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  1. I hope Patch will make the next Linden home. maybe a City Themed Linden Home and Apartments with commercial and industrial zonings. It's gonna be a most anticipated linden home theme ever! with GTFO! (GetTheFreightOut! Hub) road hub support for the Commercial and Industrial Zoning. in the Newbrooke and the Sakura Theme Linden Homes.
  2. So if you think the avatar looks like: a child (17 or younger) then react with a like, for an adult (18 and over) use thanks, and use confused if you can't tell based on physical appearance alone. Please don't respond to individual posts with written comments just use the reaction icons. What you think I'm 156 cm Tall I think it's not a child I'm 21 year old anime person.
  3. I think There's no road bridge that connect between Sansara and Bellisseria and Satori and Bellisseria I hope the Mole would build an Bridge that Connect each other. I'm Wondering if there's bridge between Bagheera and Pierless and the Huron to Ten Acre Wood. by Linden Lab's Second Life Moles.
  4. This Place located at the Corsica and It's will be GetTheFreightOut! Ready land in the roadside. price is 1500L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innisallen/24/32/40
  5. yes. by the Sea. but for the Road It's doesn't as 2024. I hope the Moles make the roads in the Seven Miles Bridge Viaduct style to the Bellisseria and make the Road from the Sansara and the Jeogeot in the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line Style road.
  6. Lista,Calleta and Decimo as I know but there's other Regions to be not known to have this problem. I think it's might be Server and Viewer bug.
  7. If I fly into the Regions and arrived at the Destination. If i attach something. it's said "Cannot Create Requested Inventory" That error caused by ATT Expiration for attached object in my Avatar after I arrived to the Region. I think Linden Doesn't fix this Region Crossing Attachment Issues on the Server Yet. it's related to BUG-7761 or other Jira Bug that Related to the attachments.
  8. Is any Fire emblem Three House Garreg Mach Monastery Costume for Maitreya that was made for Event by Clothing Designer I think I didn't find anything made in around 2019 by one of the Maitreya Clothing Designers?
  9. It's my Proposed Idea to @Linden Lab to add the Scaled Thailand Country with Thailand Road Network in Second Life with Scaled Thailand Cities in 1:30 size. to drive and fly and explore the Thailand Country in Second Life. located in the East of the Eastern Mainlands in Blake Sea and the Second Norway with large sea access from the Eastern continents. my Idea is to add the Linden home and the the Land Auction and the Abandonable Land in my proposed Mainland idea in Second Life. for some cities like Bangkok is the Second Life Themed Mainland City which is auction only like Horizon and the Bay City in my proposed Mainland Idea of Thailand to the Linden Lab. as my Proposed Idea to the Linden Lab Managers and the Moles of Second Life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thailand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_highway_network
  10. sadly They're taken off from the marketplace by themselves and It's still using in some people until now? is anyone still using the Busty Fitted Kemono Torso Especially an anime avatars that using this Body Mod for Kemono with Anime Head from ASR,M4 Rikugou and AnnieMay.
  11. @Patch Linden@Abnor Mole@Linden LabI have another Idea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Dig it's need to build by Linden to connect Sansara,Jeogeot and Bellisseria by Moles. that's my great idea. because Euro Truck Simulator 2 has proper freeways and Expressway! second life would need the Big Highway Bridge too!
  12. a year later. I think there's no GTFO Road Rez Zone over a years in Bellisseria I hope they would add a lot of GTFO Road Rez Zones to do Intercontinental GTFO Hauling from Point to Point like Heterocera to Jeogeot or Heterocera to Satori by Road! to be added by GTFO Staffs available. for Example The Elms and Paislee Springs to accommodate the GTFO road Cargo Transportation in Bellisseria!
  13. 20220? it's from far future? wrong year number?
  14. These House and Houseboats Region would connect Satori from here.
  15. Same It's happens. I can't Buy L$ and so on!
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