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  1. Hello everyone: I am looking to have a restaurant built that fits on a 1024 sq meter parcel. This is what I'm looking for. Front door Windows throughout Place for a bar to hold drink dispensers and where guests can sit at as well Place for a buffet table Enough space to put out about 6-8 tables that will have 4 chairs for the most part. A couple tables may have 6-8 or 10 chairs for families. Possible dance area? Possible employment office Possible restroom? Looking to have a brick exterior and a elegant looking interior on the inside. If anyone is interested in taking on the task, feel free to reach out to me in world via notecard. Builder will be allowed to build on site. Previous building experience is a must and be ready to show some builds of yours too. Very important that the prims/land impact is as low as it can be. Job must be completed by May 3 or before. Thank You Mitchell Indigo
  2. I believe firestorm wants to wait until an official SL viewer containing the new EEP code has been released. It will come, but I'm sure it won't be for a while.
  3. I also have some lights in my house that come on when it gets dark and go off when it gets light and this is messing with my lights.
  4. So I just downloaded the EEP viewer and I will say that the constant changing of lighting when walking or rotating the camera is a bit bothersome to me. But the graphics do look really nice. There has to be a way to disable it if people don't like it.
  5. Totally 80s is an 80s club in second life containing music from the 1980's. Totally 80s is seeking both DJ's and Hosts that have a passion for music in the 80s. If you are interested in applying to be a DJ or host, feel free to visit the Venue to pick up an application. Pay is 100% tips. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zurich City/29/126/27
  6. Hello everyone: I own a 4144 sq meter parcel on the mainland and I am looking to deed that parcel of land to the group in hopes of getting some extra prims or being able to add another 1024 sq meter parcel elsewhere without going into the 8092 sq meter area of land. Now the other thing I want to do on my 4144 sq meter parcel is rent out either one or two empty rooms I have in my house for those looking for a cheap place to stay at. Since the land would be deeded to the group and whoever would rent out the rooms needs to be in the group, I don't want them getting paid any dividends. Is there a way to do this? Thanks Mitchell
  7. Well I did something, but I won't say what it is on here. You have to IM me directly in world to find out.
  8. Well it turns out that land was either put up on auction or the guy who also owns the many parcels on that sim wrote to LL and had a space cut for him there.
  9. My luck they would put it up for auction. But anyways I'm just going to stay where I'm at for the time being.
  10. I was looking to buy both parcels on Bandicoot. For the two parcels on Quoll, I paid about 12k for the two of them. I was going to try and sell the Quoll parcels but the seller of the Bandicoot properties started getting very shady with me. Therefore I'm done with him and I'm not selling the parcels on Quoll for the time being.
  11. Pictured in this first link below is my current land. https://gyazo.com/6f9f3ccc78ba087a151e3de31a604638 I really like the area that I am in, but the edges of that property leave a bit to be desired. These particular parcels are on the Quoll sim. If you visit this sim, you will notice that the property with the gas station on it has the really bad edges that stick too far up. I'm trying again to get LL to terraform this to the street level. Pictured in the second link below is the land I would like to get. He is the same landlord that I bought my current land from. However, he wants 7000L$ just for me to trade the properties I want to buy for my properties. These properties are on the Bandicoot sim. The 1008 sq meter parcel is for sale for 4750L$ and the 2016 sq meter parcel is for sale for 8500L$ https://gyazo.com/3ca60adaec7884eeda25188f2978d785 I don't see the trade deal being 7000L$ worth.
  12. Hello everyone: I found some land that is even flatter than what I currently have. Now what I do have I had to do a bit of terraforming to it to make it flat, but there are just some parts on the LL side of the land that could not be made flat to the road level. So the parcels I would like to trade are from the same person I bought my current land from. I was almost about to do the deal until he told me that it would cost me 7000L$ to do the trade. These are mainland parcels by the way. Now I could maybe see him charging a small fee because all I would be doing is giving him my current parcels and then taking the parcels I want due to land allotance or something like that. (I'm still new to mainland ownership.) But I don't think it should cost anywhere near 7000L$ to do this. With what I got, it would take me a few months to come up with the funds since I currently cannot use my own money. So what do you all think about this situation? I asked elsewhere and I got mixed reviews about it, but some also said that this is insane and that the land owner is being greedy. I get that he's probably in this to make money. I would like to add that the size of the lands are about the same, just a couple sq meters less. I have a 2048 and a 1024 currently.
  13. Update: This time for sure the parcel is up for sale again, but only for sale, not for rent. 4000L$ or best offer. I can't edit this post again which is why I went up and down all over the place. If I do not sell it by Sunday, January 6, 2019, I will abandon the parcel.
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