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Found 14 results

  1. Second Life has many things you can do besides shopping, events and going to clubs. If you're into vehicles and want to try your hand at Drifting, why not join the inworld Drifting community. In this video, Eispoo is showcasing one of his favorite D2 vehicles created by R-Tuned Motorsports. Very beautiful drift car has superb texturing, and is D2 scripted with mouselook steering. Remember to lower your scripts as much as possible so you can enjoy this fantastic ride.
  2. SECOND LIFE 2021 | HELLO Sometimes...sometimes we hear soft voices carried by the wind. Sometimes it calls out your name and sometimes ... it asks for something. This is one of those times.
  3. hey, my friend is trying to get in contact with Linden Labs because her account is now on hold. she tried calling the Linden Labs numbers multiple times but the answering machine says “you’re calling us outside of our normal business hours” and nobody seems to look at the tickets. what’s going on? my friend needs to pay her land, get into events. anyone know how else she could contact linden labs and talk to an actual representative?
  4. Why do premium members have to pay for name changes when we pay you all $99 a year? I feel as though basic members should be the ones paying $39.99 for the name changes and premium members get that option free for the first time due to the fact we already pay for OUR premium membership.
  5. As the real world continues to grow in numbers with the virus, most of us arent employed. Yes, every single aspect of life is being affected in this, including Second Life. Not to take away from all the happenings in real life, but what is Linden Labs doing to aid Residents who have experienced job loss? Because as we know, this is taking a big toll on Second Life also. We have homes we rent, shops, stores etc...No RL work = No uploading to SL... Does LL have any special plans in place ? Ive seen stores lower prices, stores have freebies, but not hearing much about rental lands, and I feel that is going to be a big issue in the coming weeks, if not longer. It will take a long time to get back on our feet if and when things start to look up.
  6. Obviously we all are entitled to have opinions, I would simply ask if you wish to share yours here, keep it to the topic, try not to make any personal attacks, thread is not intended to divide, but rather collect common ground ideas for the greater good of this new chapter called Bellisseria. I think in the past Linden Home setup, LL learned a lot of lessons from it, I don't think it was a failed exercise, but I do think lots of opportunities of engagement we're lost, or not explored at all. Many times when I joined SL back in 2012, even tho I was surrounded by houses I felt like I never really met anyone, there was never a place where ppl from the surroundings would gather or be motivated to gather and create new relationships, apart from the atrocity of the Safe Hubs (Pandora box on it's own) Very often I drive, walk, horse ride, boat around Bellisseria, often try to stop by and say hello to random ppl that I come across in my adventures, perhaps we have talked before, the majority of the time ofc I try to reach out without crossing their properly line as some are very sensitive about that topic, regardless, after many many hours of exploring Bellisseria, I've noticed, even tho there are some public spots such as the pickle place, some parks, lodge, fairgrounds, even a dog park, and to be fair ofc I know the entire project isn't done yet, but I couldn't help to notice the old yet familiar absence of social spots that are actually advertised or encouraged to be used by LL, these places of which I mentioned above, because of the lack of events and circumstances to facilitate the using of these locations, they all became deserted. The pickle place, it's super cute, yet do we really need 5 or more of them? no, we don't, I think if one was actually used, actually encouraged to be used, certainly one would've been enough. I spoke with a Linden person while watching Moles working, and I brought this up with him. We have this beautiful new continent, but often it is left to the citizens to sort it out, sounds wonderful on paper, ofc it does, but reality is, citizens are the most limited in this scenario, we can't built, we can't change streams, we can't rez things, makes extremely hard to give a sense of "something different", what do I mean by that? a wonderful Bar/Pub/Bakery per example built inside a Linden Home, it doesn't matter how beautiful the build is, how clever, bottom line is still a Linden Home decorated as something else. Why don't we have places built with the solo purpose for ppl to go hang out? socialize, RP, talk, meet, hook up whatever. Why Bellisseria with this massive amount of sims, would allow anyone feel they need to leave the continent to meet new ppl? there's more than enough ppl living here, why LL allows this? I think letting the community search for basic social encounters outside Bellisseria is a massive mistake and works against the whole point of "community". Owning a spot in Bellisseria and all the fun features that comes with the ownership of a spot, sure is value for the price we pay for the premium membership, but as a long term engagement, it's only so many times one will move homes and decorate and redecorate over and over and over, soon that will get old, and the membership won't be renewed, then what? we're left with the old Linden home estates, the infamous " populated desert ". So here are my questions to you; 1. Do you think Linden Labs are taking any steps to not only have a community visually but also stimulating community mentality in Bellisseria? 2. Do you wish Linden Labs should build places with the solo purpose of hang outs? 3. Would you like to have a bowling alley? a post office? a bar? a club ? a car wash? a restaurant? a sports park? a community center building? would you like to be part and "RP work" (for free ofc) at any of these spots perhaps make a schedule with citizens of Bellisseria doing rounds? 4. Do you think Linden Labs involvement (not Moles) in the aspect of the community such as attending events, getting to know ppl at proposed hanging out spots, could be a valuable tool to further bridge the space and disconnection between "us and them mentality"? 5. Would you like to have a monthly agenda based "Town Hall" meeting event where we all as citizens could help Linden Labs have a real time feedback on what has been working and what can be done to improve the community? 6. Do you wish Bellisseria to have either it's own website or a place in the secondlife.com website for all things Bellisseria? I think this new Linden Labs team do have the right heart, I don't think Bellisseria is a marketing only exercise to grab more memberships, but I also think, they as much as we do, need leadership and help understanding that community is not a gathering of houses and sims, community is the bond we have with each other. Hope to read your thoughts here, and thanks for sharing it. Rachel
  7. Hello, I have modified a copy-transfer-mod shape that was originally a newbie shape made by Linden Labs (Ryan Linden's account). Would it be alright (as in legal) to put my modded version on the marketplace, as a free gift (sold as zero linden dollars)to share with others? I will sell it as copy and mod only, and not transferable. (The shape was originally created by LL and I'm not wanting to make money from it) Thanks, Lexi
  8. So, as far as I know, there isn't any way in SL to have a teleport system that works where the destination, and/or departure point, are in motion. A Visual: A sphere-shaped arena, spectator seating in the center, in a shaped enclosed area, floating. The action, as it were, all around. Outside the sphere(outer face is transparent)is the classical seating arrangement for any arena, except in enclosed shapes and said shapes are in motion. To access said shapes, a teleport pad, linked system style. The problem:As far as I know, TP-ing requires static coordinates, on the X, Y, Z axis'. If a teleport pad is in motion, the only 2 outcomes I see are, 1)TP doesn't work, because the destination pad isn't at a given set of coordinates(timing *might* fix this, but super split second, given the imagined speed of rotation), the TP process isn't started, error message occurs etc. 2)TP is completed but traveler arrives where the pad *was*at moment TP started, but isn't arriving where the destination pad currently*is*. Unless there's something I'm missing, either in that there's a TP-follow hybrid script(arrive and as you rez in follow the pad so fully rezzed where the pad is), or maybe a TP-movelock hybrid(arrive and attach to arrival pad until fully rezzed/walk your avatar away) I'm at a loss as to how I can acquire a script to make this possible. Also whether it's worth making the arena exactly as I envision it. Please note: I have the very barest of knowledge of scripting; I know how to edit a rotation script to make it rotate on a different axis, or reverse the direction(clockwise to counter clockwise, vice-versa). I know barely anything else, my style of learning is copycat-ing so I'm very unlikely to ever stumble onto something new by myself.
  9. Hi i don't know why people are so contempt with loosing everything they invested in for a program that's so under developed compared to its predecessor but, Second Life has had too many invest in land, avatars, and several objects that are now irreplaceable. Yet Linden labs refuses to sympathize with any of its customers on this issue and doesn't offer any of us solutions to the problem. So now iv'e thought about actually starting a fundraising campaign to preserve second life and getting open simulator on board to at least propose a business transaction with linden labs regarding there old project second life witch there about to abandon soon. So instead of loosing all of our accounts and everything we worked so hard to achieve there, LL sells there old project Second Life to open simulator and put it under new management. Like seriously they get to make money and nobody looses there ***** win win right?
  10. There's a LL employee mass flagging all furry items put into the furry accessories, regardless if it's a furry accessory. Such as armor for a feral furry avatar, or eyes specifically fit to a furry head. It's not only myself that's getting flagged, many furry creators are having this issue. Several of us have contacted LL by submitting a ticket, and this same LL employee has replied to all of us and replying with the same generic response. But giving this examples of why there is a furry accessories category; because furry accessories don't fit normal avatars. This is the definition of all furry products. They do not fit human avatars or products. They are suggesting to put furry clothing for a specific furry avatar into the unisex clothing section. It's not unisex clothing, there are male and female options usually and for furry avatars and furry parts. Furry customers, for the most part, only shop in the furry accessories section for mods, clothing, eyes and addon parts. This is the only furry section creators can use to display their furry products, unless it's a full furry avatar, there is a section for that. If we're forced to put our furry products in human categories, where furries have to sift through hundreds of thousands of products to find their niche furry item or have humans having to sift through furry items they have no need of, it's going to cause businesses to lose sales. And if businesses lose sales, Linden Labs loses sales. Because they no longer get the MP percentage cut, or the Linden Exchange percentage cut because creators are no longer making enough money. And why now? We've been using this category for many years now and all of a sudden this one Linden, who is a furry, decides we can no longer use it for our products. I've just had this product flagged; Eyes for furry heads. And another content creator I know just had this flagged; digi-grade clothing for furry avatars. Having these items in a non-furry category will cause unwanted sales. If a human sees these products and purchases them, but does not know or realize they are specifically for furries (I've even had this happen IN the furry category) than that will cause bad reviews. This can only lead to confusion, loss of sales and more false flagging from humans who see furry items and believe they are in the wrong category.
  11. I currently use a Macbook Pro (a late 2016 model) with the latest OS and such. i sometimes play around in Second Life and I've noticed that either the graphics take a downturn wherever I go or my laptop gets a bit too warm. For those of you who play on Macbooks can you give me an idea of the best settings to have for my viewer? I use the Linden Labs viewer since the latest update happened and I wanted to try it out, and it makes my laptop less hot than the FireStorm viewer.
  12. I am addressing this lecter to anyone in the Linden Labs who could read and perhaps do something, please upvote this post if you agree! Hello, i am the proud owner of a respected adult club in the grid, with its own remarkable traffic and visitors. A pub, to be exact, because SL is meant to be social, and what place is more social than a lively tavern? Yet year by year, we all cannot deny that the SL populace is slowly fading, less and less people logs in and prefers going elsewhere. WHY, you may wonder? There are several factors but let me tell you about ONE kind of factor in particular that is literally destroying the concept of meeting point: AFK Hangouts. What are they? Simple. They are places , mostly adult themed, in which one goes there mostly for sexual interactions with other people who are AFK, they just "park" their avatars there and do absolutely nothing. Yet such places have the highest traffic in many cathegories. This not only goes against what SL is meant to be, but it also discourages new people to join the community for seeing such places are taking over the grid. What is the meaning of allowing such places hide in the shadow those who tries their best to keep the community alive and social? Dont you realize this is also why SL is slowly being abandoned? I, with my little place, stand against these places welcoming every guest with a smile, talking to them, playing with them, and there are many other little realities out there who does the same. Please LL, help us making the grid a better place for all of us who sees SL as what it was first created for. Help us getting rid of something as nonsense as AFK hangouts.
  13. You thought prims just came out of nowhere. No. They have to be mined. Visit the prim drilling rig in ANWR.
  14. Here's a list of bugs in the JIRA listed as closed and fixed, ordered by when the bug report was submitted. Bugs reported in 2017 now fixed: 1. Bugs reported in 2016 now fixed: 2. Bugs reported in 2015 now fixed: 1. Bugs reported in 2014 now fixed: 28. Bugs reported in 2013 now fixed: 75. Bugs fixed by year: 2018: 1. 2017: 3. 2016: 4. 2015: 24. 2014: 65. 2013: 87.
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