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  1. They were never intended for large or tall vessels. They are essentially roads in fantasy. Narrow waterways are the only way you're going to have waterways snake through regions with almost 2 dozen homes in them.
  2. When you see how the sausage gets made it doesn't quite taste the same. And you haven't even really tasted it yet. I'll just say it this way... when we are there we constantly get lost and we built it.
  3. The demo region is a copy of an actual region. What you see there is more or less the final product (excluding the houses, which are still 'work in progress' on the demo).
  4. Pink marks the adult regions. jk... no it doesn't. It's not that sort of fantasy.
  5. We always knew you wanted water. A lot of that is conditioning to how land works on mainland where if you don't want ugly views , no privacy and restricted access you get a parcel on water (even then there is no guarantee). In Bellisseria we made it so parcels could have some privacy, be unobstructed and still have decent views in a pleasant environment without necessarily being on water. We have themes that have a lot of water and some that don't. Some themes have a mix. But we can't give every theme (or every house) water. Themes with lots of water: Houseboats, Stilts, Fantasy Themes with lots of grass, hills or mountains: Victorian, Logs, Chalet Themes with a mix: Traditional, Campers
  6. The parcel music stream is separate from object sounds. Those will and should stop once you leave the parcel.
  7. We set the resident parcels to restrict sounds and voice when we build the regions, but it is not a setting that changes during a transfer of ownership. So once a resident gets that parcel and turns them on, it is out of our hands I'm afraid.
  8. Think of it like this way..... You have 5 attempts. Think of them like tokens. When you get a home you use one of those tokens. That token can't be used again for 24 hours. When you have used all 5, you cannot try again until one of your tokens is available once more.
  9. I think you're all missing the point. The number wouldn't really mean anything because of all the assumptions you have to make, so any effort to do so by that method is essentially wasted effort.
  10. I can't "just tell you" how many regions though. I'd have to sit down and count every region the same way you would. What am saying is even if you did know how many regions are in each estate if your goal is to guesstimate how many new homes there are compared to how many old homes there are that method isn't going to give you anything close to a reliable number. They are simply too different from each other.
  11. Comparing the number of old Linden Homes regions with the number of new Linden Homes regions isn't going to give you a number that means very much. The old Linden Homes have a higher parcel density because the parcels themselves are smaller and it varies from region to region and theme to theme. It's really apples to oranges so any number you get from that method is honestly about as accurate as guessing how many M&M's are in an oddly shaped jar.
  12. Donating tier has no effect on LI. The amount of land owned does. If you donate tier to a group and the group has land supported by your donation you get a bonus in how much land the group can own... and therefore can get a few more LI that way with no extra cost in tier. But land in Bellisseria can only be set to a group, it cannot be owned by the group (which is different).
  13. I can't get into details of the first question. We'll leave that to Patch when he's ready. As for the second, when the demo was cloned into place it was put on a 30k region. The actual regions will have the same LI as all the other Linden Homes (22,500). A 1024sqm parcel will have 351LI.
  14. The houses you see on the demo are not the finished houses. Everything else you see is from an actual finished region.
  15. The unlit candles you can touch to light in his memory. The ones that have gone out anyone can touch again to renew them... and they are ready to be lit again.
  16. As per the Linden Homes Covenant (Revised May 4th, 2021): *Breedables and breedable systems (in world scripted objects that communicate with one another to "procreate" and give the user new variations or versions of themselves for sale or transfer) are only allowed under the following conditions: -They are limited to two (2) active units with "food" rezzed out at any given time. -Hovertext is OFF or is not visible from outside the parcel. -They are within theme if visible outside the home. -They do not involve the constant re-rezzing of temp objects. *Linden Homes parcels cannot be used as a breedable "farm" or "mill" for large scale production of breedables.
  17. Treeowatoor is the community region for the Linden Homes Stilt theme. It's a great place to sit and watch or listen to the surf, rez a board from one of the rezzers, or use one of the rezzing zones to rez your own board or kite surfer. It is open to everyone; premium or not, resident of Bellisseria or no.
  18. I never had that flavor. Is it kinda like a marmalade?
  19. The operative phrase there is "every reasonable effort". If the estate does not allow you to set the parcel for group access only then you can't be expected to have done that, but the other two points should still be followed I should think.
  20. Hmm... so... make it so the color of the terrain textures no longer coordinate with any of the rocks, trees, bushes, flowers or other greenery we've planted across a thousand regions just to make it look more uniform on the world map. 🤔 I'm sure no one would notice. 😣
  21. The difference in the way the map looks is due to how we had to adjust our approach to meet the high demand for homes. One option was to try and clone the entire thing (like the original Linden Homes were), but that would have lead to an even more discombobulating arrangement, both on the map and from the eye level perspective with a "Belli 1", "Belli 2", "Belli 3", etc instead of a contiguous continent. (There were other factors too that would have made it not quite as simple a task to do as one might assume unless you have intimate knowledge of "how the sausage gets made" so to speak.) A compromise was decided upon. We would use clones of templates to fill large areas in order to get homes into the hands of residents quickly, and then knit them together with areas that are live built to fill spaces with unique content like community regions, transitions between themes, shorelines, railroads, larger waterways, etc. We were always concerned the approach could make those cloned from template areas of Bellisseria feel too "cookie cutter", but we found that from the perspective on the ground, it did not evoke that feeling. Only when looking at the World Map would you really be able to notice it. The map view looking less "natural" is an unfortunate consequence of the approach, but it is a relatively small price to pay in order to get literally thousands upon thousands more homes completed in a timely basis without sacrificing too much of what makes it attractive. Bellisseria would be probably a half to a third of the size it is today otherwise. And it is not done yet. There are still many many many areas left that still need "blending" and unique features added on to.
  22. Wow. That is truly impressive. I think we should call doing this "The Full Magellan"
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