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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys/Girls i am a gay guy, looking for work/a job no job to big or to small anything considered. pleased drop me a message serious offers only. Thanks Riley (kevlar1)
  2. Hey! I'm a new player looking for a job, I'm fine with adult content except for voiced escort. I can also do other voiced roles, just not overly NSFW. Other than that I'm pretty chill. I've had irl customer service experience and am currently a theatre major, so if you need a roleplayed role I got you! I hope to hear from some of you, thanks! Pics of my avatar found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/192408979@N03/
  3. Hi, My name is Candy. I am an aspiring model in second life. Interested to work with photographers and creators. I am currently using Lelutka head and Maitreya body. SL username:- mspinkshoes Mail Id:- mspinkshoessl@gmail.com Instagram Id:- https://www.instagram.com/_mspinkshoes_/ Attaching my photos below. Please let me know if you are interested to hire me as a model. Thank You ♥
  4. New to second life so interested in trying really any jobs
  5. i am looking for a job that pays well im always online but Wednesday im busy IM me or dm me on inst @toxic_nini
  6. Heyo, I recently got into second life from a friend of mine to join, so you can say I'm pretty new. I'm willing to do any job offers that doesn't mind me having a legged miku avatar (bc i love it lmao). I just found out about linden money and I got curious to find out on how to earn them., the only thing that has caught my eye is job offerings, so feel free to offer here!
  7. hello im not new on second life my acocunt is 9years old i took few years off second life and came back this year im willing to do any sort of job no matter what it is im good at photoshop i have done alot of imvu repaints on it before and i can also work mon-sat anytime possible
  9. hi im lookin for a job that pays well I will do anything you show and tell me to do just let me know I can work everyday except Wednesday's 10am or even 5pm my time zone is eastern time zone/ American new york I don't have working experience but I love to learn, my account other account was deleted ive been on second life for a month my sl is @disbeenini my insta is @exotic__nini thank you.
  10. I have been looking for a job for a veeeery long time now and never managed to find anything. I have a great music taste and libraries with all kinds of genres, i know how to stream and i used to have a stream in-game, because I was sure someone would like to at least test how I'll do, but alas it has expired and no one even asked. I am friendly, good-natured and would really want to experience the game more and develop my character. Most people in-game only talk to me if they are trying to flirt and that's good and all, but I play because I would like to grow the character, find friends and like-minded people and experience the work and maybe family life and such. So far it has led to this sad forum commentary x) I have a lot of hobbies and a lot to share, if anyone please could give me a chance to just DO or have helpful information of where to find a place like this I would be very thankful.
  11. Hello lovely people! As you can see, I am one of the many people looking for a job in SL. I know this is in very high demand so I thank you very kindly for clicking on my forum post and see what I'm about! Hello! I have been playing SL for a number of years! I have a mesh body and numerous Bento heads to choose from! We all know how hard it is to stop shopping right? I'm open to numerous different fields of work! Hosting, Dancing, Decorating, Reception, RPers, Shopping Assistants, Spa/Beauty workers! Things you should know about me! Very chatty and kind-hearted! Always willing to chat with everyone! Owner of a mesh body and mesh head I own lots of different outfits and I'm willing to purchase any uniform or clothes/hair I would need to look right for the job! I do have a full-time job in RL but as I work on reception and on my laptop 80% of the day I can definitely work some small shifts during that time as I get my work done in the morning! I am usually available at night time in UK timezone, so anywhere between 6pm-12am (We can chat about hours!) English speaking! Example of hosting: "Hello, Miss/Mr ....! Welcome to ...... What a beautiful gown/Looking dapper tonight! We are happy to host you tonight, If you need anything throughout your time here, please don't hesitate to IM me and I'll do my best to accommodate you!" If you require any more information about me, please drop me an IM in world! Resident Oleria Stark Look forward to hearing from you! x
  12. SL Name : Zoa Seira (zoaeroikirei) SL AGE: 7 months old; 230 days RL AGE: 19 GENDER: Female LANGUAGE/S SPOKEN: English WHAT TIMES ARE YOU USUALLY ON IN SL: 5AM-11AM SLT WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE AVAILABLE TO WORK : 7AM-10AM SLT Everyday (2-3hrs minimum 4 hrs max per day) MESH PARTS: [Body] Maitreya ; [Head] Lelutka Bento Chloe I've been a Freelance Dancer/Stripper at South side Snakepit when I was a month old, Latest job was at Eagles Nest Adult Country Club as a Dancer/Stripper also did Emotes my last day was 2017/09/17.. Not picky with job offers except ☒Escort ☒Cam ☒Voice , I prefer Hosting but I am newbie with this if you are willing to train me I am good to go Stress free working place please SL is fun and we should enjoy it Please do not offer if you're gonna stress your employee to do heavy emotes specially if not an Escort I do photography FLICKR & MY BLOG, basic editing.. Photos uploaded are my own work. Willing to voice verify Willing to cope with any working theme/environment specially for events ✓GOTH ✓KAWAII(Cute) ✓CYBER ✓FANTASY ... etc. Hope someone will offer , I am a singer ✓R&B ✓POP Open to change shape or styling of my avatar Been curious about building/creating stuffs in SL a reply where I can have a class Inworld will be highly appreciated Any more questions? I don't mind receiving IM's but a notecard would be nice since IM's get capped specially when I'm offline.
  13. Hi karos56 here i am looking for work in SL i am new to the SL job search and unexperienced. I would like to become a host or really anything that pays well/good tips, if anyone can train me that would be much apreshiated, i am on SL mostly after 3pm slt until about 6am slt or later, my hours can be fleaxable if they need be. If you have any questions or would like to help me with my job search you can post on her or reach me inworld.
  14. I've been observing how hosts do their jobs inworld by going to clubs and events and got interested to take a hosting job.. was a freelance dancer before, have entertained guests... now I want to entertain a crowd of people. >INFO< SL Name : Zoa Seira (zoaeroikirei) SL AGE: 3 months old; 106 days RL AGE: 19 GENDER: Female LANGUAGE/S SPOKEN: English WHAT TIMES ARE YOU USUALLY ON IN SL: 5AM-11AM SLT WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE AVAILABLE TO WORK : 7AM-10AM SLT Everyday (2-3hrs minimum 4 hrs max per day) MESH PARTS: [Body] Maitreya ; [Head] Lelutka Bento Chloe By posting this, as a host I'll make sure to... > Send notices/chat before my set for the VIP group > Greet everyone who attends the club > Engage conversations > Thank the one who tips > If needed, cover someone's shift > Tell guests if they have a song request to the DJ > Advertise the club on my FLICKR, SL Profile/Picks, Blog and in other possible way > Make sure the DJ receives lovin tips >Have gestures ready at all times > Be open for IM's of questions and requests from guests > Make warnings, If ever someone is being disrespectful/breaking club rules to anyone inside the club > Pay attention to what staffs wanted me to do, so that I can improve my work IM me if I can be one of your staff or for Applications to fill up. Thank you very much.
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