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  1. well anyone can bypass a "no fly" section by using the viewer's built in over ride. you need a security system that will tp them home for flying to stop them.
  2. Price reduction? My friend your price works out as £365.22 I dread to think what you consider a "price reduction".
  3. And can you imagine the response of that had been a thread that said "guys only"? 😭
  4. And this has to do with SL, what exactly?
  5. Well you could have been typing abuse reports instead of posts that nobody here is able to attend action.
  6. How do you know they're using it for that purpose? You don't - you can only assume. As long as that person owns the land they can put anything on there until LL say otherwise. Take a deep breath, right click it>report, then go about your day. No need to try and make it into a political issue when it's not. I'm done on this thread. ^^
  7. *Sigh* if you think it's breaching any LL policy just file an abuse report and let LL decide if they are or not. Landowners can sell land at any price they want to, whether anyone is daft enough to pay those prices is another matter!
  8. is updating your system to windows 10 not an option? it's really easy, just google it (sorry but I don't want to post links for obvious reasons), or just get something like cc cleaner, and a free antivirus such as avast to clear up any problems,
  9. you can't claim to be "shy" in SL when you are potentially thousands of miles from any one else, and all you have-to do is teleport out, block them, or close your viewer the moment you feel uncomfortable. Or do I miss something?
  10. What version of Windows? Maybe you can just do a restore.
  11. That's generally not a good idea, trying to preach the "moral high ground" to a landowner, fastest way to wind up on their ban list imho 🤔
  12. Far from it but since 99% of bagnu's posts refer to their "adult work", it is a fair statement to make. If you doubt that statement, feel free to trawl back through the prior posts.
  13. Did I say it was hate? No. I said it's another one of her (?) Attempts to get round the advertising rules.
  14. Yeah using an alt to partner to bypass the advertising rules will work........
  15. Sadly if you don't voice you will exclude yourself from so many places and opportunities. The general assumption is you're a dude (Disclosure: I am a dude using a girl avatar, this is SL not RL)
  16. What it boils down to is landowners can decide to allow or disallow access however they like, as confirmed by LL Also orbs with zero second timers are perfectly legal, as their own governance team have confirmed at those meetings. This subject has been discussed since the dawn of SL and will be continually discussed forever more.
  17. Do you have rlv enabled? There are settings which block you clicking stuff over a certain distance away.
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