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  1. You DO realise it's "make believe", don't you? 🤔
  2. Erm with YouTube and/or zoom you can do RL yoga and get the RL benefits.
  3. Well instead of people whining and Wouldn't urging people to be proactive and file region offline tickets be far more useful than whining?
  4. Paraphrased from posters profile "voice is not a service offered".
  5. Calm your horses and clear your viewer's cache, and change your password.
  6. There are also a lot of public Marinas owned by Linden, and don't most of the ocean Sims have a rezz zone in them? Always somewhere to sail I think
  7. for that kind of investment people would be expecting group ownership and estate manager rights on the sim.
  8. It means something or someone is sending you messages while you're offline, and it reaches the limit - like it tells you on the screen. Turn on I'm to email and you'll get all of them, and be able to see if it's something spamming you.
  9. i didn't even make it to the end of the 1st 30 seconds.
  10. Do people really care that much 🤔? I don't. If chat isn't working, it's not the end of the world.
  11. I'd still ask regardless - every case is different. There's nothing to lose by asking.
  12. you could try asking support? call the billing lines and ask.
  13. Maybe if you stopped posting complaining posts like in other forums, you'd not reach the tally so quickly?
  14. I got confused trying to decipher the actual advert 🤔
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