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Found 16 results

  1. Hi All I currently have an audio file (cut as required into plenty of 9.9 sec long pieces!). If I play it in-world and fix my camera up close to the object that contains it, I get the best audio experience. That is - loudest volume. However I would like the object with the audio to attach to the avatar and maintain the best possible volume as the avatar walks around. Think 'museum audio guide' kind of function. While I have it all working - triggered by wearing, I find two undesirable and very disappointing effects: 1) as soon as the avatar walks, pulling the camera back and above the avatar, the volume drops off markedly, as we distance our view from the Av and it's attachment a little. Attaching to the HUD is no better, for while it doesn't make the volume rise and fall, it's pitched at some mid-way point - a lot quieter than camera-ing close on the attached object. 2) I notice that the sound seems tied to a particular place. If I 'teleport to click position' in a region, I leave the last 9.9 second portion of audio back where I was standing, and it's not till the next 9.9 section piece enters that the volume returns. All in all the audio seems like a mess! Is there any way or ideal attachment point that I can play the audio constantly at maximum achievable volume )for any given viewer-volume setting)? Thank you!
  2. so i made the script i wanted and it works when the product is rezzed in world but when i wear the product with the script inside it doesnt move only if i walk it moves in delay too. and my question is how to make the product with the script inside to move even if my avatar just standing ? ( for example a simple cube i created) this the script: default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(1); } timer() { rotation rot = llGetRot(); vector vrot = llRot2Euler(rot); vrot+=<0,0,10*DEG_TO_RAD>; rot = llEuler2Rot(vrot); llSetRot(rot); } }
  3. Hello everyone, I created a gag script and everything is working, but it just seems really inefficient as my novice level is showing. I would be incredibly grateful for any feedback on how to clean this thing up some. The major area I had difficulty with was having the "open mouth" animation continue...and that I believe is what is causing my lagging issue. Here is the script: string anim = "express_open_mouth"; string dmenuText = "\nWhat would you like to do?"; list dmenuButtons = ["Gag","Ungag","Remove"]; integer dmenuChan; string gmenuText = "\nWhat would you like to do?"; list gmenuButtons = ["Ungag","Remove"]; integer gmenuChan; string umenuText = "\nWhat would you like to do?"; list umenuButtons = ["Gag","Remove"]; integer umenuChan; string desc; integer gListener; integer gag1strap1 = 14; integer gag1strap2 = 13; integer gag1strap3 = 12; integer gag1strap4 = 9; integer gag1ring1 = 10; integer gag1ring2 = 11; integer gag1ball = 1; integer gag2strap1 = 6; integer gag2strap2 = 7; integer gag2strap3 = 8; integer gag2strap4 = 3; integer gag2ring1 = 4; integer gag2ring2 = 5; integer gag2ball = 2; integer show = 1; integer hide = 0; inst() { llOwnerSay("Set the strength of the gag with either a 1, 2, or 3 in description field" + "\n1 = no talking" + "\n2 = no talking, no sending IMs" + "\n3 = no talking, no sending IMs, no receiving IMs"); } showgag() { llSetLinkAlpha(gag1ball,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1ring1,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1ring2,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1strap1,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1strap2,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1strap3,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1strap4,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2ball,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2ring1,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2ring2,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2strap1,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2strap2,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2strap3,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2strap4,hide,ALL_SIDES); } showungag() { llSetLinkAlpha(gag2ball,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2ring1,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2ring2,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2strap1,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2strap2,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2strap3,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag2strap4,show,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1ball,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1ring1,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1ring2,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1strap1,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1strap2,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1strap3,hide,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(gag1strap4,hide,ALL_SIDES); } showremove() { llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET,hide,ALL_SIDES); } level1() { llOwnerSay("@sendchat=n"); llOwnerSay("@emote=add"); } level2() { llOwnerSay("@sendchat=n"); llOwnerSay("@sendim=n"); llOwnerSay("@emote=add"); } level3() { llOwnerSay("@sendchat=n"); llOwnerSay("@sendim=n"); llOwnerSay("@recvim=n"); llOwnerSay("@emote=add"); } free() { llOwnerSay("@sendchat=y"); llOwnerSay("@sendim=y"); llOwnerSay("@recvim=y"); } unlock() { llOwnerSay("@detach=y"); llOwnerSay("@touchattachself=y"); } lock() { llOwnerSay("@detach=n"); llOwnerSay("@touchattachself=n"); } default { state_entry() { inst(); showremove(); desc = llGetObjectDesc(); llOwnerSay("Description set at: " + desc); } attach(key id) { llRequestPermissions(id,PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } changed(integer change) { if(change & CHANGED_OWNER) { llResetScript(); } } touch_start(integer num_detected) { llListenRemove(gListener); dmenuChan = (integer)(llFrand(999999.0) * -1); gListener = llListen(dmenuChan,"",llDetectedKey(0),""); llDialog(llDetectedKey(0),dmenuText,dmenuButtons,dmenuChan); llSetTimerEvent(60.0); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message == "Gag") { state gag; } if(message == "Ungag") { state ungag; } if(message == "Remove") { unlock(); showremove(); free(); llStopAnimation(anim); } } timer() { llListenRemove(gListener); } } state gag { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(),PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); showgag(); lock(); if(desc == "1") { level1(); } if(desc == "2") { level2(); } if(desc == "3") { level3(); } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(perm) { llStartAnimation(anim); llSetTimerEvent(0.5); } } touch_start(integer num_detected) { llListenRemove(gListener); gmenuChan = (integer)(llFrand(999999.0) * -1); gListener = llListen(gmenuChan,"",llDetectedKey(0),""); llDialog(llDetectedKey(0),gmenuText,gmenuButtons,gmenuChan); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message == "Ungag") { state ungag; } if(message == "Remove") { unlock(); showremove(); free(); llStopAnimation(anim); state default; } } timer() { llStartAnimation(anim); } } state ungag { state_entry() { showungag(); unlock(); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { llListenRemove(gListener); umenuChan = (integer)(llFrand(999999.0) * -1); gListener = llListen(umenuChan,"",llDetectedKey(0),""); llDialog(llDetectedKey(0),umenuText,umenuButtons,umenuChan); llSetTimerEvent(60.0); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message == "Gag") { state gag; } if(message == "Remove") { unlock(); showremove(); free(); llStopAnimation(anim); state default; } } timer() { llListenRemove(gListener); } }
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new to LSL and scripting. I want to make a single button HUD that simply toggles the alpha of a prim attachment I created. To be clear, this attachment is made up of 5 prims and want a button to hide it and reveal it each time I click it. Thank you in advance.
  5. A group sent a souvenir item to all members attached to a notecard. When I click on the item, nothing happens. How do I move it to my inventory?
  6. I've been modifying the [AV]object script so that a prop can remain attached and keep animating an avatar even after teleporting to another region. I've managed to get the prop to stay attached and keep animating, but once I'm in a different region, I keep getting the error message "Unable to find specified agent to request permissions". I'm pretty noob to both SL and scripting.. is this the right place to ask? /* * [AV]object - Used in props for attaching, derezzing, etc. * * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. * * Copyright © the AVsitter Contributors (http://avsitter.github.io) * AVsitter™ is a trademark. For trademark use policy see: * https://avsitter.github.io/TRADEMARK.mediawiki * * Please consider supporting continued development of AVsitter and * receive automatic updates and other benefits! All details and user * instructions can be found at http://avsitter.github.io */ string version = "2.020"; integer comm_channel; integer local_attach_channel = -2907539; integer listen_handle; integer prop_type; integer prop_id; integer prop_point; integer experience_denied_reason; key originalowner; key parentkey; key give_prop_warning_request; list A = [parentkey]; //OSS::list A; // Force error in LSO unsit_all() { integer i = llGetNumberOfPrims(); while (llGetAgentSize(llGetLinkKey(i)) != ZERO_VECTOR) { llUnSit(llGetLinkKey(i)); i--; } } integer verbose = 5; Out(integer level, string out) { if (verbose >= level) { llOwnerSay(llGetScriptName() + "[" + version + "] " + out); } } default { on_rez(integer start) { if (start) { state prop; } } } state prop { state_entry() { if (llGetLinkNumber() < 2) { if (llGetStartParameter() <= -10000000) { string start_param = (string)llGetStartParameter(); prop_type = (integer)llGetSubString(start_param, -1, -1); prop_point = (integer)llGetSubString(start_param, -3, -2); prop_id = (integer)llGetSubString(start_param, -5, -4); comm_channel = (integer)llGetSubString(start_param, 0, -6); listen_handle = llListen(comm_channel, "", "", ""); llSay(comm_channel, "REZ|" + (string)prop_id); } else { } } if (prop_type != 2 && prop_type != 1) { if (llGetInventoryType("[AV]sitA") == INVENTORY_NONE) { llSetClickAction(-1); // OSS::llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_NONE); } } else { llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH); } //LSL:: parentkey = llList2String(llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(), [OBJECT_REZZER_KEY]) + A, 0); A = []; if(llGetStartParameter() && !llList2Integer(llGetObjectDetails(parentkey, [OBJECT_ATTACHED_POINT]), 0)) { llSetTimerEvent(10); } else { llSetTimerEvent(0); } //::LSL } attach(key id) { if (comm_channel) { if (llGetAttached()) { llListen(local_attach_channel, "", "", ""); llSay(comm_channel, "ATTACHED|" + (string)prop_id); llSay(local_attach_channel, "LOCAT|" + (string)llGetAttached()); if (experience_denied_reason == 17) { if (llGetOwner() == originalowner) { list details = llGetExperienceDetails(""); // OSS::list details; if (llList2String(details, 3) == "17") { llSay(comm_channel, "NAG|" + llList2String(details, 0)); } } } } else { llSay(comm_channel, "DETACHED|" + (string)prop_id); } } } touch_start(integer touched) { if ((!llGetAttached()) && (prop_type == 2 || prop_type == 1)) { llRequestExperiencePermissions(llDetectedKey(0), ""); // OSS::llRequestPermissions(llDetectedKey(0), PERMISSION_ATTACH); } } run_time_permissions(integer permissions) { if (permissions & PERMISSION_ATTACH) { if (llGetAttached()) { llDetachFromAvatar(); } else { llAttachToAvatarTemp(prop_point); } } else { if (permissions & PERMISSION_ATTACH | PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { llStartAnimation(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION,0)); } } } //LSL:: experience_permissions(key target_id) { if (llGetAttached()) { llDetachFromAvatar(); } else { llAttachToAvatarTemp(prop_point); } } experience_permissions_denied(key agent_id, integer reason) { originalowner = llGetOwner(); experience_denied_reason = reason; llRequestPermissions(agent_id, PERMISSION_ATTACH); } //::LSL on_rez(integer start) { if (!llGetAttached()) { state restart_prop; } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { list data = llParseString2List(message, ["|"], []); string command = llList2String(data, 0); if (llList2String(data, 0) == "LOCAT" && llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner() && llList2String(data, 1) == (string)llGetAttached()) { llRequestPermissions(llDetectedKey(0), PERMISSION_ATTACH); } else if (command == "ATTACHTO" && prop_type == 1 && (key)llList2String(data, 2) == llGetKey()) { if (llGetAgentSize((key)llList2String(data, 1)) == ZERO_VECTOR) { llSay(comm_channel, "DEREZ|" + (string)prop_id); llDie(); } else { llRequestExperiencePermissions(llList2Key(data, 1), ""); // OSS::llRequestPermissions(llList2Key(data, 1), PERMISSION_ATTACH); } } else if (llGetSubString(command, 0, 3) == "REM_") { integer remove; if (command == "REM_ALL") { remove = TRUE; } else if (command == "REM_INDEX" || (command == "REM_WORLD" && !llGetAttached())) { if (~llListFindList(data, [(string)prop_id])) { remove = TRUE; } } else if (llGetAttached() && command == "REM_WORN" && (key)llList2String(data, 1) == llGetOwner()) { remove = TRUE; } if (remove) { if (llGetAttached()) { llRequestPermissions(llDetectedKey(0), PERMISSION_ATTACH); } else { if (llGetAgentSize(llGetLinkKey(llGetNumberOfPrims())) != ZERO_VECTOR) { unsit_all(); llSleep(1); } llSay(comm_channel, "DEREZ|" + (string)prop_id); llDie(); } } } else if (message == "PROPSEARCH" && !llGetAttached()) { llSay(comm_channel, "SAVEPROP|" + (string)prop_id); } } //LSL:: timer() { if(llGetObjectMass(parentkey) == 0) { if(!llGetAttached()) { llDie(); } else { llRequestPermissions(llDetectedKey(0), PERMISSION_ATTACH); } } } //::LSL } state restart_prop { state_entry() { state prop; } }
  7. Okay so, I'm trying to make an Attached Object's Child Prim follow any avatar near me, its just a challenging thing to do and yet interesting. so there is an object you wear it, and its root stays on attached position but its child prim follows nearby avatar Within Link Range. It seems very simple at first but when you do you will see the rotation of your own avatar and then other factors orientations and stuff really messes up, I've tried to make it accurate but it turns out to be doing some weird movements, i think this issue has more to do with Maths and calculations than just scripting. Please try doing it and if you figure it out Help me too!
  8. Hello Could anyone explain how an animation inside an avatar attachment is being activated when you attach the object ? Say, you have a basket and one "apple picking" animation. I attach the basket to my L forearm and while playing the animation from inside my inventory I adjust the basket so it fits. Then I detach and put the animation inside the basket and attach the basket. Obviously, this doesn`t do it alone. I presume you need a script that will trigger the animation, but what kind of script and what is available ? Thank you PS I am familiar with AVsitter and how to add props in furniture, but in the case I want to start the animation without seating.
  9. Now-adays griefers have ruined much of SL, causing many sims to not allow objects to be rezzed. not for visitors, and often not for land group members since that group is often given out fairly freely. One of the big headaches that causes is for vehicles. if I have a car or bicycle, boat or floatie, plane or hang-glider then I am out of luck on many sims. I cannot rez my vehicle and hence cannot use it. Yes, you can have avatar attachments that LOOK like a car or bicycle, but they don't behave properly since they move as your avatar walks-runs-flies etc. Maybe I have just never encountered a "well-known" solution and if so please enlighten me. What I seek is to be able to change a simple vehicle (lets say a car for discussion) and have some way to go to a no-rez sim and attach it to my avatar and have it take over avatar movements so i just move in a scripted car-like fashion. physics would be wonderful, but i would gladly settle for the pre-physics style of scripted incremental (timer-based) movement. Basically what the attachment vehicle needs to be able to do is: 1. stop normal avatar controlled movements (walk, run, fly, etc) 2. move the avatar in scripted direction (script no using keys instead of avatar) - and yes, i know this movement would be inferior to normal object vehicle movement. It would not be a work-around for griefer objects since it would ONLY work on the item attached to an avatar present in the sim (same as today) and there would be no way to spawn off multiple objects or have them move independent of the avatar. IS THERE A SOLUTION? CAN ANYONE POINT ME AT SOME ATTACHMENT-BASED MOVEMENT FRAMEWORK?
  10. A day and a half ago I logged into SL and was trying to sit on something at my sim, but was unable to. I did not get an error i did not get something saying unable to sit. As soon as my avatar or anyone elses would sit, they would get kicked off the item without prompt. About 10 other people besides myself have looked everywhere for anything off or strange. The only time people can sit is when i disable scripts or when my avatar is not on the sim. I have submitted a ticket to linden labs but they are taking a while and it's making me really anxious. I'm looking to see if anyone has had any experience like this or has any answers because I am completely confused. I have even gone as far as to detached everything from my avatar and it makes no difference.
  11. Hello! Is it possible to make such a script so that if you put it, for example, in an element of clothing (or even full mesh avatar), so that when shooting and hitting bullets on clothes, blood particles will fly out of it? as a spray. Advise me please, thanks a lot!
  12. I have these legs that always wonk out, and any time I stand up I have to manually go in, take them off, then readd them to fix. Are there methods in place that lets me whip up a script to do it? Never touched LSL before, but I've used other languages
  13. By default, PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS is granted automatically to attachments and items you sit on. Is it possible to prevent this? A lot of chairs and sofas, and some attachments, take control of the CONTROL_UP and/or CONTROL_DOWN keys (PgUp/E, PgDown/C) for allowing on-the-fly adjustments, with the undesirable collateral of making the key-combination "Alt+E", "Alt+C" unavailable for camera control. Since more often than not the corresponding scripts are nomod and/or in items I do not own, I am searching for a possibility to block the autmatic granting of this permission.
  14. Hello there! I have an attachment that is used to push/pull users for a combat weapon. The object uses llPushObject from an attachment. For some reason or another, the script just loses all power and can no longer move anything. It can SLIGHTLY move things but the power is significantly decreased. Using llGetEnergy returns that the object has plenty of energy left. Things I've tried: Changing mass of attachment Moving object to different attachment point. Resetting the scripts. Trying it on LIGHT objects/avatars. Relogging Changing sims. Taking the object off and putting it back on. Making the root prim bigger. Enable.disable phantom. The only thing that gets it working again is to rez out a new object, put the scripts in, then attach it. Nothing above worked except for this. The object I have made has multiple links and is a lengthy process to remake it every time it randomly quits. Is there something I am doing wrong or what? ;( Code Snippet: sensor( integer i ) { key id = llDetectedKey( 0 ); vector pos = llDetectedPos( 0 ); vector o_pos = llGetPos(); float mass = llGetObjectMass( id ); float dist = llVecDist( pos, o_pos ); float force = llPow( dist, 3.0 ) * push_force; // push_force = 150 vector local_pos = ( pos - o_pos ); // Convert global positions to local force. Target Pos - Current Pos llPushObject( id, local_pos * force * mass, ZERO_VECTOR, FALSE ); } Keep in mind, the code above is a shortly written example of my main code. This is to keep things simple. EDIT: I've singled out the issue. This only happens when going to another sim from the one I first created the object in. I.E if I make it in some random sim of my choice, it will work flawlessly, but if I go to another one, it doesn't work at all. And if I go back to the sim before, it no longer works there either.
  15. Oluremi

    extra arms

    Does anybody know where I could find some arm attachments for my avatar. I want her to have 4 or more arms. Would be great if they were bento. Thanks yall!
  16. A HUD I have created is giving issues for some users, any time they relog. Either several variables are cleared to their default value, or the scripts inside reset entirely, this is still slightly unclear, especially since I cannot replicate the error on my end. Strangely, this only happens to some people, and for those it does happen to, making sure there is no other HUD attached to the same attachment point seems to prevent it. Anyone have a clue what might be causing this, and how I solve it? In case it's relevant, this issue started appearing when I split up functionality over multiple scripts, communicating through link messages. The only time the script is actually supposed to reset is when the changed owner event is triggered.
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