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Found 21 results

  1. I dumped my beta back up by mistake now I can't see ANY textures, even new ones. Is there a way to reset the viewer to see my textures? Please advise.
  2. How do I access SL beta? I need a grid that I can upluod free files, I'm a content creator and that would help me a lot. Como eu faço para acessar SL beta? Preciso de um grid que eu possa fazer upluod de arquivos gratuitos, sou criadora de conteúdo e isso me ajudaria muito.
  3. I have been trying to relog several times, and my av never load. I can't wear alphas or textures on the body, never loads. i have cleaned my viewers cache several times. Help?!?!
  4. Hello! I recently (about two weeks) have been experiencing constant difficulties in trying to upload textures and mesh in a beta grid firestorm. not shown balance, permanent errors and feils. On main grid problems too. something is wrong with the sky and the stars, then all black is unclear what. what is happening? Who else has such problems? what is the reason?
  5. Зашёл в бету тут такое с автаром, и не как не лечится(надевал другие, такая же история, альфы нет, скин постоянно серый, хотя форму меняет), и ещё инвентарь не обновить. Как исправить?
  6. Hello! I have a question. I can not enter the beta grid because I do not remember the password. How to recover the password? Does the password match the main grid? Because I changed password on the main grid. Please, help! Thanks!
  7. Hello, I'm trying out the Bakes On Mesh project and first of all, I gotta say that this is an amazing idea that will definitely progress SL and make our lives easier, so kudos to that! But, today I logged from the Firestorm beta and these weird red textures popped on my face, along with some blue spots on my body. I don't understand why in the Second Life beta viewer it looks fine and in Firestorm it doesn't. Also, for some reason the shape is different in the Firestorm viewer. I looked it up on youtube and I listened to a quick explanation but unfortunately, I didn't understand a single thing so I would appreciate a simple non-techy explanation and a solution (if there is). Thank you! Firestorm vs. SL viewers: https://gyazo.com/1cd83cfffb6cee87fa2a9b18d8eb8cda
  8. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to buy items (MP or inworld) in the beta viewer? So that when you go back to your regular viewer the items will be gone and the money will remain.
  9. When I want to enter with the viewer to the beta grid it says "password error or username".
  10. Hi dear all, since few days, i can't wear or add anything from my inventory on Beta Grid. I can upload my mesh, it works fine but when i wan't to try it ... i can't ... Any idea to fix this issue ? KD
  11. I went into beta here with an avtar, and not as it is not treated (I put on others, the same story, there is no alpha, the skin is always gray, although the form changes). How to fix?
  12. Do you have what it takes to be a beta reader? Hello everyone! I am nearing completion with my edits to the draft of We Built This City, the next installment of my Rasere series. I am looking for beta readers to help me craft and polish my final draft for eventual release via eBook and paperback. Click here for more info and to sign up
  13. How does land ownership work on the beta grid? There are parcels and permissions. I see LIFE Properties rental boxes. Are those just objects copied over from the main grid, or is there actually property rental there?
  14. Hello everyone! I am an aspiring novelist who is nearing the date of publication of my premiere novel, Rasere's War. It is a novel primarily inspired by Second Life and the people I've met there. I've completed the first draft and have gone through several revisions so far. I've gotten most of the typos cleaned up so far, so spell checkering isn't the top priority. I am looking for constructive feedback on story structure, character development, and word flow. The type of reader I am looking for must be interested in one or more of the following; Sci-Fi, virtual worlds, military fiction, and drama. Applicants must fill out a Google Form and when I get enough readers, I will send out the draft with instructions and a questionnaire. Please use this link to sign up: http://bit.ly/2hJjg7P
  15. Hello to everyone I want to test my mesh creations and I do know that I have to accept the IP terms to be able to login in the beta grid adity. So I tried to type my user name and password and then the system gives me an error. The message is the following (your user name or password are incorrect)...what I must do?
  16. Kaheyry

    Beta Fire Storm

    My inventory is not fully displayed when I go to the beta version of SL. I can't see most of my inventory and can't use the avatar that I need to test some things. Also works incorrectly alpha layer. Please, if someone knows what the problem is, write me how I must act to see that mirrored my inventory and avatar in the beta version of SL. Password and nick are the same. I will be very thankful to all of you for your ideas about it. Perhaps it is a technical error in that case, tell me where I should go to fix it.
  17. Garretmsl

    Second Life Beta

    Hi, I'm new to the creating world, but slowly chugging along. I was told about Second Life Beta and I was wondering how to access it. I see the drop down menu on the firestorm, but I cannot log in. How do I go about getting a log in?
  18. Hello, Somehow when i upload a mesh it ignores the UVmap, only on a few objects not all of them and everything is the same. (Yes also UV channels) Is this a common thing if so how would i solve it? It doesn't make sense, it not only looks unmapped but also tiled
  19. Hi dear all, i know Beta is Beta but is it possible to get a small piece of land on beta grid? i sometime work a long time more than 4hours and getting all my stuff back in my inventory and start again is just .. erk ^^ Thanks to let me know ^^ KD
  20. Today I have been trying to upload my textures into the beta grid and they just apper like this... I don't know If it's the grid or what, because I have been rebot my pc some times and the viewer and it just still the same. I try to uplaod to the normal SL and they upload so normal. Viewer: Firestorm
  21. Hello community! We have been working on a special project, and are looking to make streaming as easy as ever. We just need some DJs willing to stress our servers. If you are a DJ, and you want to try an alternative streaming-service, send me a notecard! We will give you a start-capital of 1.500L$ (not useable inworld) to test our services with. Any feedback would be appreciated too! The beta will run until monday, the 24th of April, 8:00AM (SLT). Please note: As of now, we only have icecast 2 available as server-type. We are looking forward to seeing you!
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