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  1. Christhiana wrote: I don't get why people would get upset when someone has the same display name as long you're not trying to impersonate that other person. In RL there are a lot more people sharing your name People partner up in SL and want to take the name of their partner, family, clan or whatever so there are bound to be a lot of people with the same or similiar display names. Ofcourse with exception of extremely decorated names that are copied to the letter. Exactly! Millions of folks and you will have some "same" names. Hellor Highwater: I've seen in some people's profiles in-world that they've changed their display name from this to that on this or that date, sometimes multiple changes over the years. I never thought much about it but it could show that in your profile too. Not that I think anyone should be making a big deal about this. No one owns their username or display name in SL, LL does. It used to be you could not have a name that someone else had because it was a username. The ability to change display names is rather annoying to me and causes other people (like you) needless trouble.
  2. You have friends. You have close friends. You have work friends, social friends, casual friends, and others you are not friends with but are on friendly terms with. They are not all equal. SL friendships are another version of these kinds of friendships. Some people take it too seriously, some not seriously enough. RL and SL isn't that much different in regards to this. You meet people, you connect, you have a good time with each other or whatever, and then the marriage is over pretty quickly. They get bored or you get bored and it's on to the next adventure and the next friendship. I think that most friendships in SL are casual friendship where you run into each other at the same places and chat for a bit. They don't need to be on your friend's list and your don't need to be on theirs. You run into each other at the same places, after all. In most cases you can join a group, be it a social group or whatever, and then you can see when other members of the group are online or not. You don't need to friend them all. SL friendships are easier than RL ones on most levels, but much more complicated. You can a great friend here who suddenly becomes distant because of something that happened in RL that you know nothing about and never will. Just remember that finding close friends in RL is hard and it is no different in SL. You will have lots of people you will be friendly with but who are not really and truly friends. People are people, even when that person is controlling an avatar. No difference.
  3. Good advice. I think you've got the right idea there. The AFK thing, good reasoning. I like that idea.
  4. Dresden Ceriano wrote: You don't need a hud to protect yourself against this sort of attack. It's quicker and more efficient to simply hit Alt+Shift+S, which is the shortcut to ground sit. When sitting down, no one is able to knock you around or shoot you into the sky... and you don't have to take the time to find your hud (or wear one all the time) to render their actions ineffective. Then, of course, AR them and block them. At no time ever should you actively engage with them... as that's their entire raison d'etre. ...Dres (If you find it difficult to remember that shortcut, consider what the first letter of each key spells and how it corresponds to what that person is being.) I had completely forgotten about the Alt-Shift-S. Thanks for reminding me of it.
  5. Qie Niangao wrote: ... and it's important that you don't take any measures other than these strictly passive responses, besides filing that abuse report. Otherwise the question arises whether you were engaging in "play" with the bully, which is sure to send your abuse report straight to /dev/null. Also, any other response is exactly the "play" the bully was trying to get from you. So it's either file an AR and get on with your SL, or don't file an AR and play with the bully -- where you start as victim, a role that some folks enjoy. I agree. That's why I was concerned about the defensive huds. It could be seen as play or a mutual fight.
  6. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: You can do one of two things. Sit down. No one can push you around if you are sitting. You can also use move lock which prevents your avatar from moving at all. Move lock is included in many defensive HUD's and even multi purpose HUDS like MystiTool. Some viewers also have a movelock you can activate. In Firestorm it is in preferences under Move and View>Movement. Good advice. Thank you very much. I will try out the Firestorm viewer. I've to, but have always planned on trying it out. Keep putting it off. *chuckle*
  7. I've been lucky in Second Life in that I've rarely had issues with bullies, pushers, and greifers. A few days ago I filed my first abuse report in 5 years. I was standing at Chalet Linden, having just TPed in, when some guy comes walking up and said "Don't be walkin' into this house" (in stylized fonts), then went away. A minute later he TPed back in and began shoving me around. Before I could do anything he attacked me with bullets or something, knocking me up into the air and back a good ways, then did it again. It was all so sudden there was no time to right click on his avatar. I did immediately go up to Help/File Abuse but I was way back so the abuse picture didn't show the event or him doing anything. He TPed out immediately so I had to search for his name for the abuse report. I did a search but only found similar usernames and even one that looked like it was the same, but was not his. His username had horseshoe fonts in front and back of his name. I had to cut and paste that username from my logs. I could see where a person, after being upset by an unprovoked attack, might report the wrong person because the names were the same except for the horseshoes. Anyway, after I filed the abuse report a person at Chalet Linden who saw all of this came up to me and asked me how to deal with situations like this, what anti-push scripts do, do defense huds work, and similar questions. I realized that I don't have a clue about this kind of thing. So here are my questions. How do you handle situations like this? I looked into anti-push items and scripts but they all seem to be many years old and none of them are documented. Do these things still even work? How do they work? Out of all of the newer defense HUDs that I've found all but one are mostly attack huds. The one I saw for defense only, for people who don't want to attack anyone, doesn't inflict damage but looks like it would have you engaging the abuser (like throwing them up into orbit) so potentially they could report you for abuse or at least confuse the matter in any abuse report. Then, how do you, or would you, deal with a situation where you went to the same place all the time and were attacked each time you went there, not just the one-off attack like what happen to me. We all know that abuse reports can take a long time to be adjudicated, sometimes taking multiple reports, so what do you do in the meantime? How do you protect yourself, defend yourself, or do you just stay away until something is done, if anything is ever done? Like I said, I've been lucky in that I've rarely had to deal with this kind of thing. Still, with the way SL is these days, I think I might want to be prepared for when it does happen. :/ Thanks in advance, Markham Weatherwax
  8. Actually I wasn't referring to the fandom related parts, I was talking about her last paragraph; It leads into the second paragraph of my post. I really don't have much interest in conventions, fandom, or like-kind. I did read the linked article you provided and I thought it was a good read and informative.
  9. Bobbie Faulds wrote: I have one security orb. It's set up to boot people from my workspace where I do my clothing. It's at 2000 meters up and a customer has no need to be up there...I have it set for 20 meters and 20 sec boot. I only got it after I had an intruder that even after ejecting him, he came back so I booted and banned him. Then I got the orb mainly because when I'm concentrating on making huds or I'm in PS outside SL, I might not see them. This one tried staying hidden behind my texture organizers and photo studio. Man! That person was really off! Sheesh! I understand using an orb in that context completely. I'd do the same. It makes sense. Whew. There are some odd folks in the world and in this one too.
  10. Yes, like the destination guide, but more personal and observed. I am trying to create common ground, to connect to people, engage people, and to possibly make friends. That's why I posted in the "Make Friends" forum.
  11. Deltango Vale stated a very important thing which is Linden Labs not performing the valuable service, and that is telling. It unfortunately has been that way and looks to continue on that way. Madelaine McMasters had some other good observations in her reply. The problem with Linden Lab is that it doesn't see the obvious. So many people lost money in SL, creators and innovators left for other platforms after being either scared away or ticked off, so that any new project LL does no one is going to trust them. Very few will invest time or money or effort in that new project. If LL won't take care of the primary (Second Life) then it is assured that they won't take care of anything else they do. In the beginning they always go all out, then sort of abandon whatever it is they create to it's own devices. Second Life is not going anywhere for the forseeable future, but unfortunately... it's not going anywhere at all.
  12. One of the ways I am trying to connect to other people in SL is by writing a free and open inworld newsletter about places to see and to go in Second Life. Places I found that are great looking, fun, nice road trips, routes, etc.. I just completed writing the first edition and made it available. I also remapped the Sansara continent with new places of interest and put the map up at my place. I am working on more maps too. I'd like to meet new people, I'd like feedback on the map, and on the newsletter, and I'd also like other people to potentially get involved in the newsletter too. From that we could form friendships. I hope so! It's worth a shot. So, come visit my place and let's take it from there. :) Easy Goings Place in Ess (M)
  13. Well, selling Linden Dollars is not the same as sending money to your Paypal account. Selling Lindens will credit your USD balance. After you sell and have a USD balance, then you process credit on your US Dollar Balance to send the money to your Paypal account or other. So, to sell, you go to the sell page, look to the right side of the screen to see your balances (L$ for Lindens, US$ for US Dollars). The amount of L$ is what you can sell. You enter the sell quantity of Linden Dollars, then click on the sell button (don't just hit enter). From there you can sell your Lindens. Then go to Process Credit and make sure your Payout Method is set to your Paypal account. You can process your US$ amount there and send it to your Paypal or other account.
  14. You are not going to get them to change the TOS. If they had to do that for every event, for every eventuality, the TOS would keep growing and growing until there would be no way to read it and retain anything. If a group's owners are gone and there are no other listed owners in it who can take control, that group is dead. Start your own version of it and invite all active users of the defunct group, then leave the old group. If no one is running it, no one can change things, or only in a limited way, there is no reason to stay in it. Start your own. Make a fresh start for everybody.
  15. Aethelwine wrote: I don't find the banline hud that useful. Everytime I do a sim crossing it vanishes and then re-appears and maybe one in 10 sims it breaks because I have had a slightly bad crossing.. maybe in to a parcel with scripts disabled and then bang I have flown\sailed\ridden in to a banline and am stuck and looking for somewhere to rezz. I find it more reliable to use the minimap with parcels turned on and then just use pattern recognition to see where the linden made safe routes are through sims. It works for me, but I think it is because I tend to walk and fly everywhere or use a wearable vehicle, going slowly because I am making note of what is around. I assume that if you are going fast it would be harder for the HUD to keep up and adjust. I walk, use a bike, the HoverPod, and things like that, so I tend to take it slow. It works best when you go to a region and let it update and then make mental note of the where the ban lines are and avoid them. But I understand what you are saying as one of the key selling points is that it is useful when using a vehicle. Most folks would take that as meaning using a vehicle at normal speed, which is probably too fast for the HUD, and certainly not for going quickly between regions. To give it credit, though... it does seem to be accurate when I am strolling around. --||-
  16. Dillon Levenque wrote: I think I refrained from posting to this thread back when it was first started, but since it's been (mildly) necroed I will now. It's quite possible, easy even, to use security orbs that only prevent avatars from being in places you don't want them to be. I had one such, when my house was still in place—at the moment I've got an Airstream trailer parked on the lot so I have a place to log in to while I figure out where I'm going from here—that I used to prevent avatars from using the available animations in my bed. I didn't care about people being on my land or just walking through the parcel or the house, whether I was there or not there. It just so happened that my login LM was my bedroom (upstairs and with closed blinds) and I did not want to log in and find avatars having it off in my bed. Some people don't mind about that kind of thing, I do. Sue me. Because my parcel is Linden roadside, and even more because it's relatively close to a sim border, I changed my orb (mostly due to things pointed out to me in this Forum). My original orb had a minimum radius of 10 meters, and had a quite short and not user adjustable timer; I believe it was 10 seconds which is barely enough time to read the message telling you you're intruding. I did not worry too much about that when I set it up. Reading comments here, I got the idea that if someone was coming down the road from the east at a really high rate of speed, it was possible the sim crossing heave-ho could kick them up in the air and far enough offroad to go through my bedroom and be snared by the orb. Unlikely, but possible. ... I've seen posts in the past (and in this thread) from Pussycat Catnap who has much the same sort of arrangement with her security orbs. I think she has hers set to make her entire house off-limits and I don't really mind if someone's in my house, but the person who pays for the parcel makes the rules. In any case, she knows how to set her orbs so they are NOT a barrier to normal travel. The problem with orbs is probably that some people who use them don't know enough about how they work to: I think you are correct in that most people who buy Security Orbs don't know how to use them and won't take the time to learn. They want to rez it, set the easiest settings, and then let it go. They don't realize how it affects others because it never affects them. Now, to keep people out of your bed (grin), you of course need lockable doors. The way to fix the TP issue is really rather simple. You clear the landing point of your property, go to your bedroom (if that is where you want to arrive at) and set it to your Home location. Then go to the outside area you want everyone else to arrive at and then set that to as landing point. You will then arrive in your bedroom when you click home and they will TP in your yard from then on. I own property along a Linden roadway too. I specifically chose it because I wanted people to find my place as they wander or drive down the road. I find it absolutely ludacris that people buy property along a public thoroughfare and then throw up bans lines. They should have bought somewhere else, not on a roadway. We are never going to agree with each other about Security Orbs. I don't like them, but I do see the need for them in a very specific way. I think people who use them should put up no tresspassing signs and then set their orbs to deal with "intruders" after a minute or two, giving the usually innocent party time to read the sign and depart. I also think land owners should put up fences or walls, clearly defining the boundries to their land, so people will know where to go to get off the property, and would stop them from walking into it at all. Ah well. It's life in the grid. Land owners do make the rules. To each his or her own.
  17. I understand not having that because it would destroy the view. *grins* What would be helpful is if the mini-map showed which properties had ban lines, or at least have the main map in zoom show redded out areas that had them. That would be SO useful. I don't think :LL will ever give it to us, so thank goodness for the Ban Line HUD.
  18. I understand completely. I dislike ban lines,but do understand them. I can put up with ban lines, but security orbs drive me nuts You can see ban lines but with orbs you can easily find yourself in the middle of a property before you get warned off with little time to respond. More than once I've hit one and have scrambled to get off the property only to hit another property that has a security orb too, and then another. Sometimes it's hard to ascertain exactly where you are - especially when flying. I explore a lot because I like to and also because I am going to write an in-world newsletter and am making new maps of SL with points of interest. I used the Ban Line Hud V4. It works well and it helps me out a lot. There are lots of public roadways and waterways through and around mainland areas, they just don't go through each and every region. I always thought there should be at the bare minimum a public access road, path, or waterway in each and every region. There cannot be public space between each and every property because that would remove the ability to join or separate properties. It's too late to fix every region now with public access areas anyway. One of the problems with ban lines is that the owner of the property never sees them, so it doesn't bother them. I think a nice solution would be to have the ban lines replaced by a generated fence for land and a buoy line system for waterways that everyone sees, including the property owner/group. That would certainly make a land owner think twice about setting that feature. If you did that most of them would then get security orbs, so not a good solution either. Perhaps there is no solution other than to have land owners manage their properties and ban only those who abuse the privilage.
  19. There are lots of tutorials on the web. Just search Google. In-world, there are places with help and advice. Orientation Stations can be found here and there (or used to be). One is located at the castle in Dore. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dore/30/100/26. It is for people who need to learn and practice the basics again. Or, you can take her to the public help islands, or orientation island public. She needs to practice on the basics. Once she has those, the rest comes much more easily.
  20. chrismignon McDonnell beat me to it. When you have an item in your inventory that you are not sure of, try bringing up the properties on it first. Sometimes you find who made it and can check up their profile. You can also try a name search in Google. Usually that works. The last resort is to rez it. Always go to a sandbox, rez it, and if you can't find it or it disappears check Build/Linksets in your viewer menu. Usually you can find it unless it had a delete script in it. FYI
  21. It's actually not a bad idea. I've seen similar things over the years. It needs to be worked on and fleshed out a bit more, though. I think option #1 is better for the start and then parts of option #2 would kick in after a specified period. Experienced members would be mentors. Roommates could be an option for a larger dwelling. Start people off in a smaller, better desiged studio house or apartment just for themselves. Like I said, nice idea, needs to be worked out completely. Just some added thoughts here; I don't care for the building shown for a lot of reasons. Glass houses are annoying (to me) as are houses with too many large windows (e.g. Linden Homes). They provide too much movement and design activity within an avatars field of vision. Unless you are providing drapes or a tinting solution, not a great idea for any amount of privacy or for an uncluttered view. So, anyway. Good luck with your idea! Hope it works out and benefits new users and old alike.
  22. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: The level of freedom to decide one's own SL, is exactly what the group owners are doing. If someone owns a group, they can boot and bann for any reason they wish. Your solution might not be what others choose. There are options: 1) Join a group that has rules you find objectionable, and either quit, or get booted. 2) Hide your groups on your profile, so there's no issue. 3) Start your own RP group, and run it how you like. (Usually those running a RP are also paying for land, builds, and RP stuff, and if putting out money, they can run their group how they like) 4) Capitulate, and drop a group due to pressure. Kudos on this reponse. You've pretty much covered it. Now, Jofunne Avon: The subject line of your post gave you your answer: Control. If you want to control as much as you can of your own Second Life, you have take control and do it all yourself. Own the land, own the group, create the devices, build the buildings, etc., etc., etc.. Then you can make the rules and control as much as you can in SL. You will never actually have total control because you do not own Second Life. Linden Labs does. They tell you what you can and cannot do here, where you can do things and where you can't, and do so in a fairly inconsistant way. *grins* They have the control. If we don't like it, we have the option to leave. Many have. So, relax. Take a breath. Think about it and then decide if the group you are in is worth being in and if you can stomach the rules of it. If not, leave it. Do all the things that Celestiall Nightfire suggested.
  23. Yes, he inspired me and influenced me a lot, and gave me laughs during some very hard times and sad days. I just went to check out the very detailed build, Ankh Morepork twinned with Pijame today. It was nice to see an SL build dedicated to Terry's Discworld on SL still. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Time%20and%20Space/116/108/301 I could not do anything there because I am too sad today. I'll go back tomorrow and explore it in detail. *sigh* Anyway. Rough day for us all.
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