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  1. Just because I can as I am ginger
  2. I think you want something along the lines of llDetectedTouchST which it seems returns the area (xy co-ords) and face of a prim touched so you can then use the llLoadUrl based upon where they clicked on the HUD.
  3. Flickr pro comes with an app which automagically uploads from specified folders on your HD to flickr, sets them to private so only you can see them. You can then edit, and whatever then make public. Oh and you of course have no image limits.
  4. The save to inventory L$10 has always been there. Just like uploading a texture from disk costs L$10. Its not anything new but maybe you just did not notice it before.
  5. Or go flickr po and it uploads for you and you help to keep the platform running whilst avoiding all those nasty adverts.
  6. Oh I do agree however my hair does not appear to have this deletion option despite other hair from the same reputable merchant having it - the little cogwheel option just does not give the "delete" option.
  7. Amen to that! I have my hair the way I like it. I'm not going to change the colour. I'm not going to change the size. I'm not even going to use the optional styles. Why can't I delete the 2 scripts in that hair that serve no purpose. Yes it's "only" 2 scripts but they all add up. Better still - why don't the designers of these things include a feature like that in their HUDS (some do why not others?).
  8. Would be kinda helpful if they specified gender at least - male, female, unisex? That would help a LOT of potential applicants. Our time is precious too and why apply for a job in a store that sells things that we have no interest in ourselves?
  9. Try contacting the designer of the tops and asking them? May save a lot of time as many skins look similar.
  10. I'd love just the ability to set "full bright" off on creations that I would then purchase - no idea why people insist on setting things full bright when they are not lights.
  11. Nice ideas but immensely cumbersome to implement for little added value. Take the "transfer and delete all copies" as an example. What happens to the copy someone put into a prim and then took back into inventory? Once the server or whatever trawls through every single item rezzed in world on every single sim to locate a copy of the item you own it's still there - hiding inside the prim. Whilst this in initially a nice idea it is totally impracticable due to the need to perform a grid wide search for copies of the items and ways around the deletion.
  12. Well there is a vast difference between rude and being direct. It's actually good for people to be direct - get to the point and avoid the pointless platitudes so you can move on with your SL. This however can be considered as being rude by some people from certain countries when it is not at all rude simply because they are used to all the pointless platitudes that people say without really meaning or listening to. Rudeness of course is best responded to with nothing at all.
  13. The upload to flickr has been broken for several days and LL are not going to fix it. https://jira.firestormviewer.org/browse/FIRE-29553 Basically they have to devote developer time to fixing the upload each time flickr, twitter etc change their api and that takes development time away from - developing. Not to mention having to respond to tickets raised when those sites change their API and the upload breaks through no fault of LL. Save to disk - upload to flickr manually.
  14. Hi there You don't really need to post a new topic asking for work every few hours - it really does not look good when you do that. Have a look over the reply I made to one of your several previous topic asking for work you made in the past few hours PS - A mixture of UPPER and lower case characters in typed text looks far more approachable that all CAPITALS. Not trying to be picky and genuinely trying to help you.
  15. I think that trying to place commission advertisements on the Second Life Marketplace is what you are wanting is that right? You see that's the problem right there - you can't advertise on the marketplace - you need to provide a service. So if you were to list "Customised furry avatar for L$1000" and then list the customisation options that can be picked that would be providing a service as there is a fee which people know about at the time. However putting a 1L$ advert and getting them to agree to the actual price and conditions after the sale on the marketplace is not really using
  16. Hi there A few suggestions to help you on your way. Click on your name here at the top right of the page - select Profile. Then upload a banner and avatar image. Add a few lines of text to talk about yourself - what your skills are and what you want to get out of SL. If you have a flickr feed of your photoshop work then provide a link. Finally - don't sound desperate "looking to do any work im up for anything" - not really great for an employer who wants someone who will stick around and not vanish at the prospect of something else. There is literally a deluge of people in
  17. I suspect that this is more of a flickr api issue instead of LL being at fault. Also it's not really causing any issues whatsoever for "bloggers" as most manipulate images in 3rd party tools or with filters and then edit the descriptions before actually posting.
  18. Sure it is - providing that it meets all of the requirements..... Image must be less than 1MB, be exactly 700 pixels wide by 100 pixels high and be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format)
  19. My home is my sanctuary. In my rental home I do sometimes have random "visitors" who wander all over the place totally without regard. I dislike the idea of security orbs but I enabled it to prevent that. It is a downside of renting a ground level home on a landscaped sim. My linden home (one of the new log cabins) is a true sanctuary though. Less chance of people popping by and "testing" the furniture. I'd like to think that the majority of people just don't know that the places are private but I am fooling myself.
  20. Scripted objects to spam out "updates" on things I have not signed up to receive (and never would want in the first place) are a pain. Often they provide no indication how or even if it is possible to get off their list which was probably obtained from tracking visitors to one of the many clothing events. Instead of promoting their brand they just end up driving it into the gutter as people have to block the army of alts they use to send out the spam (after abuse reporting them of course). Ideally we need a feature added to the offline email sent along the lines of... Click here to
  21. Once EEP rolls out to all viewers then best to abandon the rather clunky windlight auto setting on parcels/sims and just use EEP as it's much more elegant. Of course that probably means best to wait until a certain popular 3rd party viewer has support for EEP.
  22. Well I am sure there are plenty of old style linden home sims that can maybe be emptied out and moved over to the new continent - would anyone actually take an older style one now over the new ones?
  23. Got a great waterside log cabin today on Hootnanny (lol where do they get the names from?) - after only one failed attempt. Super location and I'm really pleased. Glad to have a place that's my own and I will not have to renew rental in a couple of weeks.
  24. Try looking over the events instead of stores so you get a good overview and can then go to participating stores you like the merchandise from. https://www.seraphimsl.com
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