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  1. The reason those homes are able to have an unobstructed view is because they are on a region where the water level is not raised. The entire purpose of the hills being there (in fact the region as a whole) is for the purpose of blocking the "gap" in the water level you see looking out over the ocean (which is actually empty space on the grid) from a region where the water level is higher. "So why not have all the regions at sea level?" Because they are mountain homes, not beach homes. Beach stilt homes are stilt to come. ðŸĪ­ ðŸĪŠ
  2. I guess what I was trying to convey was that the term "hub" is what is confusing some and raising hackles. With a bit of altering of terminology the makers of the game could add a level of detail that shifts the roleplay in Bellisseria from taking goods from one imaginary business to another to delivery and pick-up of packages to residences. All without much change in actual gameplay. Residents in Bellisseria could still participate in the game with less chance of incurring the wrath of neighbors who hear "hub" and their minds go to thoughts of tractor trailers and container ships rumbling past their door. Edit: And by no means am I saying that is a requirement for gameplay in Bellisseria. It was just a suggestion off the top of my head that might alleviate some confusion and avoid some misconceptions.
  3. AFAIK no L$ changes hands during the game. The "points" aren't exchangeable for anything of value, just levels and bragging rights. Hosting a location doesn't provide you any income. So playing the game not really a commercial enterprise. It's just for fun, right? Or am I missing something? As long as nothing else in the Bellisseria covenant is being broken (i.e. your home doesn't look like a warehouse and there are no huge signs spoiling the view or cluttering up the world map), I'm not sure what the problem might be. Perhaps this is opportunity for the creators to expand the game. Maybe instead hauling large amounts of freight between hubs the goal is package pick up or delivery to and from homes and a hub/distribution center? That might be an interesting variation on the game that would fit right in with the residential tone of Bellisseria.
  4. If an object tries to move into a parcel that does not have enough available LI (prims) to support the object, the movement is disallowed. The owner of the object gets an error message that the object cannot be moved because the parcel does not have enough LI for the object in a similar fashion as when they try to rez an object on a parcel that does not have enough available LI. Edit: If it is a vehicle they drove into the parcel and they stand up the system handles it similar to a rezzing event. If the object is more LI than the parcel can support, that object is returned to them. Your objects are not affected.
  5. We actually did try that. Homes in Horizons were originally supposed to be kept futuristic or "sci-fi". We gave residents the option of de-rezzing the provided homes and rezzing their own homes in their place (suggesting they keep to the theme). What happened was a large percentage of the residents simply ignored that and rezzed whatever they liked as they do on mainland... or their interpretation of " in theme" was a bit... shall we say... broad. That is why the ability to remove the houses altogether from the controller was not included in Bellisseria.
  6. Object Entry does not affect vehicles driven by an avatar. What it does allow is someone to rez an object someplace else and edit move it into your parcel (or a scripted object to move itself into your parcel) where it will then count against your LI limits. Someone sailing a boat into your parcel would likely not be affected by Object Entry not allowed. When they step OFF the boat, the boat then counts against your prim allowance and is subject to autoreturn. If you don't have Build enabled the boat is returned immediately. If you want people to be able to rez boats or dock at your parcel to visit, my recommendation is to set the parcel to a group that is not open enrollment and have Build enabled with a reasonable autoreturn time... and leave enough LI open on the parcel to support the average boat. That's all you need to do really. And sorry, you won't be able to share LI with your friend's parcel.ðŸ˜Ē
  7. Remember in Bellisseria you are sharing a region with as many as two dozen other residents. Therefore, I highly advise against "massive" amounts of breedables in your Linden Home. Is it forbidden in the Covenant? No, but just because something isn't addressed specifically in the Covenant don't always assume it gives you free rein*, especially if it is a really bad idea where consideration for your neighbors is concerned. I mean, if you WANT essentially all breedables (which would likely end up including scripted pets) regulated by the Covenant, by all means start huge breeding farms with a mess of hovertext and "massive" numbers of breedables hopping about your parcel. I don't think you'll like what the resulting decisions on the future of breedables in Bellisseria would end up being though. Be smart, use common sense, think about your neighbors and everyone can have nice things. 😁 * (pun intended) TLDR: Linden Homes is residential. It is not suited to large scale breeding farms. Just because you can to something doesn't mean you should. If it becomes enough of a problem, the Covenant can be updated to address it.
  8. We have a tool that lets us (and us only) rez and derez all the houses in an SSP region. We use it for checking the LI of the main parcel (not including the houses).
  9. A few of us Moles like the GEMC Platypus. It doesn't fly, but it's amphibious and fun little car to boot. Nicely made.
  10. Or maybe I've graduated to the point in my sneakiness I can tell you the truth and you still won't believe me. 😄
  11. Those regions still exist in a saved state. They are just offline to conserve resources until the cloud migration. No sneakiness involved. Simply nothing to see here (quite literally 😁).
  12. Or to put it another way; it only takes one idiot and all the bottles of glass cleaner have to have warning labels that say "DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY INTO EYES"
  13. Me: *changes the color to "hazy shade of winter"* Everyone: The Bangles!... Bengals?... TIGERS!... Tiger King?... Kings and Queens... QUEEN!!! Obviously the next theme must be based on the music video for "Radio Ga Ga".
  14. It is intended to be an alternative venue to the Fairgrounds or Campwich Lodge that residents will be able to reserve for small events. Once the region is released (and named) the process to do so will be similar. Missy (Mischievious Mole) will be the person to contact once that happens. 😄
  15. Resident parcels are already set to Build and Object Entry unchecked for "Everyone" when we release them (as well as sounds and voice restricted to the parcel). What residents set them to after that is beyond the control of us wee Moles.
  16. The Grand View was a special case. When we lay out parcels we have to do it in mind than any house can be rezzed on any parcel. SOP is to place the entry into the house facing the most logical entry into the parcel. Some houses will have better views one direction than another, but we still want the entry of the home facing the entry to the parcel. With the Grand View we realized that posed a significant problem. Because the view out of those windows was SO nice, if we did that then the view out of those windows in a majority cases would be of the house next door. Ick, yuck... no thank you. Instead, we faced those windows of that house toward the road... because that is going to be the *better* view most consistently across all of the parcels. But not in every case... in enough cases the view with the door facing the entry (as normal) gave a wonderful view out of those windows. So going off what we did with rotating the campers, we gave that one house the ability to rotate in that one direction only. Why not make all the houses rotate in all directions? Because of Rule 1627.7828 which states "If you give everyone the ability to do something they really shouldn't, they will." In this case, that is having much of what you see when you travel through the neighborhoods of Bellisseria be the backs of everyone's houses. Again... Ick, yuck... no thank you. Does that mean there will be cases where the orientation of the house they choose and the "best" view the resident wants is not possible? (Also keep in mind that 'best' is always relative) Sure. Does it also preserve the pleasant and inviting look and feel of the theme throughout the whole of the continent? Absolutely.
  17. I went to Angstrom yesterday. I could not locate a parcel set to group access only. As it says in my profile, you know where "your home" is. I barely know where "my home" is. I have absolutely no clue where "your home" is, (or your alts home). Unless I know where to look it's impossible to figure out if there is actually a problem or what is going on.
  18. I haven't yet seen in person an instance where the estate setting was incorrect or a parcel land setting showed access restricted to a group in about land, only ever to specific accounts.
  19. Oooo.. I wonder what that does. *laughs in mole*
  20. You can always sail around the outside. You know... like you have to do around real continents. 😉
  21. The log homes were always meant to be in the mountains. We wanted to add lakes and rivers within those mountains (because everyone loves water views). We knew we could never make them all into a contiguous waterway that could connect to the open ocean anyway (because of the way they are made from multiregion templates connected in a jumbled order like tetris pieces, and with the water at 20m there would be deep gorges everywhere, making it impossible to place enough house parcels on. So we went with a raised water level and using land to mask the "water glitch" when viewed at ground level. You can rez and sail small boats to use on many of the inland lakes, but we always knew they had to be inland lakes or no lakes at all.
  22. Yes, we know. That's why the regions adjacent to them have (or will have) hills and content to block the view of the water level on the horizon from your homes.
  23. While there are different areas within the new Linden Homes (the unofficial names of which can be debated as much as anyone likes), there is only one Bellisseria continent and it encompasses all of the new Linden Homes. Edit: If we ever come up with a separate semi stand alone area we'll call is something that rolls of the tongue nicely like "Bellisseria presents: Hobbs and Shaw"
  24. When that happens and you don't get all the menu options the mailbox script needs reset, which residents can do by clicking and holding it a few seconds. If you get the menu but a house will not rez then the actual house rezzer most likely needs to be reset for the region, which only Moles or Lindens can do.
  25. No one can take or move things owned by you unless you give them permissions either by granting them modify rights, sharing the object with a group, or setting the object itself so anyone can move it. Something I've always recommended to people if you don't want random people changing or using things like fireplaces, lights, chairs, *coughs* beds... is to see if the items themselves can be set via the script so only the owner or group members (if it is set to a group) have access to those features. And Nika is correct. Those old style visitor monitors can very much add to script lag depending on how they were made and how often they scan an area for avatars within range.
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