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  1. Happens to me too, but not frequently. I have no rogue scripts in my land, all scripts here are mine (and most of them working for the last 2 years without any problem). The funny things is, after the freeze, I start getting error 499 in the objects that uses the llHTTPRequest function. Copies of these objects in other regions don't receive the error. I'm going to open a Jira about this. Found a Jira that can be my problem with the error 499. Just the freeze remains.
  2. An addendum to what I forgot in the previous answers: When one region start with the error, the players search for the next one that is working (there is a real-time list in the website, that works all the time). In this case there is between 10 and 20 players, that generates up to 50 requests per minute from various attached objects (the rods and HUDs), without any error or any noticeable delay between the server. This is bugging me a lot 🤔 Maybe a DDoS attack in my server? (I have no report of it happening, but, who knows).
  3. I'm sending commands to my server from an object in-world, not an attachment. They are just plain small pieces of text. The object is sending the command every 15 minutes. This object is a "buoy", and some users have it in their lands in various regions. I see this error, when it happens, occurring no matter which viewer the user is using. I was the only person in one of the regions when the object started to have this error, I wasn't even close to the object. The server my region region is located is Second Life Server 2019-12-04T20:29:26.533447, region sim10439.agni.lindenlab.com (216.8
  4. I know that the error 499 can happen in the following scenarios: request timeout, SSL failure, and space present in URL. The problem is, I get the error 499 in only some regions where my game is, not all. It is sporadic. Happened last week, and the problem came and went in some regions, when it finally stopped after 2 hours, more or less. Now it is happening again, and only in some sims. And I get only the status code, 499, no body, no metadata. I checked all I can check in my own server, and find no problem, not even record of the connection when the error 499 occurs, that means
  5. Yes, the only option I had to remove the person was banning in the members panel of the group window. The person wasn't in the chat, so, no way to do the proper moderation sequence that is used with chat spammers. But the ban took effect only 4 days later. Don't know why the notices wasn't stopped in the server, that, for me, is the logical approach to deal with banned users. I did the ban to the notice spammer (the first ban) user when I was in a newly created region (less than 20 days), that was put in the wrong server when I bought it (it was saying I was in a mainland region). Had to ask
  6. I'll file the Jira, just collecting more information now. We did tests for the problem yesterday after removing the ability to send Notices from the Everyone role. Another user (our tester) was able to send notices, but now, almost 24 hours later, he logged again and the 'New Notice' button isn't available for him. As Rolig said, looks like it take time to apply the changes. And the spammer user was using it as exploit. The user sent 2 notices this morning, and no more. I'm waiting to see if it send again, or was finally stopped by the changes in the group (4 days after, that is very annoying)
  7. 🤩 little alien is jump happy around pass lots of fresh baked donuts to Vir Ahhhh, my aliens, I can finish my aliens!
  8. From Inara Pey blog, if someone is wondering how it is going: Still a number of bugs to be resolved, and Vir is now working on these as well as the Animesh follow-on (below). These include, but are not limited to: Shadows are failing to render correctly. Issues with some alpha settings. Otherwise, most of the functionality is now believed to be in place. https://modemworld.me/2019/08/15/2019-sl-user-groups-33-2-content-creation-summary/
  9. *SMDH+ For those that want to know: yes, you can buy a region from another person with Lindens, is in the knowledge base, region transfer section (I was going to pay in Dollars anyway, the "wait I need to clean" answer just let me very upset, sorry).
  10. Well, i tried to buy, I was serious about buying it, if you don't want to answer simple questions, good luck selling. Next time don't answer the person with something like "oh yes it is just wait for me to remove my things" and go silent, instead of asking the question to start filling the transfer support tickets.
  11. Yes, this is what the pros at modeling does: less important takes less space. I do it a lot. Your avatar is nice, I saw it in the creators meeting. Not as a colored gummy like others (i put avatar rendering in very low complexity here).
  12. My alien. Still refining it. Split in 5 parts, because of the eyes, but probably will end with 3: body (using upper body slot), head, and eyes. In the pic of it in SL the hands are stiff because I was using AO from another avatar (was too lazy that day to make my own animations)
  13. Yep, it is what I'm doing, just the 3 system slots for body (head, upper, and lower), and the eyes, nothing more, and using a custom UV.
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