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  1. Would you be able to run your accounts at the same time without muddling you and your wifes emotes?
  2. I wonder how if there's a limit on how many people are just going to report this as pure intentional spam
  3. How many people you blocked on the forums? Some interesting threads when I see "you have chosen to ignore posts by ........" So I'm curious as to how many people we've all blocked, I stand at around 10
  4. Just visit any of the bot filled infohubs
  5. If the SIM.is offline you can file a ticket under "region offline" and ask politely for them to put the Sims back online for 24 hours to retrieve your items I know they used to do this as a courtesy to affected residents.
  6. Sure it's not just based on your browsing history? Do you have as personalisation on or off,? I've never had a single SL ad pop up at me as all personalisation is off
  7. They're land bots....... There are dozens of them...... They pop in for a minute, spin around and leave....
  8. 1 thing you don;t mention, is it mainland or private estate? if it's private estate speak to the estate owner, they can usually help. if mainland, right click>return. if you can't return, abuse report, categpry "encroachment"
  9. you forgot the words "total ripoff price" in there
  10. Three answers to a year old thread, definitely tell the forums are quieter ^^
  11. Buyers market, they can sell for whatever price they want But with all the abandoned land to choose from, why would people choose to pay such extortionate prices?
  12. when we can buy abandoned land from LL for 1l$ a metre kidna makes you wonder why land isn't really selling.................................
  13. Best to file a support ticket, mainland staff are unlikely to see your post in here.
  14. so has anyone actually bothered to report it?
  15. Oh I wasn't trying to post a response but my.brain wouldn't work so I edited it out
  16. If people are really that bothered by it, just right click and report, easy least, let governance look at it.
  17. that's a 4 year old thread you just answered.....................
  18. You do realise you just replied to a two year old post, right?
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