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  1. LI is inextricably tied to sqm of land owned. The only way for an individual to get more LI is to get more land in the region, and parcels are always one per account and cannot share land impact in Bellisseria. If a resident wants a parcel with more LI than what the system will allow for a Linden Home parcel, there are mainland or private estate options open for them to explore and consider.
  2. It's a land impact thing. The previous version should work fine. But... if you want to be safe and save a couple LI at the same time it can't hurt.
  3. Even though that particular region doesn't have houses, the land settings are still the same across all the Bellisseria regions as far as Object Entry goes. If the train cars are not crossing even with avatars seated on them it speaks to the scripting more than anything else like land impact. My only guess is that even with avatars on board they either still move to follow the train in a way that doesn't work with Object Entry blocked or they are losing connection with the train crossing the border or cannot negotiate the crossing themselves for some other reason.
  4. For any who are interested, the winding canal that runs through Poplar Springs, Mogul, Kettel Pond and Citadel Lake can now be used as a shortcut connector for SMALL boats (pleasure craft with a low clearance, shallow draft and narrow beam) from the new regions we have been working on to the river that runs through the Chalets. Just stay out of the way of any Moles working along the coast, please.
  5. That's the new Cornfield for people who put out zero second orbs in Belli that teleport you home.
  6. Rule of thumb: If it involves the exchange of L$ from one resident to another it almost always a commercial activity. So yes, tip jars are commercial activity.
  7. It's frustrating for flyers because a ban means they cannot enter the parcel at any altitude and they cannot see the ban lines until it is too late. Flyers are generally going to stay well below where skyboxes are.... otherwise they end up running into skyboxes, which they don't want to do either. Understand that from their point of view if they were doing nothing but flying over a parcel well far away from the owners home or skybox, being actively banned just for that would feel overly unnecessary and rude... something generally reserved for when someone has displayed some sort of purposefully unpleasant or hostile intent, rather than a simple momentary innocent trespass.
  8. Residents in Bellisseria can ban anyone they wish from their parcel. That being said, banning people simply for flying through your parcel isn't really keeping in the bellisserian spirit. As others have pointed out people flying overhead in planes and such aren't particularly interested in you or what's on your parcel. They are just passing through for a few seconds. If they are low enough or hanging around on your parcel long enough to see anything... well, that is what security devices are for. Here are the current requirements for any security devices used in Bellisseria as per the Covenant: *Security devices are only allowed if they comply with the following restrictions: -Minimum of 15 seconds warning time (no shorter) -Eject from parcel only (not teleport them home) -Effective range cannot include the airspace between 400m and 2000m (to allow for people to fly overhead but not in the airspace where skyboxes are allowed) -Does not add names of ejected persons to the parcel ban list automatically If you're going to use a security device we strongly encourage residents to use the one we give free in the Linden Homes Content Pack you can get by clicking on your house controller (mailbox). It cannot be set in a manner that is inconsistent with the Covenant.
  9. We have always been fully aware that "fantasy" has a huge variety of styles under its umbrella. In the end we had to chose just one of those to call 'Linden Homes - Fantasy' and in the end we chose one we thought would have the broadest appeal within that genre.
  10. We gave people the option of removing the house entirely in Horizons and just asked them to stay in theme. They didn't. Which is why bare parcels is not an option in Bellisseria. If we allowed what you are proposing most of the "boat slips" would have everything but a boat in them.
  11. It has to do with the house rezzing system set up in Bellisseria for Linden Homes. Linden Homes are touted as "the house doesn't count against your parcel LI" which they don't. That doesn't mean the houses are 0 LI. They are actually as much as 250LI. They just have their root on the main parcel along with all the other deco content and are technically "owned" by us, not the resident. To facilitate this we have to keep a buffer of LI in reserve on the main parcel for the rezzing of houses. If the main parcel becomes too full we could have situations where a resident switching homes would not be able to rez one because the LI of the main parcel could not support it. If there was (for example) a 500LI train using llMoveToTarget to pull carriages along behind it cruising through the region and someone attempted to rez a house... no house would appear. To keep this from happening (and to help prevent mischievous residents from trying to force it to happen) the main parcel has a short 1 minute autoreturn and does not allow rezzing outside of a rezzing zones or allow objects to be moved into it from other parcels like rez zones, resident parcels or neighboring regions.
  12. We've noticed recently an increase in occurrences of people parking mega yachts on their houseboat parcels that are waaaaaay too big to fit next to their houseboat Linden Home or smaller boats that could if the owner bothered to try. The same goes for floatplanes or other vehicles. Anything that sticks outside your parcel can be returned without warning or notice. That goes for vehicles as well. If your boat or plane can fit completely within your parcel it should. If it can't you probably need to get a smaller boat. The more common the practice of sticking the bow of a boat or wings of a plane far out past the parcel line becomes (especially when it could easily be moored 100% within the parcel), the more pressure we face in addressing it. This is how specific things that should be obvious get added to the Covenant.
  13. If you see a region anywhere in Bellisseria where the edge of the land just ends like that next to a void, you can pretty much count on something being there eventually.
  14. Ahhh... if only it were so. Everything from the legal code of your local city or town to the 10 Commandments could basically be boiled down to one simple phrase, "Don't be an a-hole." Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Interpretations of what is and is not a-holeish vary, and people are constantly looking for new loopholes or arguments that since their particular brand of a-holeism isn't expressly forbidden it must therefore be perfectly fine, okay, and generally a good idea. That is why any list of rules for acceptable behavior end up being quite long and usually come with a open ended clause stating that things can be added at any time... because they generally always need to be.
  15. This ^^^^^ We realize that not all breedables are the same, but we're not going to put large amounts of time investigating which ones those are, compiling and maintaining a list, checking against that list in every instance, etc. We're just limiting it to two regardless of what type they are.
  16. They also need to be within theme if visible outside the home. If you want to breed cows in the confines of your bedroom of your Stilt home I'm not going to judge, but nobody wants to see that on your back deck. 😁
  17. The nighttime effects are controlled by a box that reads the day/night cycle of the main parcel (i.e. the region default). Changing your parcel EEP won't have any effect because the control box is not on your parcel. It would be fairly easy to have regions with an all night setting. It is just a matter of applying a different EEP to the region. The difficulty in that is we don't have a way to separate those homes from the others on the website so people could knowingly choose that type of home.
  18. The problem you are having with multicar trains in Bellisseria isn't so much a Land Impact one (but it is related) as it is how multi-car trains work. The scripts move the cars following behind them. In Bellisseria we have to keep a buffer of available LI on the main parcels to allow for the rezzing of houses, so they have Object Entry disabled. This prevents anyone from rezzing high LI objects and moving them onto the main parcel to the point the parcel can become too full to rez someone's house in the region. The consequence of that is objects that use a script to move them will be blocked at the region crossing, and that is how most multicar trains work. Disabling Object Entry has no effect on actual vehicles or objects that are sat upon, but it does mean that cars that are scripted to "follow" a train won't be able to cross region boundaries.
  19. Whenever we put a rezzing zone in a region with houses the LI of that parcel is permanently subtracted from the buffer we have to keep in the region to allow for houses to rez. The roads and waterways in Fantasy are small and narrow, so they aren't designed for large, high LI vehicles. It will vary from zone to zone, but some of the zones will only support as low 50LI while some may be more. When we build regions around and within the theme that do not have houses in them we can have rezzing areas that can accommodate larger LI items (since keeping that buffer of LI for house rezzing isn't a concern). When I get a chance I can see if I can make some temporary ones for residents in those regions for residents to use in the meantime.
  20. Guppy needs fed. 😁
  21. That is on purpose. We realize not everyone uses (or can use) advanced lighting, and we wanted them to be able to enjoy the show as well, even if they aren't getting the full effect on lower settings.
  22. They were never intended for large or tall vessels. They are essentially roads in fantasy. Narrow waterways are the only way you're going to have waterways snake through regions with almost 2 dozen homes in them.
  23. When you see how the sausage gets made it doesn't quite taste the same. And you haven't even really tasted it yet. I'll just say it this way... when we are there we constantly get lost and we built it.
  24. The demo region is a copy of an actual region. What you see there is more or less the final product (excluding the houses, which are still 'work in progress' on the demo).
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