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  1. I spent more time then I'd like to admit scouring the market place and asking around for recommendations when trying to make an avatar that fit the "nardoragon" style which is popular in vrchat, but eventually I just decided that I'd be better off actually learning how to do things myself. I can get a model easy, and it's already rigged though from what I can gather that rigging will not work for second life. Where should I start with trying to learn how to import my own avatar into second life? I'd like for it to be decent quality and I'm prepared to put a substantial amount of work into it if need be. The baseline I'd like to achieve is moving eyes, mouth, tail, and HUDs to adjust those features (ie: being able to raise and lower eye lids and open/close the mouth) but before I commit to anything monetarily I'd like to know it's at least doable. Eventually I'd like to be doing my own texturing and modeling but I need to start somewhere and I feel like rigging and importing a pre existing model is a good place to start. Any pointers would be massively appreciated, be it communities that can help or tips and tricks.
  2. Hey all. So I've been working around with meshes and rigging a bit, but I wouldn't call myself an expert. Now there is a musclebody mesh where I like to make some jogging pants for. The problem I have is that the legs of this body are quite thick, in such a way that I can't make pants with them as they are in T-pose. https://gyazo.com/e6f1260e91a97f45b3e39f105aee36b8 Now my idea was to open the legs a little, allowing me to make pants and make that pose, the new rest-pose. https://gyazo.com/55ef97bc291e03888421915448f4106f The problem is that I'm kinda stumped, because everywhere I read that you need to rig in T-pose for SL, but I'm not sure how else I can do this. Has anybody any idea, or tutorials. I've been searching around for so long but I haven't found a way that seems to work right.
  3. Hello all. I have been pulling my hair during the last 6 days trying to resolve this on my own to no avail, I'm at my wit's end. 😢😢😢 I am rigging my clothing item (an ancient roman himation, think of it like a huge shawl) in Maya 2022 where the weights appear smooth. When I move the arms and legs in Maya, the mesh stretches and bends smoothly, it looks fine. Once I upload it to Second Life, any part of the mesh that is affected by the weights of the arm (any part of the arm armature) gives jagged edges all of a sudden. I have checked the bones of my skeleton one by one for transformation accidents (scale, rotation etc) but all is exactly like the original bento skeleton from the website.I tried exporting as FBX 2011 and making it into DAE 1.4 in case that was the problem, no difference. I went to the ground level to avoid the bug I read about deformations when over the ground level, again no difference. I tried using the official SL Viewer, again nothing changed. I also noticed that when a clothing item had weights from both mBones and BONES, then the jagged edges would only disappear if I removed the mBones' influences completely, in previous clothing pieces I made, but this time removing mBones' weights doesn't fix it. What would you suggest I try next?
  4. Hello. I have been working on the perfect texture for a bat Dinkie for years. Now that it's done, I decided to start working on the wings, which would be rigged to the arms. The original plan was to use something I found in MP that I could texture... But wouldn't you know, the way that the avatar must be folded in order to turn itself into a Dinkie, it really messes with the rigging/folding of the wings to the arms, and therefore makes my original plan impossible? I believe that the place I got the wings from is too busy to help. And I do not know how to rig or do mesh, sadly. Therefore, I think I may need to start from scratch and have someone design some wings rigged to arms for Dinkies, for me to texture. Please contact me with any assistance you may be able to provide and what your time is worth. I really would like this project done ASAP. I do not want to deal with thinking about how un/attractive my "biggie" avatar is anymore and am ready to be a Dinkie from now on. Thank you.
  5. Offering rigging services: clothing, jewelry and accessories. Prices depend on complexity and delivery time. For more information send me a notecard inworld: Blaze Tyles
  6. Vodasis

    Rigging Problem!

    Hello there, i would like someone to help me with an issue. I’m currently learning how to mesh and everything went fine in Blender until this https://gyazo.com/b1ce001bf44369e189e4e301def73943 happen. I rigged it manually, without Avastar by transferring weights then smoothing it (with Three Interations). I don’t know what to do to fix it. Can someone help me, please? thanking you in advance, Harmony Cane.
  7. so i made a ring and rigged on the pinky finger to the legacy body male with avastar then when i look at the vertex group it shows me this: https://ibb.co/02F9MjT which is a problem because the avastar didnt took the actual finger bones such as this: https://ibb.co/PwzQMrm so i tried to transfer the vertex group and it didnt work it gives an error: https://ibb.co/XjBpjpq and im so soon to give up doing rings because of this.. i know theres a simple way to do it without paint it manual which would be pain
  8. Application https://bit.ly/ACroftCommission Discord: acroft#0456 InWorld Alexacroft Resident https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexaCroft/videos <- some previous works If you have questions ask directly in Secondlife Alexacroft Resident discord acroft#0456 Pricing Standard 0$L - Delivery 1day - 2 weeks Mesh Modeling 5000$L/hour - Ask for estimate. Commercial License Secondlife (resell Secondlife only) 5000$L Commercial License Royatly (resell anywhere) 15000$L AO Bakes 2500$L per map Substance Painter Texturing 5000$L per map + zbrush detailing of map Rigging 7500$L per body Bodies i have access to and can rig/fit/create for Maitreya Default & Petite/Perky Legacy Default & Petite/Perky Legacy Male Slink Female Slink Male Belleza Freya Belleza Isis Belleza Venus Belleza Jake Kupra Default Signature Gianni Signature Geralt Aesthetic Kemono Kemono Jiggle Puffs Kemono Fitted Kemono Torso Busty & petite Kemono Rei's Stuff 2.0 Babe Youth Chibi Noodle Ebody Kobold Kuroo Maticore (gacha cat with scorpion tail) BBL
  9. i'm t i r e d of legacy's legs rig, the thighs are too l a r g e and i need to slap that! bad thighs bad! i been looking for a deformer that decreases the leg lenght, but anything in MP is all about that momma booty, big thighs, big this and that... when all i ask is proportion. any suggestion is welcomed ;u; thank you whoever read this, have a nice life. ♥
  10. DISCORD: Pandha3D#3946 InWorld: eisriesen Resident Portfolio + Application Form : https://pandha3d.carrd.co/ Meshing fees - 5k L$/hour 1 on 1 Classes offered - 10k L$ per hour Hi! I'm friendly and a fast worker, I can do anything you imagine for Second Life, be it clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture or decor. I can rig for most of the bodies in the market (List included on my portfolio + rigging fees). You can both enter in contact with me via Discord, Second Life or by the Application Form I offer.
  11. so i been creating accessories for a while and thought to start with clothes and i already made my first shirt using Signature Body model on MD - to blender - to second life.. but the problem is its matching ONLY signature body and my question is if i want to make it for legacy for example do i need to get the kit and overdo everything i did and with the huds copy it like to 3-4 bodies id like to create ? it doesnt make any sense to me i need to start from zero to each body.. since u cant move/stretch rigged clothes what is the magic then is there a script or a trick or what? thanks for responding !
  12. please help, i rigged a ring on 3 bodies and i checked how they look in stand pose view and they looked fine but then when my avatar moves his hands it looks deformed and i dont understand why? i exported with avastar on blender 2.79 after rigging and im not sure whats the problem
  13. Hi, I'm Peachy I been rigging from 2 months now I just rigging for SL since I spend most of my time rigging gta clothing and meshing gta clothes I only have the reborn ebody to rigg but getting more as i move along
  14. Hi. I would like to know if there is a way to reduce distortion after changing the shape sliders of my mesh body in blender. I created a close fitting accessory and was able to reduce distortion when changing the pose with "smooth" in the weight options. But it gets distorted when I change the cleavage shape of the mesh body. "Smooth" doesn't affect my mesh. I tried weight painting and still no effect.
  15. I have some knowledge of 3d mesh objects creation and I wanted to learn to create my own mesh clothes for mesh avis in Sceond Life. I went through some creation tutorials and I got the jist of creating clothes and sewing and some buttons work and even pocket creations. One thing I had issues with trying to learn in Blender 3d mesh creation was texturing. I know you can only add 8 materials per mesh object. And I know how to map out faces for texture applying in Blender. From what I saw in Marvelous is that you can have the normals and uv maps and specular created in it. Here is my question(s): 1. Do you export the normals and uv's and Specular maps FROM Marvelous and upload that into SL? Or do you take that to Blender with the mesh OBJ and assign it there after rigging? 2. Can you re edit the uv map by picking more faces to a mesh clothing item and if so what does it do to the Marvelous designer uv image then? 3. It was my understanding that Marvelous does all the mapping and you jsut take in the mesh obj clothes to rig it to body types in Blender and import that into sl? 4. Are the ao's uv maps, specualars and normal maps that creators import to give out as full perm from Marvelous directly or from Blender? Any help creators can provide would be so helpful I have looked and looked for this information in youtube can't find proper information.
  16. I mesh any photo/art outfit for any body I rig for 6000$L per body any outfit i Fit for 3000$L per body any outfit Contact in world @ alexacroft resident or on discord acroft#0456 some of my work that is not under NDA Alex ACroft - YouTube
  17. I am entirely confused on where to start on SL to begin making a boutique. I created a marketplace store. I searched and searched YouTube for tutorial and All the information I received is that blender, marvelous designer, photoshop, avastar, and other programming tools are needed. I just want to know which one is the best. I want to understand the difference between, rigging, textures, BOM and all the different SL verbiage. And how do i get approved for kupra, legacy, maitreya body dev kits so I can become a fashion brand?
  18. I have a model in a low-T post that i would like to have rigged. My Avastar sub has expired so i need someone else to do it lol. Please contact me with reasonable offers.
  19. Hello, I'm looking to hire a moderately skilled rigger who can rig two mesh models for me for use in SL. I will provide payment via PayPal or Lindens. If interested, please reply here with your rates and experience or contact me directly on Discord to discuss the details: animality husband.#0013 Thank you!
  20. I am frustratd with Blender 2.912 its pretty cool except for rigging . The main problem is edits to bones in edit mode dont reflect to the same change in Pose mode and visa versa . This is really frustrating and you have to know secret commands to reset this pose as a default pose and all this stupid stuff that it was really not meant for this use in blender . Why cant the edits you do in either before adding weights move accross TO THE OTHER MODE ITS EXTREEMLY SILLY . This becmes a problem when your moving bone tails in edit and require a thin bone for teath you cant prioperly scale he bone in edit mode like you can in pose mode . I have not found out why not. You then end up with two completely differant bone positions to wahats in POSE and EDIT mode cant the blender team fix this? DISCUSS
  21. Hei there as you can see in the video i've rigged some new bones to my character head, the mfacejaw works correctly, but the ear bones actually dislocate the mesh, i don't know what i'm doing wrong
  22. Hello I made my model on Blender 2.9 and inside blender It works fine, but when I try to import it into Second Life all mesh turns into a mess On secondlife: On blender: I based the Rigging on this tutorial (Yes, I fixed weights) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TQ3z5uxPnI how can I fix it?
  23. Buenas a todos. Mi problema es que desde hace un tiempo vengo subiendo a SL algunas creaciones y de todas ellas, solo la primera subió con sus texturas, luego ya no pude volver a hacer uso de esa opción. Esta es la primera vez que intento subir un mesh con rig y tampoco me aparece la opción para subirlo con pesos de piel, ¿algún consejo?. Aclaro que usé Blender 2.79, 2.78 y 2.77 y Firestorm para SL 5.1 y 5.0 y nada. Tampoco utilizo Avastar, es que solo necesito los huesos de la cabeza, cuello y parte superior de la espalda. Agradezco mucho su atención.
  24. Hi so I was wondering and hoping, that someone would be available to help me learn, meshing + rigging clothes for second life! I have downloaded Blender + Marvelous Designer. I have been searching YouTube and nothing makes sense to me. PLS HELP. I am willing to PAY for lessons.
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