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  1. I would assume that the 3D systems used for mesh would facilitate what you are after. Failing that then importing to the beta grid to test would avoid the upload fees.
  2. Unless you absolutely have to have a laptop because you need to take it out and about I'd suggest you avoid them as you can get a far better PC for the same money without it being limited for upgrades down the line (and ease of repairs).
  3. SL water appears at a set level over an entire sim - the sim owner or estate managers can raise or lower this level though. SL water has no physical mass though so it is impossible to construct walls to hold it back. The only way to not have SL water in your pool would be to have your pool above the water line.
  4. I've noticed that the client upload to flickr has a noticeable delay until the snapshot window becomes available to use again compared to the save to disk - I am taking snapshots at 6016x3243 though. The upload time in client to flickr is the delay. Granted this may not be noticeable by some if they take pics at lower resolutions or have a faster upload speed.
  5. Yep it is available and it works - but I'll stick with the save to disk and allow the app to upload in the background as it does not hog up Firestorm so much and I can take more pics.
  6. Today I decided to look a bit different...
  7. Check under preferences that you have not disabled hearing sounds from gestures (which is how I always have it set as it is infuriating as hell to hear all those noises).
  8. Some designers release items only for a limited time at that specific event too - all depends upon the designers and what they did for the event.
  9. Try Modulus, Stealthic, Dura to name just three. The more popular male orientated monthly events tend to have at least one new hairstyle from designers.
  10. Good luck as I suspect such things do not exist! In the meantime you may wish to consider adding some information to your in world profile including a picture. That will really go a long way to making you less "ignored". Also, and I mean this generally for all people looking for others to pay them in SL, you would really probably be far better off just purchasing some L$ yourself to get a start. The effort put in for some places to toss you a few L$ hardly covers the cost it incurred to run your computer for the time it took. Take some time to learn about SL, how to walk, interact and maybe even build. Most places will not employ anyone under a certain account age simply because people abused trust in the past and most assume a new account is either an alt, troll or will simply not bother to stay around. Despite what some may want to you think - there is no get rich quick in SL. You need to invest in order to reap rewards.
  11. Actually the whole "Missed Connections" category can probably just be zapped - it's not like you would stand any chance of actually being able to make contact with someone you glanced over a crowded room on the forums. Much easier just to IM them.
  12. If you have to ask here whether or not people may find it offensive then the chances are it will be offensive and best to leave well alone.
  13. I see no need for 2FA within SL. Yes some accounts get "hacked" but that is more down to the users themselves divulging their account details via phishing. I am pretty sure that LL like all other companies have weighed up the pros and cons. Sometimes it's just too much hassle for all concerned to introduce 2FA when the actual number of account issues are minuscule compared to the number of active accounts. Also this would probably break the entire bot system - which might not be a bad thing come to think of it. I have 2FA on several sites and services. My own bank does not provide 2FA and has no intention of doing to based on the data they have as it would introduce more problems than it solved and I agree with them on that point (they do have password and then random passphrase security though). 2FA is not the cure all - sometimes it actually makes things worse (when people lose access to the token generator etc).
  14. Land is not rented from LL - you rent it from someone else. That person can basically do what they like including evicting you and keeping whatever rental you have paid just because they did not like your hairstyle. Renting should and indeed is a safe option in the vast majority of cases. However there are some landlords who value their income over anything else - including being fair to their renters. If you want total peace of mind then you have only a few options - rent an entire sim (expensive) or go premium and have your own land which you have total and absolute control over. Subject to basic and clearly listed limitations in the land covenant in the case of Linden Homes.
  15. Thankfully I think they allow us that because at one point in time we all screw up the settings - especially when trying to pose for that perfect shot
  16. Jet Dallas was not "born" as Jet Dallas he first wandered around with some words mangled together to form a "first name" and of course the obligatory Resident last name. As soon as the "new" names were available I jumped at the chance and wanted something which was more natural but also with a bit of an edge to it. I'm loving the name, so much more than had I assigned it via display name even.
  17. Catwa Daniel is one of the most popular and widely supported for such things as beards, appliers etc. The main "good" heads all seem to be around the 5k mark but bear in mind you also need to factor in a skin from a designer that also supplies skins for the gianni body. Be prepared to also spend a lot of time having to adjust your shape or the shape that comes with the head in order to achieve the look you want.
  18. Go to the log on screen but do not actually log on. Open preferences either from the menu or Ctrl+P. Go to graphics and adjust them back down to a known working level. Make sure to click upon "ok" to save the settings. Log on.
  19. Took me several visits to this place in order to finally get this shot of which I am somewhat impressed. Location: Margarita Island
  20. I have had a super week! I've picked myself up off the floor, dusted myself down and reminded myself not to become too invested in relationships in SL because quite frankly I am far too much of a catch for anyone. I threw myself into weightlifting on the SML system and despite it being only my first week at it I ranked #5 in the strength gain contest which I was really happy with! I've also found time to get out and shop which is always enjoyable even with the lag at the events. Made some super new friends and also been all arty.
  21. @Epsilonaa I am guessing that English is not your main language. Please do not take this the wrong way but your posts are a bit incoherent and overly passionate. If this was how your abuse reports were worded then I am not really surprised that nothing (as far as anyone is aware) has yet been done. When filing an abuse report you must keep emotion out of it. Stick to the facts only. Use clear and precise wording. Do not post any assumptions in the ticket - only the facts as you know them (not what anyone else has told you to write). Also, if you encounter issues in a sandbox then move to one of the many other sandboxes - sadly they can be notorious for attracting a certain element who simply delight in getting others to respond to their taunts.
  22. Avoid Photoshop unless you really, really will make use of all the features and do not mind spending a small fortune on them. Like @Fritigern Gothly said, Gimp is free and well worth using. Personally I use Affinity which is basically very much like Photoshop and is gaining a good user base thanks to the "pay forever" model Adobe moved to.
  23. Great idea but it seems that Firestorm are somehow going to manage to shoehorn it into their next release thus increasing the confusion. I went flickr premium anyway because I can afford to and it throws them a few $ to keep the wolves (Google or even worse Facebook) from the door.
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