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  1. Aethelwine wrote: I have read lots of conflicting advice about interpreting the script information with regards to improving SIM performance. Can you explain at what point the total frame time number becomes a problem Is it more important to be looking at the information real time to look for spikes? and any other script related information needed to diagnose and cure script related SIM problems? And you will probably always get conflicting information. The wiki is out of date which leaves in-world benchmarking, forum debates and general common sense to ferret out the exact meaning of certain statistics that may have been added or changed. I don't generally use FPS metrics in the statistics panel to understand what may be causing lag, or if a server is lagging. I focus on the Time statistics with the most important being 'spare time'. The lower the spare time number, the less time available for doing things before experiencing lag. Here is an empty region that I just bought: Here is a very popular hangout currently jam packed with avatars and always EXTREMELY laggy: With no spare time, frame time increases, FPS decreases, scripts and HUDs are sluggish and so on. So for me, if I am looking at parcels or generally trying to assess the health of the sim in regards to potential lag, 'spare time' is the one statistic that pretty much sums it up.
  2. Theresa Tennyson wrote: That's what I thought - you don't understand how scripts work currently. At one point in the past those numbers may have been signs of an impending problem, but script running has been changed in recent years. A certain block of time is allocated for scripts to run in each simulator frame (1/45 of a second). If the scripts running don't all fit in that time slice, some will be delayed until the next 1/45 of a second and they'll rotate in. Most of the time you won't even notice it. The measure of a sim's health is the total frame time and that region's perfectly healthy. Your region may well be having problems for some other reason but those numbers don't show it. I'm currently dancing in a mainland club with 27 avatars, including a couple sporting Animated Neko Tails from Hell. No spare time and only 70%/80% of scripts are running each frame but the simulation itself is ticking along at full speed. Yes. That's how I understand scripts to work and the numbers do show a problem in that the server is spending all its available cpu time running scripts with precious little time for anything else. There is no 'spare time' left in each frame so if you want to initiate any new activities, you're going to feel it somewhere. When spare time is very low or close to zero and scripts run % < 100, you may not see a performance hit in the viewer and be able to move around just fine. Your scripted objects will be sluggish however and can exhibit more random behavioral problems since scripts are lower priority and will be throttled further by things like physics. Some scripts are most likely more vulnerable than others. Total frame time is just a summation of the time events below it and is not an indicator of script lag... script time, spare time and scripts run % are what you need to look at. A high number of active scripts and script events only state the obvious. That's how I understand it. As of Jun 2, the day the farm moved in, complaints have escalated. Anyway, the point is going to become moot for me. Just bought a full mainland region and will transition tenants over there over the next month or so. I know I said I'm done with mainland, but the price was a steal so I thought I would give it a shot.
  3. Theresa Tennyson wrote: What region is it? What are the breedables? What is this "lag"? Scripts running slowly? Simulator framerate? Did you know that recent changes to how mesh is delivered means that meshes are cached on remote servers all over the world and there is a considerable pause each time a mesh appears on each of these caching servers for the first time? Server side script lag is the problem. I don't know what type of breedables they are as I haven't done any research into that business. They are big cats with animations running and thats about all I know. Here is a region where I have 25 rentals on 1/4 sim, shared by other businesses and residents. There are 2554 active scripts with 2 of my tenants online at this moment: Healthy. Here is the region where I have the same setup on 1/4 sim, shared with another rental company who allows their tenants to have breedables. Active scripts jumped to 7420 when the zoo arrived. They have only 4 rental units whereas I have 25 supporting 40 or so tenants/partners of which there is only 1 of mine online at this moment: As you can see, the time available for any other scripts to run is pretty much zero... and this not a 'spike', it's 24/7. I don't know if the other rental company's 3 tenants are complaining but mine sure are. Their rental terms state that they are 'breedable friendly'. You might recognize them on the map all over SL by their region sized red heart in a black square. Like I mentioned in a previous post, there are rarely more than 3-4 (~10%) of my tenants online at any given time. Much of the time, the units sit empty. It's similar to a shop that sells stuff. 20-30 people may come through in a day, but not all at once.
  4. "Without knowing, it seems to me that the best escort guys, must be the ones trained by a women." The best escort guys may actually *be* women.
  5. Derek Torvalar wrote: Kelli May wrote: http://planet-postmoderna.com/2014/08/22/second-life-resident-survey-results-part-1/ One of the better surveys of SL by a resident, which isn't saying much. He did, at least, publish his results and methodology. Only 119 surveys, many of them captured from Forum regulars, which I think skews the results towards long-term, relatively committed residents. Anyway, about half the people who responded claimed to be at least 40 years old. That matches up with my experience in-world, but comparing two small sample sizes is hardly scientific. And of those, a significant number have the emotional age of a 7 year old. A spoiled one at that.
  6. Yes, there are a lot of willing offers from countless men but a vast majority of those experiences may be inferior to a paid escort who has mastered the art of virtual sex in both visual and cerebral domains. That's the hope anyway and what they should be supposedly selling. My guess is they don't get much business just due to the natural differences in the sexes and take the sign down post haste while yet another takes a swing at the plate. I'm also guessing there's no stat tracking on that one.
  7. Is this a discussion forum? So far, it appears to be mostly an insult forum. Criticize the OP then immediately deviate off topic and plunge into a sea of random nonsense. Hard to escape narrow minded ignorance as it runs deep through the fabric of our society. No fix.
  8. Benson Gravois wrote: I agree, 40 renters on one sim??!! Really?! Are you insane? I am prett sure there were problems before the farm next door moved in! It's amazing to me how absolutely ignorant people are. Read my posts, understand what I'm doing and how I'm doing it before calling me insane. Mind boggling... attack the OP, not the abuser. The OP has does everything possible to run a responsible business and not abuse resources... for 7 years now. No, there were not problems before the farm moved in. Script time was around 5-7ms. Do you even know what the means? Probably not.
  9. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Interesting - take a look at this JIRA about mesh rezzing lagging out regions, particularly the note about "a rezzer with multiple mesh homes." https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-8946 Yes, rezzing a build will temporarily utilize resources and cause a spike in script time on the server. It generally lasts for about 5 seconds at the most. 2 minutes sounds like an exaggeration unless it's a colossal build of some sort or a very inefficient rezzer script. Breedable farms are hammering the server relentlessly 24/7 however. There's not a single avatar in the region and the available script time is < 1ms. Rezzers are perfectly fine -- with the exception maybe of temp rezzers which load continuously. Rezzers actually save server resources because as long as nobody is using the property, the scripts within the objects that aren't rezzed aren't running. If all the builds were sitting there waiting for tenants to show up, the number of scripts and active scripts would be significantly greater. Still nothing like a breedable farm. One neighbor on a 4096 parcel just added something like 4000 active scripts to the region with their little zoo. That just seems like a blatant abuse of resources with no regard for others.
  10. Maybe a little education here for all. The sim load for renters is rarely, if ever greater than 10% meaning there are no more than about 3-4 avatars at a time on the parcel... if that. The vast majority of the time, the parcel is empty. Additionally, rental units only rez when avatars are in the vicinity and are derezzed otherwise. The sensors are on, but not a load. Way different than a club or hotspot which is designed to attract a lot of AV's simultaneously. The sim load for my rentals is almost 'nil' as is the prim count. It's that way by design. Mainland air is nothing but rentals these days. Most parcels I look at have adjacent rental skyboxes from 300m to 4000m, sometimes on all 4 sides. You really don't wan't to come in and place your skyboxes right next to others, it's not cool. It's really difficult to find clean airspace to work with anymore.
  11. It's probably a 55 y/o dude. This may help: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussions/Underage-Avatars-posing-as-adults/td-p/137206
  12. Venus Petrov wrote: The ones that love and thrive on teh dramazzz are those that make a note of putting something in their profile like 'DRAMA FREE ZONE' (caps mandatory). Sharing 'true' feelings is not drama if delivered appropriately. Yep, caps mandatory. I have found the usually, 'NO DRAMA' in the profile is a sure clue that you might be dealing with a crazy person. Back in the day, when I did other things than just run a lil business here, my profile said 'BRING ON THE DRAMA!' It was one way to help ensure I was only dealing with the sane. Didn't always work but hey... what does?
  13. Alicia Sautereau wrote: ...we will always hear stories about unfortunate people who suddenly have a horsefarm as a new neighbour on the mainland. And yet another... let's talk Breedables. Presto, just like that, overnight, script time went to 20ms and spare time to pretty much 0ms. Let's talk lag... no, let's not. The sim has been rendered pretty much useless IMO. For years I could find good mainland parcels, check the stats and health of the sim, evaluate all the neighboring parcels, look for steady ownership and script friendly builds that have been, and were most likely to stay in place for a while etc. There was always the risk a nightclub or some other type of hotspot could move in but with due diligence, you could lower that risk. Get many parcels, spread the risk and keep prices competitively low for your customers. Yeah, I have always been keenly aware of the risks, but things change and new risks emerge. In the past few years, a new threat, breedable farms and their enormous script loads have been punishing sims at ever increasing rates. I don't think too many of these farmers understand the impact their zoo has on the sim... if they do, that's kinda uncool. I put in a great deal of effort to keep the script loading on my builds to a minimum (as well as appropriate sizing of textures but that's a different discussion). I understand however that everyone has the right to do what they please on their parcel within the TOS. Suffice to say, my 40+ tenants on that particular parcel aren't happy and complaining about all kinds of bizarre lag related issues now. I guess I will have to move them, shut that particular parcel down and sell it uber cheap. Sure is a lot of work down the drain getting everything setup and functioning properly. So for me, it looks like that's it for Mainland. If it isn't greeiefers it's script overload. If I want to continue, a private region looks like the only option going forward, just much harder to be profitable... not that I really do it for the money but lindens are the points I use to keep score to see how well I'm playing. If I have the most lindens when they shut this whole operation down, I win... right?
  14. ZoeTick wrote: If you have a male avatar, and they are partnered with a female avatar who is not your real life wife and your real life wife starts playing sl and you have an SL affair with your real life wife without telling your SL partner is that cheating. And on who? Or whom? It's only cheating if your SL partner's husband starts playing SL and she has an affair with him without telling you.
  15. Re: I tried to find Sandstorm (256, 34, 227) on the map, to go there and have a look.... The search in map would not accept the coordinates, so I couldn't go there. That's because the object was dead center on a region border (256) and the map won't accept that. 255 would have worked for a TP. Some of the particle spammers I have dealt with lately (in several regions) were centered on parcel or region borders. In one case, I was able to contact both land owners and neither of them could return it. When adjacent parcels have specific settings and different owners, this situation can be exploited. Seems to be an unresolved bug. In any case, LL responded to those AR's within a day or two.
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