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  1. There was no passive aggressiveness in my previous statement. It is not greedy to have two or more premium alts each with a new Linden Home. If it makes you feel better, replace "it would be nice" with "it would be an act of generosity far above and beyond what is expected". That is all I meant when I asked people to simply entertain the thought of abandoning one as an act of kindness and generosity to their fellow residents.
  2. Not all viewers do it the same, although they really should since deeding is not possible:
  3. You can check the little "allow deed to group" box, but the actual "Deed" button is greyed out as Linden Homes cannot be transferred and deeding to a group is a transfer of ownership. When you look at About Land it will show you as the owner of the parcel. If it were deeded it would say "(Group Owned)". Certain things like autoreturn not returning items set the same group or only group members being able to rez will work if the land is set to the group, but other things like group members being able to control parcel settings only work with land that is actually owned by the group.
  4. SSP are our "build" regions. When they are cloned to "live" they get their final names.
  5. Bellisseria was designed mostly with small to medium sized pleasure craft in mind (boats under about 40m). Large vessels like container ships, mega yachts and deep draft sailboats will find many areas (especially close to shore or in/near the marinas) "challenging"
  6. Considering the massive amount of time and resources it would take to: Name each and every little road and street everywhere Come up with a numbering system Create actual signs for names/numbers Get them through the QA process Figure in the LI for those signs (which was never accounted for in our reserve LI calculations) Place out all the signs in the correct spots All for something that would be cute, but has no actual usable practical value (like a landmark or a slurl region name/coords has)... I'd say the chances are in the slim to none range.
  7. From my experience most people simply are not aware and set whatever orb they have the way they want like they are used to doing in the past on mainland. Once the Covenant is pointed out to them they change the setting or use the one provided in the content pack instead.
  8. The Linden Homes Covenant has also been updated to include the regulations regarding security orbs and devices. You can direct them there as well so they can see for themselves.
  9. Perhaps at some point, but that is an involved process the Lindens have to do. Using the server allows us to update or add content ourselves much more easily and quickly.
  10. The House Controller (mailbox/lifebuoy) only gives them to the owner of the home. This prevents spamming and flooding the content pack server with delivery requests. But the textures themselves are fully permissive, so any resident who has them can share them with anyone they wish.
  11. I knew what you meant. And no, there are no special people. Anyone with a premium account and enough available tier can get a Linden Home* *subject to availability
  12. No, that isn't what I meant at all. Only that in order to instantly create enough to be able to give them out to every possible potential customer the end result will be a vastly inferior product (like the aforementioned throw away worthless headphones airlines give out). We have every intention to keep making Linden Homes for as long as there is a demand.
  13. (if anyone wants to try this exercise themselves, rez a 4m square block with .5m cubes representing houses and snap all the pieces to a .0625m grid) The main parcel has to support the LI of the houses and parcels do not touch. So the maximum number of parcels you can have is 36. Here is a picture of that that looks like: Pretty exciting, isn't it? With this you will not have LI for any sort of roads or trees and no real space for them either... or any beaches, lagoons, mountains, views or anything really. The houses will just be an endless grid of parcels. It won't be worth exp
  14. A wise friend once told me "Locks are there to keep honest people honest." Locked doors just let people know you don't want visitors. They don't really do much to "secure" any home in SL. If they want to get inside anyway they will. That is why you have the ability to eject and ban any person from your land who chooses to ignore that or doesn't get the hint. You also have the security orb in the content pack you can use. Once it is set up they will be ejected if they don't leave.
  15. We use the same tools you do. We have no special abilities, no god powers, no secret upload portal that lets us give a mesh with a million triangles 1LI... To my knowledge the only thing we do have is our objects are immune to being returned for encroachment, which was done so the mainland roads that have an edge crossing a parcel somewhere deep underground wouldn't suddenly disappear overnight. We leverage that one special ability for Linden Homes so the house cannot be returned by the parcel owner.
  16. now I almost wish I'd picked the name Razumfrazum Mole
  17. Even if it could be, having it as a separate item rather than incorporating it into every single house is a savings in script resources. Based on what I've seen so far only a handful of residents in most regions are actually feeling the need to use any sort of security system at present.
  18. Still looking for the exact number. Has anyone tried counting them all? 😁
  19. Thanks. I told the guys from HBO the same thing and they just said, "Yeah... that won't work for the GOT prequel, but thanks. We'll be in touch."
  20. Thoughtless people are a fact of life. In my real life the house next door to me has been rented to what appear to be college age kids who think nothing of setting up a sound system on their postage stamp back yard and playing really bad "music" loud enough so everyone in the neighborhood can hear it inside their homes with the windows closed. Inconsiderate neighbors are nothing new. You can't control their behavior, only your reaction to it. We tried to create a covenant that address the most common and irksome things and guide people into thinking about the perception of those around t
  21. 12dash is the closest so far.
  22. We're thinking of waiting for the finale during the part where Dani swoops in at the last minute on a dragon and kills... *man in HBO jacket sticks Abnor in the neck with a syringe and drags him off to an undisclosed location*
  23. That's just the thing. We don't know the context. We weren't there. We are hearing someone's description and interpretation of what they saw. I didn't suggest it wasn't, but I'm not assuming it was either. I'm merely suggesting everyone review what the Lab considers adult content or behavior before filing a report based on what they assume is adult content or behavior. Include screenshots, be clear and succinct, stick the the facts and what the lab can prove and verify. That's simply good practice for any abuse report no matter what the subject.
  24. I encourage everyone to read and understand the rules on Adult Content before they file an Abuse Report. One of the most misinterpreted tenets is the assumption that nudity is always sexual and therefor adult content. While this may be true culturally in some parts of the world, in this virtual world that is not necessarily true. If something is questionable by all means file an abuse report. Temper that with the understanding that if the system is flooded with reports for things that are in fact not violations of the TOS or maturity ratings, the reports that actually are violations will take
  25. Even if you put it 100m in the air with a range of 400m, it still only works to 400m above sea level. The warnings are in a chat message and not a popup. As long as you don't stop over a parcel for more than a few seconds, you shouldn't notice anything but the occasional chat message warning (which can be easily ignored).
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