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  1. I cant seem to find anything on how this is done. you literally spell whatever youd like then it will be placed on the clothing item. anyone have any idea where I should be looking next to track information on how to create these?
  2. Im not sure how ppl are doing it then. Like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blueberry-Alena-Leggings-Black/15342173 how would something like that be changed on the fly?
  3. Ive been making HUDS for a few months now. I get the concept of how it all works. Even finally was able to get the scripts I need to add my Flickr and Instagram to the onscreen HUD. However I can not find how to build an Alpha Numeric picker HUD. A HUD that lets you choose to put alpha numeric on your pants, shirt, etc. I cant find any instructions on how to even start a HUD like that. can someone point me in the right direction please.
  4. so i was able to use the links and information you all have shared to create the buttons. add them to a HUD and it works. i click on the area and it asks to open the external web page for flickr and instagram. I can even add the buttons to my main color selection HUD and do join buttons to HUD. The buttons work fine. as long as the hud is on my floor. when i take the hud and then wear the HUD, the buttons no longer work. any direction I should be looking at for that?
  5. ok got the buttons to be clickable on the HUD when its in my design room and dragged onto the floor. the touch hand is there and the request to open external browser comes up fine. but when i wear the HUD and its on my screen basically, the buttons dont have touch available anymore. its not clickable. how can i fix that?
  6. so i need to combine these 2 scripts basically? and add to a notecard inside a small prim box which is invisible behind my graphc of IG or Flickr? am i correct in that line of thought. this is all new to me so ive no idea about how to do this. any help is greatly appreciated. so basically i want the small box to be touchable when the person opens the HUD onscreen. then the client would click the button to see my other items on Flickr or IG. default { touch_start(integer total_number) { integer touchFace = llDetectedTouchFace(0); vector touchST = llDetectedT
  7. Hi. I have created a HUD for a mesh item I created in blender. I want to have my Instagram and Flickr account clickable on the HUD. How can I do this? Ive searched the forums but can not find an answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi. I have created a HUD for a mesh item I created in blender. I want to have my Instagram and Flickr account clickable on the HUD. How can I do this? Ive searched the forums but can not find an answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Welcome to SL Spartanxx. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I always do. Take some time and wander the many beautiful creations and lands built in this virtual world we call home. You can go clubbing, any genre youd like, sit and read at a coffee shop or enjoy Paris or New Orleans. So many places to visit. Enjoy )
  10. Id like to look into hiring a mesh designer for a certain piece I want created. someone who can give me the finished mesh item and maps associated with uploading into SL. Is this the area to post such a request? Thank you
  11. Thanks for those tips. Will check them all out.
  12. Ive just begun putting textures on a few full perm clothing items. I get really great colors in Photoshop, import the file and once inside SL the colors are not even close to what I had originally in PS. I need to make items match to create an outfit set. How can I do this if it's hit or miss on the colors. Thank you.
  13. this is one of the items Im thinking of getting from a full source vendor. but the fit is wrong right here: can I cut a piece off in blender and tighten that up a bit? https://gyazo.com/f221b20c0528fd30dee57e6fdfad5fc4https://gyazo.com/f221b20c0528fd30dee57e6fdfad5fc4https://gyazo.com/f221b20c0528fd30dee57e6fdfad5fc4https://gyazo.com/f221b20c0528fd30dee57e6fdfad5fc4https://gyazo.com/f221b20c0528fd30dee57e6fdfad5fc4
  14. I've been going thru tutotials on blenders site to get acquainted with the tools. That means lots and lots of 3d coffee cups and donuts lol. My background is more illustrator and Photoshop. I understand this is a huge undertaking and will require months and months of training to even begin to import anything back to SL. But I find it fun and interesting to learn hard applications. I will work with the developers who will let me have their dev kits. Thank you all for your information.
  15. my inexperience is showing. I should have given more information. It is mesh Id be working with. The source DAE and FBX files are for Maitreya and Slink. Id like to resize to my Belleza body. can it be done? not now as I have only just begun my Blender to SL tour. but is it feasible to keep it and someday be able to do it? I love the outfit and would like to wear it eventually. the part 2 is a curiousity. why would a full perm mesh creator give 2 body shapes but exclude a Belleza. Is Belleza hard to work with in Blender or something? I imported my XML body file into Ble
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