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  1. I took a look at DU (as we all do to see what's the hubbub about), and the one thing that put me off right away was no free trial (even just a 1 day trial).
  2. I read the whole thing as a drama post, when it's just a simple resident to resident dispute
  3. I read the whole thing as a drama post, when it's just a simple resident to resident dispute
  4. You don't need to be afraid of people in second Life, that's why you have a mute button.
  5. Only ones I avoid like the plague are child avatars.
  6. When an abuse report is sent LL don't just take someone's word for it. They check server logs, transaction reports, I'm logs etc If your "friend" got perma banned it will have been down to their own actions.
  7. Another veiled advertising post.
  8. Just get a collar and block names. Then see everyone called "someone" or "that person" etc
  9. Do what I do, I don't see 3/4 of the posts in n these threads ^^
  10. Fair enough just most of your groups give that impression, so I did come to that conclusion.
  11. Ehm profile is sort of indicating you're after sugar daddies and the like as opposed to friends.
  12. This post was definitely written by a 6 year old 🤪
  13. You could use live chat and ask support to do it for you
  14. You could try filing a support ticket and asking if there's anything they're willing to do? It's not unheard of.
  15. I'd be interested to know how it works too,comes up a lot in world, but I'm clueless about it.
  16. I'm actually wondering why 99% of your posts start off with words along the line of "I'm an escort". To me, it seems that you're just trying to advertise subliminally, IE getting around the forum rules.
  17. So is your right hand the dude, or your left hand?
  18. Either use live chat or file a ticket under "region offline" saying it's laggy and support wl restart it for you
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