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  1. I've always used Singularity but for one reason or another, I've changed to Firestorm. I'd expected ctrl + left click and move to move my camera view with my avi as the main focus. However, it is just unhinging my whole window and moving it around the screen leaving its contents the same. I can't think of a situation where I'd want to do this but either way, what is the mouse and keyboard control for exploring a sim using the camera only. nb. I've found crtl+shift +alt and mouse but this always faces the same direction and doesn't feel intuitive. any thoughts?
  2. Brilliant. Thanks Skell. I'm quite new to Maitreya and haven't figured out how layers work yet. That has worked perfectly. Thanks. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. hi everyone. I'm having a problem with my naked avatar which I keep as a base onto which i can then add clothes etc. It's always worked before but now i have some clothes on. Its as if I had added them then saved over my naked one except I haven't. They're not in my 'Naked Maitreya' avatar or my Current outfit (please tell me I haven't missed them). The attached image is of my avi with the inventory/current outfit and the saved outfit. Could these items be appearing on my avi without me asking? I've relogged/rebooted/changed avatars etc. it still comes back to any outfit u
  4. ctrl+shift+G or edit/groups. this will list your groups and the panel on the right will let you activate (delete/leave etc) this is Singularity 1.8.7 - other answers didn't work for me
  5. A May Zing! Thankyou so much DemeraraGirl, I've been hunting for that and it really infuriated me. Thanks. you're amazing. xxxx
  6. What I really want is to not have my avi animate like I'm taking a picture. this animation overrides my animation overrider! Call me vain but sometimes i want to take a picture of me NOT looking like I'm taking a picture. (grrr) well I'm using singularity and wanted to ask if theres a way of turning of this animation when using ctrl + ` to take a snapshot to disk. surely there must be but can i find it?! Sorry if this is obvious but please help. x S
  7. Thanks. this has really helped. i think i'm finally getting to grips with this stuff. although i'm sure there will be many rivers to cross on the journey to mesh. xx thanks all. s
  8. thanks. they're not listed in my current outfit tab but i seem to be getting there by playing around. thanks s
  9. I'm not sure what is going on but the outfits that i use most work and i'm usually in heels anyway. if it doesnt stop then i'll just get mesh flat feet for those shoes. i can see me turning mesh very slowly. in the meantime, i'll look at getting a mesh body. possibly keeping my old head but i know i'm asking for trouble there. lol. thank you all so much for your help. xxxx S
  10. thanks lindal. i have tried both add and wear and you're right that adding the alpha works. i've also tried to get rid of the mesh feet\shoes by WEARing system shoes hoping this would remove the mesh shoes but they're still there.
  11. angeoco, i've removed from current outfit and they're not listed there so i can't detach them. i can't click on them directly. i asked a friend who could also see the same as me (so it wasn't a viewing problem particular to me). i've tried re-logging but that didnt work. i'll try again and see but theres something odd going on. Marianne. thankyou for your explanation. i didnt know that about rigged mesh 'knowing' where it belongs wherever the attach point is. i do use outfits a lot but often remove items and add (wear) other items
  12. no. that works in giving the new shoes but in this example i dont want the mesh feet or shoes. the outfit is just the system feet for system shoes. its the mesh feet, shoes, alpha that are remaining. I'm also finding that the mesh foot alpha is removing my dress alpha so my derrière sticks out!
  13. Ok so i had problems keeping my system body and buying mesh shoes ( see topic below) one of the suggestions was just get mesh feet which i did. it was great. my mesh shoes fitted perfectly (eventually) but i'm having problems wearing earlier outfits which dont have mesh feet or shoes - ie. i've done nothing to the outfit. My lovely mesh feet and shoes remain as well as the system ones that are actually in the outfit. is this a mesh feet issue or a system issue or my own pc's technical issue? i've attached a picture of how i look at the moment with an outfit that doesnt even mention mesh
  14. Wow. Thanks friends. I knew the day would come when i had to move to mesh. i'm still resistant and may just go for mesh feet but i appreciate angeoco's comment that i may as well get a complete mesh avi. i'm just so used to this one. Thanks so much for your help. xxxx sarah
  15. Hi. Whats going on here. i have an old linden avi because i'm scared of change. whenever i buy shoes they don't fit. or rather, my feet don't fit. this is in any type of shoe (maitreya, etc) If you see the attached picture, my foot is much bigger than the shoe, its clearly been altered by the base but not to fit the shoe. is this a problem with mesh shoes vs old feet or am i doing something wrong? please let me know as i have lots of shoes and future shoes that i'd like to wear but this happens!! why? thanks for your help. Sarah
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