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  1. I must find out how to block someone
  2. How do Forum-ites deal with Male AV/s who are just plain RUDE - 'love your breasts', or DIRECT 'you need a good seeing to, and I'm your guy'? [words here are toned-down a little!] What are you favourite put-downs? What shuts them up?
  3. A BIG thanks to everyone who contributed. Again, I have learned a lot - in particular to ensure I chose the items SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for my Body - [Lara]. I have purchased several items which I now find out will not fit! You are all SOOO helpful. PS - I'll be back!
  4. I have just upgraded to mesh, and I am completely confused. What are layers? What are appliers? I am very non-tech savvy, and need a 'Beginners Guide'. HELP please
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