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  1. The property is still up for sale. Even though my profile says that I am on leave, if you send me a message expressing your interest in purchasing, I will get it via e-mail and will come on as soon as possible to make a possible deal. If I don't sell to someone by the end of the month that would let me rent the parcel, I will be clearing the property and the sale price will go up.
  2. Hey everyone: I'm looking for someone that would be interested in purchasing my 2048 sq meter parcel that I still currently live on that would allow me to rent the parcel for up to 2000L$ every 4 weeks. I'll sell the land for 2048L$ so that you are paying no more than 1L$ per square meter. The reason I'm selling is that I don't want the money debited anymore from my bank account as well as the fact that I am making a slow exit from SL. I have enough L$ to rent it for at least 6 months if I didn't spend L$ on anything else. If anyone is interested in purchasing, please send me a noteca
  3. I am selling a 3072 sq meter roadside parcel on the Madhupak sim. Objects on the land are not included with the sale AND THEY ARE NOT TO BE RETURNED IF YOU PURCHASE THE LAND! If you purchase it, please contact me so I can come pick up the items. Land is not very flat and if you are looking for flatness, you will need to build a deck. It is up for sale for 4600L$. If I do not sell it by 5PM on Wednesday, August 19th, the parcel will be abandoned. Feel free to come check it out at the SLURL listed below. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madhupak/130/89/60
  4. I was made aware of this yesterday. I just went and closed the ticket I submitted to LL about this. Can't wait to see what the area brings.
  5. I hate that the roads ends in many spots on various mainland continents. I love driving ground vehicles. I'm not that huge into boating or flying. When I have my house which is on Montlaur, despite the fact that there isn't much drivable road, what I really enjoy about where I have the land is the unblockable sunset view. Something of which that is very hard to get on the main land.
  6. I'll write a support ticket about this as well, but I would like to request that a shortcut road be constructed from about this point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montlaur/247/139/65 on Montlaur that connects to the other end of Severy. I know that on the Severy end there's a portion that goes onto land for sale, but I would like some sort of shortcut road connecting from Route 8C to Route 8C to the road east of the URL above. Thanks.
  7. Hello everyone: I am looking for a quality builder with experience in both building and scripting to work on a project I need done. I am looking for someone who can build me some decent looking tables and chairs for a restaurant I own in Second Life. I'm also looking to have loads of foods and beverages loaded into the tables that would rez onto the table when an avatar requests it. The tables have to be loaded with loads of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desert, and both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks options. All of which must be as low of LI as possible. The tables and chairs will
  8. I will reiterate to everyone since I'm getting quite a few people coming out. Madhupak is no longer available. I purchased that parcel.
  9. Update #3. I am in search for another builder. First one never followed through with me and the 2nd one didn't work out for personal matters which I will not discuss on here. She did build a work in progress structure and I would like something similar to what she did but with changes. I do have some pictures as well which I will share with interested builders. Building size would be about 30x40 sq meters that needs to fit on a 4096 sq meter parcel. Budget I'm willing to spend is between 2000-4000, maybe more if we talk. If interested, message me. Worst case scenario is we will us
  10. Update: I am looking for potential standby builders. If you have an interest in wanting to build the restaurant, please notecard me in world.
  11. I've got a tentative builder for the time being. Will update if things don't work out.
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