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Found 12 results

  1. The Venue Nightclub is an 11-year-old adult dance club featuring a wide array of genres and talent, we are looking to add more to our team! We strive to be a place of great music, good vibes, and long-lasting friendships! ⏰ OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK, 10 AM - 10 PM SLT 🎶 OPEN GENRE, WE PLAY IT ALL 💰 100% TIPS 🙂 FUN, FRIENDLY, LAID-BACK STAFF & VIPS If you love to have a good time, meet new people, and share your passion for music then The Venue is the home club you're looking for! 🚗 Stop by today for applications: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wet Dream/68/77/902
  2. Hi We are looking for receptionist, interested in the medical field. Please follow the link below and fill out our form. Must understand how to send out notecards to patients Good deadline management. often on sl (good availability) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhepcoLVZG0yUCs0grKHExsExDETy3SbO_qxyclSLZEnA2vw/viewform
  3. New Marina (Spartacus Marina) now open - Endeavour Dealership approved sales staff required Sales staff required for new marina in SL inworld office based employment - Knowledge of sailing in SL an advantage but not essential.... Friendly & professional atmosphere with opportunities of nice earnings daily paid as commissions and weekly bonuses.... Please contact Stevewhin1 resident for more details.
  4. We're Now Hiring at the Blind Frog Blues Nightclub! The Blind Frog Blues Nightclub is Hiring DJs and DJ/Host Teams! DJs must be able to use mic and supply their own stream. Keep 100% of your tips. Experience preferred but will train new talent. Must be willing to: work a set schedule, perform 2 hour set, talk on mic, take requests. Must be 18+, 60 days or older. The Blind Frog Blues Nightclub is a new, elegant upscale multi-genre club with a focus on The Blues. We are friendly to Newcomers to SL, furry residents, and LBGTQ residents. We are all about diversity in music, too! A great experience at a new up and coming entertainment venue is just a TP away. Come check us out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Great Plains/49/198/23 Contact one of the owners in world for an application form. PjLongdriver (-Eddie-), Owner or JinglePinks (Jingle), Co-owner
  5. I'm willing to do almost any job (to get paid). If need I will go through a training application I would like to choose what time I can work Also accepting model jobs
  7. Hello lovely people! As you can see, I am one of the many people looking for a job in SL. I know this is in very high demand so I thank you very kindly for clicking on my forum post and see what I'm about! Hello! I have been playing SL for a number of years! I have a mesh body and numerous Bento heads to choose from! We all know how hard it is to stop shopping right? I'm open to numerous different fields of work! Hosting, Dancing, Decorating, Reception, RPers, Shopping Assistants, Spa/Beauty workers! Things you should know about me! Very chatty and kind-hearted! Always willing to chat with everyone! Owner of a mesh body and mesh head I own lots of different outfits and I'm willing to purchase any uniform or clothes/hair I would need to look right for the job! I do have a full-time job in RL but as I work on reception and on my laptop 80% of the day I can definitely work some small shifts during that time as I get my work done in the morning! I am usually available at night time in UK timezone, so anywhere between 6pm-12am (We can chat about hours!) English speaking! Example of hosting: "Hello, Miss/Mr ....! Welcome to ...... What a beautiful gown/Looking dapper tonight! We are happy to host you tonight, If you need anything throughout your time here, please don't hesitate to IM me and I'll do my best to accommodate you!" If you require any more information about me, please drop me an IM in world! Resident Oleria Stark Look forward to hearing from you! x
  8. ♥ ♥..♥ ♥Little Angels is Now Hiring♥ ♥..♥ ♥ Little Angels Nursery is now hiring CSR's to put out notices daily Monday-Friday for an hour a day. We have one shift left which starts at 2pm slt. You get paid weekly on Friday. If you like babies and a job with no drama then this is the job for you! Please be able to join groups and send out notices. To apply please contact: QUEENOFTHELYCANS or india.woodrunner http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Celtic/252/93/21
  9. So one major issue that did come up in our Slip and Falls Inc. meeting is that " the Download SL viewer" is a huge problem or concern to connect people to the SL virtual reality whom are not able to download the whole script and this is a huge problem for us to attracting and keeping vendors. The only answer we have is to ask the community to make one that a player only needs to double click on icons and market it as a paid service, privately own and operated. The money will be used to pay the designer in full. I can not post this enough. " The Slip and Falls Inc. is listed as an affiliate marketing platform to advertise, promote, and marketing for the Second Life Virtual game. Plat form because the SL platform has provided the tools and technique to do so much with it as a business medium. AvatarCafekan, may or not have an official email account with us, us referring to Slip and Falls Inc. but She is us. We are very happy in working with the Second Life Platform.
  10. Receptionist Position Posting About The Job: Gabriel Davies needs a well-organized assistant to help him in the day-to-day operations of his company. This position is four hours a week position, with pay of 500$L per hour. Most tasks can be done while the receptionist is in their homes or other locales on grid, however, some hours will be needed in the offices of VFM. Mr, Davies needs one of the four hours per week to be on a Saturday, as that is his busiest workday. The ideal candidate is highly self-motivated, professional, and capable of managing their workload and prioritizing tasks in a fast-paced corporate environment. This is an excellent opportunity to join a growing company with competitive compensation. Sample Tasks: Setting up Interview Times for Candidates in our business. Taking Notes When Needed. Basic Real Estate Tasks such as fielding questions from customers, toggling land options, etc Basic Interior Decorating at our Offices. Send notices and communications to Groups, Employees, Other Companies, etc Candidate Requirements: A Computer (Sorry Cant really hire someone doing stuff on mobile grid apps on phones.) Access to Second Life Ability to write basic documents. Ability to check and respond to emails. Uphold a strict level of confidentiality Develop and sustain a level of professionalism among staff and clientele. Candidates Who Wish To Be Considered for the Position should stop by Davies Tower (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sapphire Skies/191/247/18) and pick up an application and submit it to us there. We are looking to fill this position quickly so please do this as soon as humanly possible! Positions Can Also Be Applied For Directly on the Web By Clicking Here.
  11. Hello! My name is Emma, in world/roleplay name Kenna Phoenix, and I own a maternity care clinic that recently opened for business. We are a dedicated maternity care clinic that is need of staff and volunteers who are willing to help women with the mama allpa HUD. We believe roleplay and a good roleplay experience shouldn't be based on how much you pay for a package. We offer free maternity care for whoever needs it. We have many services such as maternity checkups, ultrasounds, different options for how you want to give birth, and many more if asked/ needed. For any additional services that aren't included for free ( for example a separate birth area that isn't in our clinic area) we charge an upwards of L$ 20-195, which is way cheaper than most clinics out there. To support this business, we need dedicated staff. No real life or SL work experience? No problem, we can provide you with the training you'll need to get started once you're hired. IM me on ReyIsobelDestiny and tell me you'd like an interview if I am online. Otherwise, apply here: INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Name, SL name, SL Age, SL Gender, RL Gender 2. When did you join second life? 3. Do you have experience with medical roleplay? if so, where ( hospital, maternity clinic, etc) 4. Are you willing to work hard and bring success to this company? 5. Previous SL work experience? ( If N/A, skip to 7) 6. If yes, where and who's the employer? Why did you stop working there ( if applicable) 7. What do you think you'd bring to our team? 8. What position are you applying for? ( Doctor, Midwife, Doula, Pregnancy class coach, etc) 9. When will be your best shift time? 10. Are you willing to work for tips/ and or a small commission? Good Luck! Please leave your SL username so I can IM if I'm interested in interviewing you.
  12. I am looking for a personal assistant. Candidate must be someone who is personable, professional, well organized, dependable, a self starter, and resourceful. Some of the responsibilities will be to keep my calendar organized, set up meetings and appointments, respond to messages, do research, and some light shopping to name a few. Job will cover everything from my personal life to my professional life. Work hours will be flexible and can work from anywhere. Assistant will get tasks and assignments with deadlines, so need to be able to work on own and prioritize. Candidate should also have SL experience and knowledge. Someone who knows their way around and how to accomplish things in SL or know where to find the information to do so. Must have social media knowledge, an active social media is a bonus. Must have Google Drive knowledge, will be required to have a Google account. Previous assistant and customer service experience a bonus. Pay and benefits: L$750 a week Bonuses Serious inquiries only. https://forms.gle/KJMaYFfZvgVWaGUR6
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