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  1. If you're not in the USA get Skype and you can call the free number and it connects you for free.
  2. "Skill game violation" was the category mentioned in the closure thread.
  3. You couldn't have reached out in a worse place
  4. Why not just right click, report, choose encroachment?
  5. that's why some of us won;t live on belisseria...................dumb covenants.
  6. LL will restart a sim whenever you ask them too 🙂 Even if you're not premium, file a ticket as "region offline" and comment it's laggy. They'll restart it for you when support are online 😃
  7. there's a category on the support tickets for marketplace items, and sub category item "failed marketplace delivery". Try using that.
  8. depending on your RL location, you can always make a GDPR request.
  9. nothing like posting on a thread from nearly a year ago.
  10. Maybe that website is just getting a facelift........... SL isn't going anywhere after that major investment of time money and resources for the cloud uplift......... Ll hiring is a good thing, companies don't tend to hire when they are looking to cut.............. Don't know anything about the new bosses but it's common to do a thorough study before making changes......... Ll have said at several meetings that priority was the uplift and now they're throwing massive resources to fixing problems like lag, map tiles etc. Do you really want them to mess that up and cause bigger problems? 🧐
  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you DO realise that when Governance see that monstrosity you rezzed, and they return it, you'll more than likely be minus sl for a few days for putting it there?
  12. Exactly, if you ask in live chat it'll be restarted in seconds.
  13. I'd make a better cover story to use your alt.
  14. chttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIpuJG90Tuc
  15. That "persona" 😁 can change in an instant. Reality check: there's a high probability that your "fam" members run about in other circles with ALTs living other lifestyles too, viewing this as just another standard run if the mill "RP fam" Don't get so needlessly attached to a pretend family, just enjoy the lighter side of it.
  16. You DO realise it's "make believe", don't you? 🤔
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