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  1. In an effort to showcase more amazing content from our Second Life Residents, we're looking for fun and upbeat videos to share on our TikTok and Instagram accounts. For a chance to be featured, upload your videos on the following Google form: Get Featured on Second Life Socials - Submission Form FAQ: What kind of videos are you looking for? We’re looking for short video content that meets the following criteria: - Filmed in Second Life - Under 60 seconds in length (we prefer around 15 seconds) - Under 100MB - Preferred file type is .mp4 - We prefer it to be in Portrait size with an aspect ratio of 9:16 (1080x1920), but we will accept any ratio and size up to 16:9 (1920x1080.) What will you do with my videos and how will they be used? We may share them on our official Second Life TikTok and Instagram accounts. We may also share them on other Second Life social networks and use them to promote your work in Second Life. Please read and agree to the rules at the bottom of the form when submitting. What kind of content can I share in the video? You can share any Second Life related content, including and not limited to: fun dance videos, what you create in Second Life, what you do in Second Life, you can promote your brand, your event, your destination, your blog, or any other Second Life related content. We are looking for fun and quirky videos that may use trending sounds on Instagram Reels or TikTok and showcase Second Life beautifully. A good example of that would be this video by Grace Ashwell or our SL Dance Challenge video. We’re looking for creativity and enthusiasm and we want to feature you and your content! What if I don’t make videos? How else can I get featured? We have a few other Feature Programs currently running that you can try for: Spotlight - We have been interviewing Residents for our Spotlight Feature Program. For a chance to be interviewed, please fill out the signup form. We send 5 to 8 questions via email and request lots of visual content (images and videos) to be featured alongside the answers. See examples of previous Spotlight posts for the layout and style. Second Life Destination Guide - For a chance to have your destination featured on the guide, submit your spot via the web suggestion form. Remember to read the Destination Guide info page for tips to get featured in Editors’ Picks and the Destinations Floater in the viewer. Second Life Blogger Network - If you are a blogger or vlogger you can sign up for a chance to have your posts featured on SLBN. Read this blog post for more info about this program and the submission form. Second Life Pic of the Day through our Flickr Group - Images chosen for pic of the day are featured on our Inworld Blog and our Socials. Please read the group rules before submitting your images to the group. Second Life Instagram Stories - We often feature Residents in our Instagram Stories. For a chance to be featured, tag the @SecondLife Instagram account when sharing your content to your Instagram page and we may feature it in our Story of the day. You can also use the #SecondLife and #SLFeature hashtags, as we watch both of them. See some previous features in our #SLFeature Highlight. Some of our Instagram Stories also get featured on our Facebook Page Stories. Second Life Twitter Retweets - Tag the @SecondLife account on Twitter when posting safe content and we may retweet it to our account if we think it would be informative and beneficial to the community. You can also use the #SecondLife hashtag as we keep an eye on that as well. Please remember when submitting content to be featured in any of our programs, you are not guaranteed exposure and are subject to the terms and conditions listed on each program’s page. If you have more questions about any of our Feature Programs, please send them to Strawberry Linden at strawberry@lindenlab.com. *** Please note that we have updated this post and the submission form in May of 2022. ***
  2. Hi! I'm looking for a creator who is in need of a blogger manager. I do online classes so I'm mostly available 💗 I'm active on instagram the most but I also have flickr, facebook, twitter, and tumblr. Please check the links below to my socials 🥰 Instagram | 5K Followers Flickr | 1.4K Followers Twitter | 79 Followers Facebook Tumblr
  3. Fox Hollow is Hiring Managers & Moderators Second Life's largest modern family roleplay community is seeking talented, passionate individuals to assist with the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running such a large community. We have a variety of open positions for varying skillsets, and would love it if you considered joining our team! Current Vacancies: Outreach Manager Website Moderator Project Moderator Landscaping Moderator Education Moderator (over Events for the PreK-12 school, Foxwood Academy) Crime Moderator Law Enforcement Moderator Medical Services Moderator Roleplay Quality Moderator Civil Engineering Moderator Marketing Moderator (2 positions - Inworld Marketing & Flyer Creation) Social Media Moderator Blogger Moderator Event Coordinator Floating Event Coordinator University Moderator ( 2 positions - Sports/Campus Events & Floating Moderator) To visit the community before applying, you can pop into our Welcome Center, found in my Signature. If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out the Staff Application located here: https://forms.gle/de5Yus1Gdvy81ZXE7 Note: Marketing & Events positions, the Blogger Moderator, and University Moderators have their own applications - you'll find those linked in the description of the main staff application. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Imogen Atheria inworld or here in messages.
  4. Monet Blvd. (Shopping Plaza) Who is Monet Blvd.? We are a new and upcoming shopping/rp sim. We are servicing all genres, types of businesses that foster inclusivity and culture in their businesses. The aesthetic of our sim is Tropical Rainforest Resort Vibe. We have 22 stores, a bistro, an indoor shopping mall, supermarket and RP restaurant (RP coming soon). Our establishment is fully Xeo-Enabled for all of your RP needs, your stats and experience will never dwindle so long as you are on our sim. Each store will be equipped with resources so you will never lose your stats while shopping. Who are we looking for? We are looking for individuals interested in working with us to grow and build our business. As noted above we have not opened yet, so we will be working on building up the brand and then launching and then maintaining said launch. We are looking for team players who are active on SL (daily), someone who is interested in not only helping us with our day to day, but also open to learning and possibly getting promoted to more responsibilities as the business grows. We will need individuals with a business minded/ambitious character, go getters, self starters. If this is you I encourage you to apply within (link below). What roles are we hiring for? Management Assistant Media Manager Blogger Manager *Further information on each job description will be provided to applicant forwarded to the interview phase. If you think you would be a good fit for one of these positions please remit your application here: https://forms.gle/x3bM41oXSbhokPUA8 Thank you for your interest!
  5. MK Home Rental office (starts August 2021): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seafront/23/143/23 Dear ADULT-FURNISHED HOMES admirers, As MK Home Rental aims to keep on developing, we have moved all adult-furnished homes to the new location in a private region, with very less lag. We are happy to call the area: Apurva MK Beach-Hill Resort A beautiful beach and hill area of modern homes with dominating touch of admiration to nature/greeneries. Pick your adult-furnished home, whether to maximize the enjoyment of adult life in SL or simply as a retreat home away from RL. MK ADULT-FURNISHED homes only use high quality brands: Ruckus, Debauchery, Rawage, Lalou, VRDz, Fancy Decor, Apple Fall, CasperTech, and more. We do not force a community in the Apurva MK Beach-Hill Resort, yet strongly encourage respectful approaches to fellow residents. Our new location has new shared-beach area, shared pool area, and more to follow. Visit the new location of MK Home Rental Office starts from August 2021: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seafront/23/143/23 you may also check this link to see what is available: CasperPanel - Available Rentals self house tour is allowed for 10 minutes in each vacant home, the security may remind you and that's fine. MK Home Rental continues to provide affordable yet high-quality ADULT-FURNISHED Premium and Regular homes, with extra prims. Premium Homes: 1) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH HOUSE; 2) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH COTTAGE; 3) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH VILLA; 4) ADULT-FURNISHED HILL MODERN-CUBE; 5) ADULT-FURNISHED HILL CABIN. Regular Homes: 1) ADULT-FURNISHED SLEEK ATTIC; 2) ADULT FURNISHED SLEEK PARISIAN; 3) ADULT-FURNISHED NEW YORK ECOLOFT; and more to follow. Come join as an Apurva MK Beach-Hill resident now. ~ xoxo - millenakera ~
  6. Bayside Medical Clinic is a rapidly growing maternity clinic seeking a skilled social media manager for our team. Please message kai2289 or lalonee.bellic or visit our website at https://baysidemedicalclinic.wixsite.com/baysidemedicalcenter and use the contact feature and we will message you. Please make sure you use your legacy name. You may also stop in-world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tukata/230/195/26 and speak to a member of staff. Thank you
  7. ☆ ━━HIRING DJs & Hosts & Social Media Coordinator━━ ☆ ☆ Club Know Where 4-10PM SLT 7 days a week ☆ ☆ You Keep 100% of Tips ☆ ☆ We offer permanent shifts ☆ ☆ A fun place to work and Play ☆ ☆ Applications are by the door. ☆ ☆☆☆ contact JEDI by IM (thundernuggettz)☆☆☆ ☆☆Social Media Coordinator must have experience with photo shop to make the posters for our live singers and events.☆☆
  8. Hello, We are looking for influencers ! Find out more by sending IM.
  9. Disclaimer: I was tired when I wrote this text so it might not follow the grammar rules and at times it goes out of topic that I wanted to write about but despite being tired I wanted to put it out of my head in the public realm for people to discuss. I was watching a documentary The social dilemma on Netflix today. It is about how addictive the social media is for most of the population and how through advertising and featured content selected/catered to every individual's preferences as its based on data mined and machine learning. Basically anything you do on web is stored under your profile and the machines (AI) is learning about you and serving you content you like and are most interested in as. The side effect of that is that this locks people in what I'd call an artificial reality bubbles. (Best example is at the time around elections if you're for example supporter of one political party you are going to be fed by machine learning algorithms the news that will be against the other political party - even if those news are fake). This is not real or objective reality it is what became known as fake reality constructed on fake news. Basically today you're always fed things that you're personally interested in and 2 different people are going to get different youtube video suggestions - because machines are designed to learn from your data input on every step. People who are aware of that can be more or less immune to it but most people just view things (information) that they are offered / fed. Even the people who worked for companies such as Google and Facebook are falling victim to it. The lines between what is real and what is fake are blurred now days more than ever. One could argue that through owning the media powerful political or corporate interests always more or less controlled information and that is true. What is interesting today is that the information (or ability to shape the world view of the masses) is going to be more and more controlled through designers of machine learning algorithms But machines (algorithms) will never know what is real or not real or what is good or what is evil... A badly designed self learning algorithm can go out of hands and do damage. It has already happened. I'd say that today information is controlled/manipulated, filtered and disseminated by big tech that own social media and no longer by big media networks (which are all having to retort to use social media because that is where the most people are and there will be even more). Couldn't help but my mind started pulling certain parallels and connections between the addictive power of social media and persuasive tech today with the dystopian social science fiction novel Brave New World by English author Aldous Huxley. The novel was written in written in 1931 but it is very important to understand the world and to what scenario of the possible future the society today in 2021 is going to. In the novel the participants of the society take drug called soma. They take it whenever they feel some kind of stress or discomfort - that is what they always did and always want to do as they were not raised to be able to handle real life and to think critically and independently about things - they always follow and do whatever others are doing. The futuristic society from the novel is ran by artificial intelligence and all the people belong to hierarchical groups based on their brain capacity to understand things / intelligence. From managers levels whose job is to protect the way of life and make sure everyone follows rules down to cleaners. It is a natural response of a human to want to avoid any kind of pain or stress and that is why even in today's society many people retort to different types of addictive behaviors or abuse of substances when the life becomes or is tough. I think for non critical people (its usually those that are not educated) its easier to develop addictive behaviors as their self control systems are weaker. The most addictive thing for most humans is money. Society is indeed controlled by money and always has been. There is a real danger that a big size of human population becomes kind of like cattle for big tech businesses to milk them. Many people call it Matrix. One could argue that today in form of social media some form of Matrix or traces of it is already formed. As machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence gets more advanced then such system or way of life we are developing in our society can easily be overtaken by artificial intelligence at some point in future (probably not in our life time but who knows). There is a risk that in future people become slaves to self learning tech in transition period to tech companies that produce those algorithms and the final outcome could lead to total control. For now the programmers have the self learning tech totally under control but in coming future things can quickly go out of hands. There is interesting series - Brave New World currently on Netflix if anyone is interesting to watch. American way of controlling population was always through soft ways of persuasion and propaganda (advertising, brands, pop culture, sexualized culture) - catering to peoples desires. There is another extreme that is currently kind of in the hands of China that could lead towards the future that is more Orwellian - destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It denotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, disinformation, denial of truth (doublethink), and manipulation of the past, including the "unperson"—a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orwellian But I believe the way the tech is progressing we're kind of entering to something similar to the dystopian world that Aldous Huxley depictured in his novel in 1931. It is fascinating. So yes I am noticing parallels between a novel and the effect of modern social tech on people and how its re-shaping society.
  10. One Black Sheep is a new SL Adult Talk Show discussing various SL and RL topic related to Second Life. We are now in the process of hiring several different positions from Managers to Talk Show Host to Social Media Moderators. The following positions will entail: Host: * Have Your Own Talk Show * Host various related topics dealing with SL. * Plan weekly Talk Shows Managers: * Manage the weekly scheduled talk shows * Recruit Talk Show Host * Communicate between Host and Social Media Moderators Social Media Moderators: * Promote One Black Sheep Talk Show on social media * Manage ad boards inworld to advertise One Black Sheep to the SL community * Create fliers promoting the different talk shows If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions please TP to One Black Sheep and retrieve an application from the application box in the hall way leading up to the Talk Show. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZoHa Islands E/217/116/994 Please Please Please rename your notecard with your name before returning it back to the box. Thank You! --Management
  11. One Black Sheep is a new SL Adult Talk Show discussing various SL and RL topic related to Second Life. We are now in the process of hiring several different positions from Managers to Talk Show Host to Social Media Moderators. The following positions will entail: Host: * Have Your Own Talk Show * Host various related topics dealing with SL. * Plan weekly Talk Shows Managers: * Manage the weekly scheduled talk shows * Recruit Talk Show Host * Communicate between Host and Social Media Moderators Social Media Moderators: * Promote One Black Sheep Talk Show on social media * Manage ad boards inworld to advertise One Black Sheep to the SL community * Create fliers promoting the different talk shows If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions please TP to One Black Sheep and retrieve an application from the application box in the hall way leading up to the Talk Show. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZoHa Islands E/217/116/994 Please Please Please rename your notecard with your name before returning it back to the box. Thank You! --Management
  12. Hello, everyone I am in the looking for someone who can be a part of our band. Currently we need a guitarist we will provide training how to be one.......We are also looking for more people to join our team. We need people to help with marketing and promotions. We have future plans more bigger perspective, we will be filming our videos with the band and different themes music styles. So if you are interested and want to join our team then please contact JohnAlucard Avedon or sarahadam resident for further information. This is a Paid Job, pay will be discussed during interview. You can find me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Sora.Haruki86/ Under construction https://noireslacryma.wixsite.com/website
  13. Vicious Staffing & Marketing has been assisting businesses in-world with their marketing and staffing needs since 2016. We curate teams to take the hassle out of running your business while meeting and exceeding goals. From social media to event management, Vicious Staffing & Marketing wants to see your business flourish. We are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic, highly motivated, and friendly. As a Customer Service Representative for Vicious Staffing & Marketing, you will directly be in charge of social media accounts for various projects. Requirements: This position requires you be available for at least 3 days minimum in-world per week. Must be able to check accounts every few days during the week to reply to any questions. Be able to learn about new locations and businesses quickly. Have general knowledge about how SL operates. You must be able to communicate messages clearly and professionally in English. Have a working knowledge of how to update and promote a variety of social media channels. This position will be paid per week. Amount will vary per project. Apply Now Website | Facebook | SocialVR
  14. Hello there, Thank you so much for your time and I appreciate you reading this post. I have not had an official job in second life but I have been a dancer for tips. I would like to step away from dancing and help a business, shop, or even a club from a business side of things. Below is a list of skills. Learn quickly Like helping people Communicate well and try my best to use proper spelling and punctuation Can use voice Can listen to others on voice Plenty of time to devote to your business or club Take decent photographs Plenty of RL experience in retail and customer service jobs that I can bring to SL Have social media accounts already In real life I am 34 and currently job seeking there as well, so I have plenty of time for an SL job. If you are interested in hiring me you can always send a message to me in-world, my name is Jolly Nova. Below is a list and links of my social media and blog accounts. Again thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you. Flickr Wordpress Twitter Facebook
  15. Hi There! So I'm having problems with connecting my flickr to my SL. I tried to follow along with the steps but when I clicked the (connect) button... Nothing happened. The steps mentioned I would have to re-verify my yahoo.. But I never received the pop up or window to do so. Can someone help me? Yours Truly, Princess 🌺
  16. Hiya everyone! I want to share an amazing resource with you all! Who doesn't like giveaways & contests? There is a brand new SL contest & giveaway Hassle-free page! No catch! We strive to stay up to date with the latest giveaways across the grid inworld & social media but we need YOUR help! If you can check out the page, share the word, tag, like & follow so we can reach everyone across the grid and help everyone have access to it! https://www.facebook.com/SLGiveawaysContests/ Also many asked & we did it! SL Giveaways & Contests now has an official Discord too!!! Click for your custom invite! https://discord.gg/UkGm8be
  17. You love fashion? You need a job? You have experiance in social media? I am the owner of Black Swan, the label for sensula women clothing. https://www.flickr.com/photos/137521500@N05/ We are looking for one or two people who extend our marketing team. The ideal candidate is highly self-motivated, professional and open minded. What would be your job? - sending group notices in our group and in advertisement groups - promoting the stuff on facebook / flickr or other social media (you should have experiance in this) - managing the blogger team What will you get? You will get all the new releases from the shop for free. Intressted? Contact me inworld via NC. Greetings Emilia Daxter
  18. Wishing Star Marketing & Promotions has a few vacancies opened. Payments for all positions will be discussed at the time of interview. Social Media Specialists. Job Description: - Must have 3- 5 group space available - Must be active on Social Media groups. - Must be able to give at least 1 hour every day with a maximum of 5 hours a week. Manager Job Description: - Must have the drive to work and grow. - Facilitate communication - Willing to take responsibilities and fulfill them. - Monitor the work of the company. Including regular hiring and managing of employees. WSMP is a fairly new company and is growing as more clients get added to our portfolio. We are looking to grow together as a team. If you are responsible, driven and are able to commit to an hour a day for the company at the same time earning perks; send a notecard to GiaBlossom Resident with 3 possible times and dates for interview. Please keep in mind that it might take up to an hour at the interview. For both positions, you must have a discord; as its the way we communicate outside of SL.
  19. Wishing Star Marketing & Promotions Looking for Social Media Managers If you are a Social Media enthusiast and would like to give about an hour with us. Details about the job and payment will be discussed at the time of interview. Please fill the Google Form asap: https://goo.gl/forms/ZjNnywOiDB7DHkIF2
  20. Hello everyone! Just posting in here to try and make some connections with people that play SL even when I'm not logged in! I have just recently made an instagram and twitter for SL specifically, and would really love & appreciate if you can follow me If you have an account of course. & I'm happy to follow back! My instagram is: absinthevontease & my twitter is: GoddessOfTease Since it's been mentioned, I'll throw my Facebook in here too! Name on there is Billie Byler TIA everybody❤️
  21. I am curious if there are people who are known as or by their avatars identity as it relates to real life and other social media platforms. I am on Facebook as Hunter Stern but I also have a real life Facebook account for immediate family, BUT they also know I identify as Hunter Stern for the most part, including my listed birthday (rez day in this sense). I share my art and experiences of SL through Hunter Stern and likewise, my real life expressions and adventures on there and this gives my other family and friends who are not associated with SL a glimpse into this virtual domain and a chance to know me a little better. I am known in the town I live in as Hunter Stern, by artist acquaintance (we have a robust art community with well known oil painters, sculptors, wood craftsmen etc) Ofcourse many of them don't grasp the concept of digital or virtual worlds and 3D art the same way. Do people find it odd that some would identify a mix of both in their lives, or could this be a norm and common for some? I know many artists (actors and authors in particular) who tend to have pseudo-names or aliases, but in a way this isn't a matter of alias for me, whereas if I were given a choice to change my legal name it would be Hunter Stern. I bring this topic up because lately I have noted that I am going back and forth between accounts as well, reposting content because not everything can be seen by non-friends to an account. This might be bothersome for some and/or confusing , but I'm quite content with it for the time being myself. Some of my immediate family and friends don't understand the context of some images (for example, me out dancing at a club with friends on avatars) they have even asked what it was all about (and yes I soooo wanted to push them to sign up with SL, but on the other hand SL is truly a unique place that can literally make you feel as though you are starting from square one in terms of learning something new, and we do have a high population of technical minds in SL (call them nerds if you like,lol). I honestly don't know if it would be fruitful anyways to invite or have close real life friends directly in SL just to see what it is about and what it is I do or how I do it. How much does SL impact your RL?
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