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Found 6 results

  1. I have been a blogger for nearly 2 years now, so I have an idea of how the blogging world in SL is. Besides blogging for stores and events, i've also been a content moderator on other platforms. Here is my flickr if you'd like to see some of my works: As well as my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/euphiedesu.sl/?hl=en If anyone is interested, please contact me inworld via a notecard!
  2. Hi! I'm looking for a creator who is in need of a blogger manager. I do online classes so I'm mostly available 💗 I'm active on instagram the most but I also have flickr, facebook, twitter, and tumblr. Please check the links below to my socials 🥰 Instagram | 5K Followers Flickr | 1.4K Followers Twitter | 79 Followers Facebook Tumblr
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Nimue Grantly and I offer myself as a photographer and store manager or blogger manager. I have been working with shops and the world of fashion for years. I have been a blogger for about 2 years and I have experience in managing appointments, events, staff, costumer care. I am a very precise girl and I care about my work, in the last two years I have dabbled with photography and post production for this reason I also offer myself as a photographer and help designers for their vendors. For those interested, please contact me exclusively in world via notecard, to make an appointment to meet and discuss payments and the work itself. https://www.flickr.com/photos/72572149@N07/ here is my flickr stream where you can see some of my works and here https://www.flickr.com/photos/193274395@N03/ there are some of my vendor pics.
  4. Hello, I'm an active Second Life resident who's been inworld for nearly ten years. I'm looking for work. Preferably as a blogger manager, social media manager, customer service representative, or chat mod. I've worked with several brands in the past year. My duties consisted of overseeing bloggers, managing social media pages, interacting with customers, interacting with bloggers, etc. Quite honestly, I love what I do. I'm currently helping out one brand (I'd be happy to go into details should you reach out) and would like to help a second one. My strengths are writing, effective communication, announcement set-up, interacting with clients, interacting with bloggers, and much more. If you're interested, feel free to send me a message. And we can discuss my rates from there! 😄
  5. In-world Employment has been very successful in finding people for my boss, that we've come here to potentially find the brand team members for the in-world fashion brand. We hope to lessen the workload so there are a few team member roles that we need filled in order to do so. We just ask to be work-oriented, passionate about fashion design and the fashion world, and an all around great person to be around and work with. We hope to find a team that can stick with and grow with the brand so we can develop it into a powerhouse. Below, I will list and explain the positions that need to be filled. If you are interested in any of these positions, reach out to me by Note Card with your in-world username (and the name you've given yourself), and experience. And I will get back to you in a timely fashion! The positions are as follows -- In-house Photographer: We would love someone that is well-versed in both Photography AND Videography skills, however, it is not a must. You will work along the board member on developing great ways to advertise the brand. You will lead the photo-shoots and help develop the voice we want to translate to our customers in-world. Alongside members, you will find props for shoots and help us elevate the clothes and models to the next level! Position MUST haves: Top-tier experience with Photoshop and photo editing! Great, Easy going personality, Amazing work ethic. Must love fashion! Great with receiving constructive criticism. Photography Portfolio that showcases your skill. (Send in note card) FLICKR Social Manager: You will run our Flickr account by engaging with followers and building our brand voice on the platform. You will ultimately be the voice of the brand. A person that can keep our customer running back to view our Flickr each day! Position MUST haves: Social butterfly! Witty. Funny. Must love fashion! Easy going personality. Amazing work ethic. Event Manager: You will keep track of all of our in-world fashion events month to month. You will decide which events will be beneficial for the brand, as well as be our communication between the board members and the event owners. You will have to participate in scheduled monthly board meetings. ( POSITION FILLED ) Position MUST haves: Management experience (in-world or real life. This is simply preferred, not a must.) . Sociable! Easy going personality. Amazing work ethic. Great at date keeping and making quick decisions! Must love fashion! Blogger Manager: You will select and manage our bloggers. You will find potential style bloggers that can get the word out about our brand via Flickr or Instagram. You will be the communication between the board team and bloggers. You will make sure posting deadlines have been met. Position MUST haves: Management experience (in-world or real life. This is simply preferred, not a must.). Easy going personality. Amazing work ethic. Creative Director: You will work help decide with myself and the CEO on the direction of the brand. You will come up with ideas for future designs, layouts for advertisement, etc. You will work with myself and the CEO on color forecasting, and finding inspiring for upcoming collections/seasons, etc. Styling for photo-shoots. You will decide which designs will appeal to our customer base. You will have to participate in monthly board meetings. Position MUST haves: Experience with in the fashion world! (in-world or real life.) Great sense of style. A firm voice, knows how to get their point across. Knows Photoshop or PowerPoint (To create color forecasts). Collage making (not a must, but this is how we create moods for upcoming collections) Great with receiving constructive criticism. Easy going personality. Amazing work ethic. If you are interested in any of these positions, please reach out to me via Note Card at Shia Diavolo Note: Position will not be filled first come, first serve. We hope to find a strong team that will help bring the brand to new heights!
  6. I am seeking an assistant to fulfill the role of Store and Blogger Manager for my small store. Most of the tasks are routine and simple, but frequent availability and communication is a must. I have a more detailed outline of the position, which you can request from me in-world. { About Me } I have been creating in SL for over a decade now. My current store, which is mostly vintage/kawaii/dollhouse inspired, has been around for at least 5 years. I focus on Home & Garden, but also have some accessories, shoes and plan to include clothing eventually. All my work is 100% original mesh handcrafted by me and I do several monthly and quarterly events where my main product is gacha - so I am quite busy! I need some help keeping my schedule, media and bloggers in order. View my flickr { Main Tasks } ~ Be available for customer service (IMs, notecards or email) when you are online. If you are on a lot, then having set times of availability is fine. There is very little customer contact, I am a small store and most of the help I need is behind the scenes as I do a lot of events. ~ Update store social media (Pinterest, Facebook) with all event & store activity ~ Update my calendar and provide regular reminders ~ Help seek and maintain events of interest to my store. I receive a lot of invitations to be filtered through & I also am always wanting to catch events that target my store theme, such as Vintage. ~ Send routine group notices for both Store & Blogger groups ~ One monthly blogger check via submitted forms for blogger group (currently about 20 bloggers) ~ Be available and in contact with bloggers (and me) about new invitations, ejections, checks, contests, feedback and any other blogger group related activity { Qualifications I am looking for } ~ Honesty above all else, as you will be trusted with handling customers and with my store materials and products. I’ve been around SL a long time and have zero tolerance for any drama or violations of either TOS or my work in anyway. ~ I am fine if you are working for another business or designer. However, please do not apply here if you have too many you are juggling that will make it difficult for you to maintain with me. This position is for someone who has a lot of extra time to spare. ~ I need the two roles of Store & Blogger Manager to be combined into one , so I need someone who tends to be around SL and the computer often and who is flexible, as most of these tasks are fluid and don’t require set times, and can be done on your own times, unless there is an event deadline near. ~ Strong communication, via all methods available (messenger primarily, SL, email, even phone text possibly later on) is crucial ~ I need someone who has a good memory and is proactive towards learning and helping maintain my routines and who remembers required tasks on their own (such as regular group notices to be sent, updating of my calendar, date reminders, actively seeking events of interest, etc.). The whole point of me needing this position is that I need help keeping up with my own tasks, so I am often not able to remember to remind you of yours which are routine all the time. I need someone who will regularly just step in and do it, and on time. ~ Must have at least a moderate to advanced level of familiarity with social media (pinterest, facebook, blogger) and Google Drive Sheets and Docs. I am willing to help train with Google Drive, but please be a faster learner. ~ If you are artistically inclined and/or well familiar with digital tools such as Photoshop, Gimp, SL photography or graphic design, this is a super huge plus, but this is not fully required. ~ If you have a love for retro/vintage, kawaii, dollhouse, and sometimes dark gothic, then you will mesh with my style well and that would be another super huge plus. ~ Please be familiar with gachas and gacha events and how most of them work, roughly. ~ Strong skills with searching for things, such as events, information and more, is needed. You should be familiar with blogs and know how to find certain things such as events, in-world groups and anything that might be needed relating to the store or bloggers. ~ It is very important that you be by nature a friendly, patient and understanding person who is great with people, detail, is very attentive and proactive towards things getting done. ~ Please have very clean, clear writing & speaking skills and be familiar with the English language enough to write and proofread well all communication with customers and any materials you are required to write, post or maintain for me. ~ Honestly, someone with OCD for organization and dates and details would be perfect for this job. { Benefits } ~ Weekly pay ~ Receive all my gachas transferable and for free when you help me with testing ~ Random bonuses as I am able and when you go above and beyond I am a small to moderate sized store, with very few customer contact activity & as I need help most with my events & schedule, most of this is done on your own time, with a lot of flexibility. For more information & to discuss benefits and other details, feel free to contact me in-world: irrie Ember. If you are sincerely interested, feel you would make a good fit for this position and want to apply now, please Apply Here.
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