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  1. If I am going to be AFK for extended times, I log out. It clears out the local chat log and IM chats (I save all), reduces the usage of my GPU, and wear and tear on my computer & monitor. It also prevents possible SL issues when the grid goes wonky, or the inventory system. Stops capping of messages. All that good stuff. I also turn off my TV when I am not watching it. Power down the PC when I am not using it. There is a finite lifespan to the screens, hard drives, etc.. *shrugs* I am thrifty that way. Cheap if you think. Either way, my PCs tend the last longer than my friend's do. 😜
  2. Many years ago I saw a scripted device that would get the name of every object on a parcel (or range), and the position, rotation, etc.. I cannot find now and am wondering if anyone knows of something that does that. I recall that the one I saw those many years ago reported in local chat that data, but plans were underway to write the data to a notecard. Dunno if such a thing exists anymore. Thanks in advance of any info on that long lost product, or similar.
  3. You can't do it without their account being notified. But chances are that if they've been gone from SL for years they probably have long since turned off notifications from SL, blocked them, or have changed their e-mail address. As Wulfie said, "Just do it!" Even if they get the notice and come back to SL, it is more than likely they won't hang around long. *shrugs* 3 years offline is far long enough to warrant dissolving the partnership.
  4. Alienum HQ has moved to its own sim. The new game headquarters is location The Elven Starship . We will close this thread and post a new Alienum thread. This one will no longer be updated. Thanks!
  5. No, you cannot. You have to open each group info and un-check the visibility of each one. You'll have to do this for every time you add a new group that you do not want displayed in your profile.
  6. No. You cannot block those who do not have payment info on file, or limit it to only allowing premium users to IM you. You have to block each user individually. You can set it in Firestorm to only receive IMs from friends and groups, but that can come back to haunt you. For example if you needed support from a creator or have a customer who needed to contact you, or even if a landowner or store owner is trying to ask you something when they see you on their property. Not replying to them is the best way to get kicked/banned. *chuckle* Just block those folks who continue to bother you repeatedly. It is the easiest solution.
  7. Club Xanadu was born on 28th September 2013 in Second Life. It has been a wonderful 6 years journey. The management team, DJs and DJanes and vips who come together like family to party every weekend. We are very thankful to all your support, grateful for being us without entitlement and blessed for having you as family. Thank you for everything and making celebration of our 6th anniversary happens ! Come celebrate the 6th Anniversary at Club Xanadu this weekend in Darling Coast.
  8. Our 7Seas Fishing Weekly Contest at Easy Going - Pets and Designs is underway. Contest ends on Saturday at 6am SLT. Current pot is $L500, split 50%/30%/20%. Rounds start every 1/2 hour and run for 29 minutes. Unlimited (Baited fishing). No Ties. Top scores win! We also host Alienum - The Alien Plants fishing game, and Magic Fishing. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Darling%20Coast/227/61/1003 Good luck, fishers!
  9. There is an order to it, yes. For chat spammers and griefers I use the moderation control to disable the specific user's ability to text chat (deselect "allow text chat") and that stops them immediately from posting more messages. Then I can do the ban/eject from the group. Unless it is done in that order the chat spammer/griefer can continue to post in the group chat as long as they keep the current/active group chat window open. That usually works for me, except when another moderator jumps the gun and ejects them before doing the 1st step. Neeva banned the person via the group info members control - which ejected them from the group. Since the person never opened a connection in chat, there is no moderation control beyond ejecting/banning in the group info. I've never actually had a group before that allowed the everyone role to post group notices, so it is completely beyond my experience as to how this idiot could do this. A delay I can understand, but even if the person kept themselves logged in for all those days, other than keeping the group info window open all that time, 4 days later and still able to post group notices... it is beyond my understanding. *chuckle*
  10. We've got an issue in a group that allows GROUP NOTICES to be posted by members. One member was abusing this so we ejected and banned that person, but they've been able to continue to post group notices over the last 3 days, even after being ejected and banned from the group. Does anyone have any idea how this is possible and if there is a way to stop this person? We've turned off the ability to post group notices for every role but the owner role, yet this person is still able to post them. Thank you!
  11. The founder of a group is the person who created the group and paid the $L. He/she will always be listed in the group info as the founder even if they leave the group or remove themselves from the owner role. That person is automatically placed in the owner role. Anyone who has been added to the owner role cannot be ejected from that role even by another owner. The founder and any other owner can leave the group and that will remove them from the owner role. If they rejoin the group they will not be an owner again unless invited or added to that role by another owner. Groups are collective efforts, no matter who founded the group. LL will not delete an active group because the founder calls in and requests it be disbanded - especially if that founder was banned from SL. A founder who has an active account AND also remains in the group owner role could potentially file a support ticket to request that another owner be removed as an owner of a group, but that would only be allowed if the founder could prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the person they wanted to remove was added by mistake, and added very recently. I've only seen that happen a few times in all the years I have been in SL. Now, if the banned founder account becomes un-banned then that person, if they never left the group/owner role, can meddle in the group once again because they are an owner. They can't take the group back from other owners, but they could potentially cause all sorts of trouble if they felt like it. The other owners would then have to file abuse reports on any harmful activities and file tickets, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the newly un-banned account was destroying the group, etc.. Even then it would be a long shot to have that owner removed as an owner, even if that owner wasn't the founder of the group. If it is really a concern, make a new group and start over.
  12. I have been here since near day one (this being my second account in SL). I have been here through many changes and some I've liked, some I have not, and others I have accepted wholeheartedly, or ignored completely. If I woke up to the day where Second Life was gone, I'd close that chapter and not seek another virtual world to live my alternate reality in. I'd read, write, watch TV, go outside, and do other RL things. I'd miss it, but I would not try to recapture it somewhere else. For me, nothing else could be better than the amazing life I've had in Second Life. Like in real life, things change, we get older, times move on, and I've accepted that in RL, so I could accept that for SL too.
  13. As some have said, I too have learned many skills in building, designing, and creating. I did fall in love in Second Life. I wasn't looking for it, wasn't really interested in finding it, but it found me. My SL wife and I have been partnered for over 2 years. It is the only partnered relationship I have had in SL in all my years here. The social aspect of Second Life has mellowed me in both worlds. I have more patience, am less of a knee-jerk response kind of person, and I now let a lot of things roll right off my back whereas before I'd take offense or get into a verbal sparring match. I give credit for that to Second Life, but also to myself for making the effort. I know many who have been in SL as long as me who never changed and bite heads off to this very day. *laughs* The question was "What have you learned in Second Life?" and in the simplest terms, my answer is that I learned... to learn.
  14. I receive a gift automatically from Hayabusa pretty much every Saturday. I am not a member of their group, but I have purchased products at their sims.
  15. I have the same experience as Garnet. I use the TIS Hybrid system and it works perfectly both as a standalone parcel dance system and a sim-wide system. We use it in multiple sims.
  16. There is nothing wrong with giving your Lindens away. It is not strange, it is not odd, and it is not weird. Give them away to charity, or give them away by tipping or donating copiously at venues and/or some of the remarkable sims that are still all over the grid that are there simply for the enjoyment of others. There is no reason to leave $L sitting in an inactive account. I do recommend, as others have here already, to downgrade your account to basic and clear out the payment info, and let it stay there inactive. Just make sure to write down your login info and password and keep that in your safe or something. I've known many people who have left SL for good for many reasons, only to see them come back years later, having to create new accounts because they deleted their original ones, or cannot recall their passwords or details to login to their inactive accounts. If the age of your account matters to you and the account name, let it lie dormant. I tell people the above when they are leaving SL forever, but I also say that if they leave their account inactive just in case one day they might return, before they logout for the very last time, delete everything you can in your inventory, save for one shape, one skin, one set of clothes. That's enough to have to start off fresh as a brand new account and not have lots of old objects, textures, scripts, and sounds in inventory. Take care, and best to you and yours!
  17. I have seen the same issue. I know others have filed tickets on this but no updates to the grid status concerning this or any reply to those tickets, other than for one game owner who was asked for additional information.
  18. Here is the updated Link to the newer Alienum Website: http://www.alienumgame.com/
  19. We are looking forward to the upcoming release of Version 3 of Alienum - The Alien Plant Fishing Game! New features, new catches, new innovations! Keep track of updates on V3 on our Facebook Page and the Alienum Website. Exciting times! If you've never played Alienum, come play! Earn money and make friends! And if you need traffic and want to be different than everyone else who hosts a fishing game, look into this unique Alien Plant Fishing Game to get new visitors, new potential customers, and have fun too. :)
  20. I am still here. I don't know if I like the changes to the community sections yet. Giving myself time to adjust and adapt. *chuckle* Time will tell.
  21. I do understand. I saw the Linux area, and I've seen that terrible ban-lined K-Palace Island. I've also seen other K-Places that were nice and friendly and open. It was a good idea that simply did not work, but it was a long effort that cost someone a lot of money. I don't know if all the land is for sale or not. Perhaps they are keeping some, but some large parcels are up for sale. But I also have to say even though they are for sale they are no public access and ban lined, so when you TP there you are kicked to the curb. *rolls eyes* Whatever the end result was of that effort, aside from any personality conflicts, or issues, it was something someone was doing in SL for the common good. That's what I appreciate. I also appreciate Ravenglass and the SL Public Land Preserve. I wonder if at the end of that if anyone will care when it all goes away. I will, at least.
  22. One of the problems is that the grid is now too big. Before, everyone was on the mainland. Then they made more mainland. Then they started selling private estates/sims. Creating those sims spread out the diminishing number of users farther and farther apart. If you zoom out the world map you can see loads of avatars here and there, clustering together, or by themselves in a sim all to themselves. Many are older SLers who are tired of new people and don't want to do anything. Some, like me, are still interested. Then you have the new users who don't have to stay on Orientation Island long enough to really begin to understand SL. These new user come in to mainland first, usually. But the mainland is not always a great start because there is so much abandoned land and empty places - mostly due to the advent of private regions. The same people you used to know are still here, they are just much harder to find in the massive sweep of the grid. You have to keep looking until you find them again and find your SL again.
  23. That's an Avatar Hitbox. In Firestorm you need to go the Developer Menu, down to Render Metadata, and uncheck "Avatar Hitbox". Really, unless you are working on something, nothing in that Metadata menu should have check next to it. FYI
  24. QuiverSyndrome wrote: So I would be forced to pay $75 for first month for owning land as an individual for 20 seconds. that sounds like the kind of mentality I expect from LL. Not sure I would ever do that lol This is a bit late, but I am replying for other people who will have this issue in the future, because I recently ran into this same issue. I wanted to bid on an auction for land for my group, but if I did my tier would have raised up over the $40 for the month to $75. That's crappy, sure, but you need consider the cost of direct land purchases from residents. If the average price for the size and location of the land you are interested in is, say, $L14,000 or $L50,000, that comes out to about $50 USD or $201 USD. Buying at auction you figure in the short term tier increase into the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the land. You figure the tier increase to $75 for the minute before you can contribute it to your group. So, if your normal tier would be $40 for that group owned land, you deduct $35 ($L8680) from the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the land. Say, there is an auction for 8192m that I want. I am willing to pay up to $L24,845 ($100 USD) for that land. Buying the land will pop my tier up to $75 because I own other land or contributions. That's $35 USD ($L8680) of the maximum I am willing to pay for the land over my normal tier. That leaves me with $65 USD ($L16,165) that I can bid and not go over my maximum. I bid and win the auction for my max price and pay the $35 increased tier. In the end I paid $100 for the land I wanted. I then donate the land to my group and tier down. I agree that it is a crappy system that punishes people who already pay tier and support SL. I would pay $65 plus the tier increase for land that someone who didn't own land could outbid me on in an auction because he doesn't have that increased tier to deduct. He could buy the property for $70 while I could not go over $65 because of that tier increase of $35. I lose out, but Linden Lab also loses up to $30 on the sale. It is a highly flawed system. Today I found a nice 8192m protected waterfront with Linden sea that I would love to have, but it's price is $L60,200 ($242 USD). I can't afford to buy it at that price from the seller, so chances are I would not be able to buy it at auction for my $65/$35/$100 maximum either. Life is not always fair. I hope my math is right here, but don't hold me to it. Regards,
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