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  1. Some places use script counters to eject after a short warning to lower them, but big events don't always use them.
  2. So you're plugging a documentary that is biased? First rule of science: question everything and study evidence. There is scientific evidence that shows "climate change" has happened before and will happen again. This film belongs on the comic shelf with the Beano
  3. What I mean is, when I block someone in world I would always stick a note in the "my notes" section as to why I'd blocked. If those notes are deleted on name change it'll make it difficult to remember why someone was blocked etc.
  4. I'm curious. We only have one side of the tale but as the expression goes, two sides to every story. If the person was, as you claim, up to "bad things" involving the tos then LL would have wielded the ban hammer a long time ago. You could actually be the toxic part for all we know, I read this post and the one word that comes to mind is "jealousy" as he has her, and you don't?
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else see a disturbingly creepy motive in how this is worded?
  6. Seems to delete anything you had in the "my note" section of someone's profile
  7. Depending on which viewer you use, there are options to just send an auto reply
  8. Velveteen was a song in the 90s by transvision vamp. The song was about velvet curtains
  9. don't ruin a bit of much needed humour with some silly politically-correct thread, eh? I'm sure the Lab meet any quotas
  10. Support have ways prioritised account issues as money can be involved. It would depend WHY your "friend" account is on hold. Is is from Governance? If so it could be a time ban, so tell your "friend" to try an abuse appeal. (LL do check logs etc before such an action, so they do know what actually went on etc) Is it an issue with billing? Tell your "friend" to call LL billing support, if not in the USA use Skype and WiFi to call the free number.
  11. That's why SL is such a big place. Places for everyone
  12. I posted a question on his viewer thread, asking if his site /viewer etc is GDPR compliant etc, but so far no answer. Glaznah, could you address this please? (Note for non EU users: GDPR is a European wide data protection law that limits what a site etc can do with a user's personal info, how they collect it, use of cookies etc. I think there's something similar for California users?)
  13. If you are premium contact support about a potential corruption in your inventory. They can check for you and fix it.
  14. From an EU users perspective, can you confirm you are gdpr compliant? And who is your nominated data protector? (Note for non EU users,gdpr is the data protection law which limits info a company can collect and how it's processed or used for.)
  15. OMG really?????????? We get called names on the forums?? 🤔 That's why you have a mute button, make use of it 😇 You'll soon see the regular spammers and whiners. My block list is 3 pages now. Then you'll see lovely lines saying "you have chosen to ignore content by so and so", makes reading the forums much more pleasurable.
  16. Let's not forget labour actually caused the problem with tax and spend, letting public spending spiral out of control. Anyone else recall Council tax rises of 10%+ or Gordon brown screwing motorists on fuel tax? Fuel protests of September 2000? No matter who got in spending had to be cut. Also Tony Blair and Gordon brown giving away all our opt outs? Handing us to Europe on a plate? Gorgon brown publically promising a referendum then not holding it,? Oh yeah and Gordon brown destroying our pensions?
  17. Loss of the European arrest warrant that removed 800 years of magna carts Loss of the EU gravy train (remember the furore when some members wanted to audit the books) Loss of silly rules that cripple industry A never ending argument
  18. 5 pages so far 3 pages of "you have chosen to ignore so and so" Sheer heaven ^^
  19. That's ardy added to my list of spammers.
  20. You need to zoom in. The boxes gray out when you zoom out too much.
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