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  1. You will probably have better luck finding it inworld. Most people on the forums aen't furry.
  2. 11 Views, and no replys.. That shows you how few people play on a furry character lol. Now I am having trouble with my Paws feline head, the eye sockets keep glitching out. I will probably just find a furry sim with people that can help me.
  3. Hey there, I just bought the Paws feline head, and I am trying to add my mesh eyes to the head. I added the eyes, and turned off the movement of the eyes with the hud. After I edited the eyes, I turned the movement back on the eyes. As soon as I exited the edit screen, my eyes flipped on their side, and the shape got all messed up. I did the steps again, and turned off editing again. Then I relogged, and the same problem happened. I edited my eyes round, and had them fitting perfectly, but everytime they go flat, and turn all different directions. Any help will be apreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thank you greatly for responding all. I am greatful for your kind words. I know that there is so much adventure in second life, and I have seen much of it. I've created textures for mesh, made tattoos, been a dj, hosted, modeled, explored. I have done many things, and have made some friends in second Life that have joined me in real life also. I may rejoin the grid in the future, I think maybe it will be good to spend some time in the real world and focus on closing off my heart again. Maybe I will return to make new adventures in the future, and I am pretty excited for sansar. But for now, I just need time to heal, thanks again. Doom
  5. When I started second life I never imagined the journey I would take part in. I never imagined how much heartbreak I would endure either. I Have Autism, and skitzophrenia. For me living in real life can be very hard, and be almost impossible to communicate to people in real life. Making friends, and communicating in second life was a lot of fun. I learned alot, and made a lot of friends. It was hard, but I made some good ones. I never imagined going into second life that I would find a girlfriend, or fall in love. My first relationship was in sl first and developed sort of into a real life one to. We played online games together, and even talked about getting together in real life to. After a year though things strained. It was hard for her to get through to me sometimes, and things eventually fell apart. Luckily though we became good friends, and are friends to this day. A year ago I left second life, because I was cheated on by somebody that I thought was faithful to me. somebody that told me they would share their real life with me, but ripped my heart to pieces. I've brought some friends to second life from my real life, and the same thing happened to them. I closed off second life, and my heart for a year. I recently came back to second life, and reluctantly met somebody who told me they would share their real life and second life with me. I should have known better. I've given advice to friends to keep your heart closed off while in second life. But even against my better judgement, I opened my heart up for the first time in a year. second life isn't just a game to me, it's this incredible place where I can actually open up and be myself. It saddens me how people are. I know this is the Internet, and many people keep things separate from their real life. I guess I am just an alien visiting. I am not here to complain or ask for sympathy. I just wanted to share my experience with Love and relationships before I completely delete my account. I hope that I can help someone know to keep their heart closed, and don't open in in second life. I've seen and done things there that have made me happier then i will ever be in real life. Explore, shop, and have fun. You will experience an incredible time in second life, because I have to. Take care community.
  6. Thank you everyone for the responses, I spent a bit of time rereading all of them, and Yes I use to spend a considerable amount of time in the shelter. I used to spend time in a place I volunteered at called Noobia, where there was always people who needed help. It is a rewarding feeling when you can make somebodies sl experience better. You're all right, I remember how quickly clubs used to open and close. I did notice The elven forest is still acitve since I visit. It is really nice to see old places still sustaining the test of time. Here is to enjoying old favorites Thanks again everyone for the responses, Doom
  7. Hey all, I guess it's curiosity my concerns, but things have really changed in sl. When I started second life two years ago, it was a really different place for me. It was this bustling busy place, and it was easy to make friends. Over the years I have begun to see the people have really changed. I don't log in as much because I have a busy real life, but I try to as much as I can. I recently have been logging in to visit different places, and it seems like a ghost town. A few locations there were seas of silent avatars that don't say a word. I used to frequent breedable, and shops however they are all gone. Am I visiting the wrog areas? Is there places I should check out to see active talking people? It's really sad to see how closed off people are nowadays. Thanks community
  8. Last year about this time me and a few friends came up with a great idea, we created a help center. Everyday about 500 people create new accounts, and last year we helped alot of them. Newb Beginnings help center was created to help ease new players into learning second life, as well as have a safe place to live for two weeks. We offered freebies, and we trained them on skills needed to be good community members on the grid. We offered free classes on hosting, dancing, emoting, and roleplaying. Within the first month we helped over 1000 new members in Second Life, and it felt good to pay it foward. This year I am hoping to reopen it as the winter months aproach. Currently we are looking for volunteers, and supporters or land owners. We use all mesh designs, and very soft designs to make the new people comfortable as they learn. If you would like to help, or contribute to the reopening of Newb Beginnings please contact me inworld momiji quinn(Doombot14 Resident) Thank you greatly, Doom
  9. If anyone remembers starting out in Second Life, it was full of confusion. Running into walls, lagging, not knowing how to get rid of that giant box in us, and what are all these buttons. I remember these all to well, and was lucky enough to be guided with alot of help. Ever since I then I have thouroughly enjoyed paying it foward, by helping all those in need. Well recently I have decided to open a help center of my own to help the new people in Second Life learn a little easier. We offer Free Help And Advice to all, and also offer a free apartment to new people for up to three weeks. We are also proud to announce that we now have ADN vendors, and working on freebies/dollarbies. We are still under construction, but plan on opening really soon! Eventually we will offer classes of all sorts, to help people learn everything there is to know in Second Life. I would love to know what the community out there thinks of this, and if you all have any input. :catvery-happy: Thanks for your thoughts, doom gutierrez.
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