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  1. Yes, the law of unintended consequences, which end up having consequences of their own. That's how we get new features like estate tools that prevent people from putting up ban lines.
  2. Linden Homes were always originally intended to only be "starter homes" and provide a means for residents to experience land ownership first hand before diving in and spending L$ on land purchased or rented from other residents. It stands to reason that many people still using a Linden Home aren't yet familiar with buying land because they haven't gotten to that point. Linden Homes also come with many restrictions. Once a resident decides they want something with less or different restrictions they can choose to do that and abandon their Linden Home, making it available for someone else. Most of those restriction are done in region or estate wide settings. This makes it impossible to mix Linden Homes with any other land or estates. They will always be their own separate little community.
  3. I am shocked... SHOCKED that you would think of that before I did. ?
  4. Hi Harley If you press CTRL+M to open your world map and type in "Sandbox" you can rez there and open it. Or just follow this SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandbox Cordova/132/199/26 A sandbox is a place where anyone can rez objects and build things. It normally 'cleans' itself after a few hours and deletes anything left behind. It is a place for residents to play and experiment with building things. The region Maturity Ratings limit what type of content is allowed in a region, but it by no means indicates that the content there necessarily *is* for adults only. I can assure you that nothing in that region where the gift box is would be considered adult content. So even if someone changed there settings temporarily just to get into the region to get their gift, they should not be exposed to anything in the immediate area that is inappropriate. And I can attest that Guy is definitely over 18
  5. When building supportive objects on both sides of a region boundary, make sure that the physical box of both objects is on the same level. If you don't, when you cross from one direction your avatar will be standing *in* the support object instead of on top of it, and you will often fall through even though it is not phantom.
  6. SL has been acting funny recently. I've had more than a few occasions in the last week when it would not let me edit objects, L$ balances were not showing, or I had to relog to get items to appear. That may have been part of it.
  7. Much of what the LDPW makes is for games like PaleoQuest, Horizons, etc. We have to be super vigilant not to give out or attach game items with perms that might allow someone to find an exploit and so we have erred on the side of caution. We've probably allowed that to taint our thinking a little when it comes to things like prizes and gifts. We've made a concerted effort with the SL15B gifts to apply perms that make better sense than we have in the past. If something can be modify and there is no pressing reason it can't or shouldn't be we are going to do so. I personally checked all the SL15B gifts myself. Unrigged wearables like the jewelry have no mod scripts in them, but you should be able to edit and resize them manually. And yes, I just used 'taint' in a sentence.
  8. If it's in private hands it is not a public channel. I'm referring to land owned by Governor Linden or the LDPW (most often marked as "Protected Land")
  9. Most of those channels are small or narrow due to the fact they were originally made waaaay back in the day when everything was made from prims and limited to 10m in any axis and 32 prims for a vehicle. Most boats in SL were much smaller back then because of this. You didn't see 60m long and 12m wide 200LI container ships on the Linden Seas the way you do now. And yes, if you see someone blocking the channel please abuse report the encroaching objects.
  10. Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that a few hours ago we added some regions to the north of the shopping regions. They are short extensions of the mall but it gives a place for people to teleport to and cam shop until there is space in the actual shopping region they want to go to. They are brand new regions so they won't show up on the world map yet, but they should show up within the next 24 hours. We hope this helps.
  11. Hey guys! We know the shopping regions have been very VERY full. We just added 4 overflow regions to the north of the shopping regions. They are small extensions of the mall where people can teleport to and then cam around to see what is for sale until space opens on the actual shopping regions. Because they are brand new regions they do not show on the world map yet, but they should in the next 24 hours or so.
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