encroachment > Object or Textures" Finally, ask yourself "Is this really a serious issue? Who is it bothering? If everyone did this would it be a problem?" The more reports the team has to read the longer it will take to get to yours. If a significant number of those are for minor technical violations or trivial matters that really aren't hurting anyone it will impact the time it takes for them to get to the more egregious and important ones.
  4. Sailing or boating is generally a slower mode of transport than flying. One can fly from one airstrip to another (whether they be in Bellisseria or to/from a mainland resident run airport) in much less time than it would take someone in a boat. And you can do so in a straight line. Boating requires you to stay in the open waterways that are navigable for your boat, while aircraft essentially have the entire continent available when flying at altitude. So it stands to reason there would be more rezzing zones for ground and water vehicles than for aircraft.
  5. I hate it when the jumbo jets land on my coffee table when I'm trying to watch Young and the Restless. The covenant in Bellisseria pretty much precludes anyone having any actual usable "personal space" between a few a couple hundred and 2000m. Flying vehicles are allowed to use that space even though it is over your land much the same way real aircraft are allowed to fly over your real life home above a certain altitude. Maybe the reason you haven't noticed many people flying is because they are doing it high enough you don't even know they are there. As far as the airstrips in Bellisseria go, they were made small by design. We wanted them to be functional, while staying as unobtrusive on the views and experiences of residents nearby as possible.
  6. If their objects are encroaching on your parcel you can return them for encroaching. You can also direct them to the part of the covenant that states that extending objects from their parcel to "claim" public land for themselves is specifically not allowed and those object can be returned without warning or notification.
  7. 1. Never assume something is "ok" just because its still there based on what you feel is an appropriate response time. Using that as a justification to do the same thing will have the same result as telling the officer who pulled you over "I see lots of people speeding so I figured it was ok." 2. Lindens respond to abuse reports, not Moles, but either way they are not going to discuss any resolution or lack thereof to an AR with you whether you feel it was appropriately acted upon or not. In essence, if you see something that appears to violate the covenant report it and move on. Ignore it. Derender if you want. Re-report it after a time if you like. Then go about your business.
  8. We have absolutely no objections to people adding to the fences, walls or hedges around their parcel or connecting to them. That's why those items are in the content packs in the first place. Or even making a small short driveway to the sidewalk. Placing docks is different. It sets the precedent that anyone can do that, and not everyone is as "community minded" in the application.
  9. A side effect of a long autoreturn time is if you are building on a friend's parcel and don't have your group tag set to the same group as the land you'll be working for 30 minutes, get up to grab some lunch or whatever, come back and everything has been returned. If it's only a minute or 2 you'll catch your mistake a lot sooner and lose a lot less of your work.
  10. We don't allow cars parked on streets or docks placed outside your parcel for one simple reason. If everyone did it the roads and waterways could become impassable in many cases. And while some may be mindful not to block traffic, others will not. When theirs get returned they will ask why others get to do so and they cannot. Rather than go down that rabbit hole we ask everyone: Please do not use root prims to "park" a car outside your home in the road or extend a dock or other objects into the waterways.
  11. Object entry has little or nothing to do with vehicles. Object entry doesn't stop vehicles from being driven across the border into your parcel. I prevents objects rezzed on another parcel from being edited and moved into your parcel. As long as the person is sitting on the vehicle it won't disappear until they stand up. In which case if they do not have rezzing rights on the parcel or it cannot support the LI, it is simply returned to them. And yes... if people are anchoring things on the parcel to stick objects far outside of their parcel lines, please report those items.
  12. The temp rezzers prohibition was in written into the original Linden Homes covenant at a time when rerezzing temp prims to get around prim limits was a common practice on the mainland. Most everyone at the time understood the term "temp rezzing" referred to that specific practice and not every case of rezzing a temp object. Fortunately the practice has generally fallen out of favor over the years. Often people will ask for clarity when really what they want is to find a loophole... like arguing that we say skyboxes have to be above 2000m but a platform doesn't count because it's technically not a box. Or what they want to do is find a case where they can argue the wording means something else that is common or reasonable is technically the same thing as the uncommon or unreasonable thing they wish to do. Therefore, if we allow the former we have to allow the latter or not allow either at all. Sometime people will simply argue the letter of the law in order to subvert the spirit of it. Sometimes ambiguity is used on purpose. We say things like "objects that extend outside of your parcel may be returned at any time and without notice". The word "may" allows us discretion in returning encroaching objects that are a problem while leaving those that are not. So someone upset because we returned their dock or grove of trees linked to a root prim 10 or 15m away on their parcel isn't likely to get much satisfaction from reporting every object on their neighbor's property that crosses the line by a few centimeters.
  13. Clarification on what is meant by prohibited "temp rezzers": A non-temp object from a rezzer that becomes temp when sat upon (so it is self cleaning in no script areas) = OK An object the rezzes a temp object (like a vehicle) when touched = OK An object the rezzes a temp object over and over to mimic a permanent object to get around prim limits = NOT OK
  14. The covenant also states that "All other structures should not extend higher than 15m above ground level or sea level, whichever is higher." That covers just about everything else. A platform is a structure (floating or not) so it should not be higher than 15m. I also imagine a platform at 15m in the air would not likely comply with keeping the home "in theme". Either way... If someone wants a platform for building it should be above 2000m. Not being "boxed in" is not a viable loophole.
  15. Many of those setting do NOT reset to a default when the parcel is abandoned. Also, one thing many people are not aware of is if you have a "noisy neighbor" you definitely can ask them to check the box to restrict their sounds to their parcel, but you can also restrict your sounds to your parcel and achieve the same effect of not hearing their sounds. It the blocking effect works both ways, not just from your parcel but into your parcel as well.
  16. Cardboard? 😧 Those are all hand carved by Milli out of only the finest primwood cubes.
  17. The rezzers should all be updated by now. Rerezzing the house now will rez the correct version. If it does not, please let us know.
  18. It's a bug. Those houses in that region have some errant code that was done in testing for the Victorian homes. They will need to be updated to the current release model.
  19. "virgin state" meaning without any and all fixes/upgrades/changes to content that were made in the months since they were released. Again, it isn't how long it would take to clone it that is the issue, it is the time and effort required to prepare that cloned region to be in a state it would be able to be released. Like many things, it isn't as simple as people think or assume it is.
  20. Yes... except doesn't work that way. There is a right way to use clones and a wrong way to use clones. The "superclone Bellisseria" idea is definitely the wrong way. We can't clone a region that has been already release and has resident content on it. We'd have to use they state it was originally released in (assuming that is even possible). It means any changes that have been made on the live version have to be done all over again (also assuming it's even possible and we can track down everything that was changed or fixed). Just removing all the resident content from a clone of the existing regions isn't feasible either. That would be a monumental and time consuming task. And it would all have to be completely QA checked before release, which takes almost as long as it does to build a region. QA is waaaaay more than just testing scripts. And I'm not sure where "automatic release" came from. There is no automatic anything when it comes to releasing regions. The bottom line is... a supercloning of Bellissaria would not actually free anyone to work on anything. The opposite is true. It would actually suck up most of our resources and take them away from building new themes and lands. It's never a simple matter of copy/paste. The right way to use clones (we believe) is the way we have done in the Victorian release. Modified prefabbed templates that can be placed and arranged with a mix of one-off built areas. Decreasing necessary build and QA time while arranging the regions made from them in a way they don't "feel" like a clone at eye/ground level.
  21. That two region wide strip of open water was always intended to be filled (mostly) with land and houses. Building and providing homes is always going to be the priority. I try to do it in a way that gives an interesting coastline and leaves a passable channel for boats to get from one area of open water to another. Sometimes those channels are a little tight, but not even close to the way some areas on the mainland can be. (And which some residents sometimes block with their stuff and fill with offsim objects, but that's a whole other topic.) If the Lab wants to add more open water regions around Bellisseria they can, but they need a good reason. You just need to give them a really good one (because that is a lot of empty regions). The most powerful argument would be if they see the ones that are already there being consistently used by residents. The same goes for things like public spaces for the community like Campwich Lodge. If they are being utilized and there is a call for more, we'll build more. Right now what is being utilized and called for the most is more houses, so that's what we build the most.
  22. "SoBell" has a certain ring to it.
  23. Setting a Linden Home parcel to a group so your partner or friends can rez and use the parcel is absolutely okay. Setting it to a group for the purpose of renting it for L$ to someone is not. That is commercial activity and not allowed. A family or group of friends could even set their parcels to the same group for the purposes of "management" among the members. It is when the exchange of L$ for those rights comes into play it crosses the line. Edit: I use the term "management" loosely since most group land management tools require the land be deeded to the group, which is not possible in Bellisseria.
  24. That is an excellent idea. Note that it is going just on the outside of the windows, not around the parcel itself. That means it will not be visible from any angle but from inside the camper and not spoil the views of any of your neighbors. If you want to take it to the next level I suppose you could take different pictures (or the same picture in different windlights), then have it scripted to choose a different view each day.
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