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  1. It was one of the log cabins hopefully it’s that same one. Think I stepped on corner of their parcel and in one sec was ejected home. No warning. Lol
  2. Love one home that ejected me back home. Lol. And wish I remembered where it was to report that orb.
  3. Where I’m living. It’s a busy area always people walking around. Guess maybe cause it’s a main rd that walks along the river. Get a few that try to pop into my home as well when I’m hanging out. It’s always a strange looking avi of course with no payment. Lol
  4. I am using the linden security. I just thought it was rude for someone to make a big deal that they couldn’t fly over a speck of a 1024 parcel. Especially when I was in my skybox. Which is 3000m above. Didn’t want someone flying threw it with me there. Lol
  5. Do I have to allow ppl to fly over my home? I added a person to my banned list because if I’m in my home naked or busy I don’t want ppl flying over even with security on. And person telling me I need to allow her to fly over???? I do have a skybox 3000m above as well.
  6. Thank you Nika.. I had the traditional Home..Which didn't have the touch. Didn't know about the touch event of these newer homes. Thanks for replying again..
  7. When I have my mouse on my house and others..it goes from arrow to a hand icon (touch) ..? Anyone else?
  8. I have travel around the new areas, and noticed that some sims have more decorations on protected side, then other sims. I live in DiamondTown and they didnt add much in trees and flowers. I live on a corner lot with protected land on one side that is almost bare. Where other sims there have trees,bushes,flowers, benches... Example look at this empty spot..https://gyazo.com/dfa8706652f6cbd70af775e87a045f7e
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