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  1. 1/4 Sim Parcels available in our Darling Resort Sim! [1/4 Sim] - [16384 Sqm] - [5000 Prims] - [128x128 Footprint] - Full Parcel Rights - Zoned both commercial and Residential. Check out our [rental office] to see these and other available rentals in Darling Resort and our other Sims.
  2. Check out the changes to our Darling Keys Sim! New: Zoned Residential and Commercial Use the land for either a residential property or for your business, or store, or light venue. New: Parcel Sales rather than group rental property Simply purchase the land and you are ready to go. No need for a group slot! You own the land. You can deed it to your group if you desire. You can use the land level and/or use a skybox. Mix and match both residential and commercial on the same property. It is your choice. Parcels sizes are 4096 Sqm and 5632 Sqm. As always at Darling Estate Rentals we do not create many rental parcels in our full estate Sims. We limit the number of properties to make sure that our renters do not experience lag or other issues. We remain exclusive and our public lands are lightly designed to provide excellent views and no draw lag overload. Check out the newly designed Darling Keys Sim at our [Rental Office] today, and for out design parcels in our other Sims..
  3. A Few Darling Keys Views - At Sunset and Sunrise Center View River View Parcel View Darling Keys is a unique neighborhood style design, with a central park, carriageways for walking or bicycling, with a wide outside river, and is exclusive - having only 9 rental parcels in the entire Sim. Upscale homes, large private parcels, and no commercial traffic. It adjoins our Darling Seas Sim on the East side, which is usable by our tenants for relaxing and light boating. The Keys River can also be used to sail up and into the Darling Seas Sim. We've designed and landscaped to ensure that our residents have a quiet, enjoyable home. Great views on all sides, and a very livable residential experience. Visit our rental office to see the available residential listings in Darling Estates, Darling Keys, and Darling Resort
  4. When you have a sim with only one group owning parcels of land then anyone in the group with a role that has group land rez rights can rez on ANY parcel. There is no way to prevent that being that the land is the same owner. You could make, let's say, 4 groups so that people in group 1 can rez anywhere on parcels owned in neighborhood #1, but won't be able to rez in the other "neighborhoods". This will limit your prims for each set of group owned lands. You'd have to add some public land to group 1, some to group 2, etc., to balance that out. That is a real pain in the rear and I would not recommend it. I suggest using one group and just keep track of who has prims where. It is not as hard as you think unless you have many different public land parcels (not meaning the rental parcels). All you need to do is go to each land parcel and return any prims owned by people who should not have prims on that parcel of land. With many separate parcels it can be a lot of work. If you click your Casperlet Prim Counter and select Debug Count it will report back who has prims on each and every parcel owned by the group that the prim counter is deeded to. That is helpful if you have many different parcels. You can see if renter #3 has prims on the parcel rented by renter #1, or on some public land. In About Land for all group owned parcels, you can go to the Options tab and turn off Object Entry for Everyone and also uncheck Group. This will prevent a group member who is on one parcel from moving an object onto the other parcel. It is very common for a renter to put down a mesh object, then rez another object on top of it or within that mesh physics shape. That will send that new object flying off to end up on other parcels or in the air somewhere. This is the main reason you find renter objects littered around your sim. It was not intentional, and the renter doesn't realize that the object ended up on the other side of the sim. *chuckles* Unchecking the group object entry helps prevent that. You can sell the land to the renter and have no need of group land or group rez rights. They will only be able to rez on the property they themselves own. That of course limits them (and you) to the parcel land capacity. It is not sharing prims with other same-owner lands. Anything you rez onto that land the renter can return at any time too, so depending on your sim design, that could be problematic. When you create your land group YOU will be the one who defines the roles. I never recommend setting that group so that "anyone can join". Make that group specific to your land rental business. Only tenants should be in that group. And certainly, you should get a Smartbot. The bot can be a avatar that you've created, and attached to the Smartbot system. That service will log your bot in and you can set it to park where you want. The bot can be set up in the Casperlet system to invite a new renter to the group you set for the meter. It will also invite any co-tenant that a renter adds to their meter. That bot will automatically eject people from the group if they are evicted on the Casperlet system - as well as their co-tenants. And also will eject from the group a co-tenant if the primary renter removes that person as a co-tenant on their meter. There are different types of bots, so that too is going to be a learning curve for you. If you do not use a bot, you will have to manually do everything yourself. When someone pays to rent a property, they want immediate access to rez and begin their tenancy. They will not want to wait for you or someone on your staff to login to change their roles or invite them to the group. They paid you, they want it now, not later. *chuckle* And yes! Do join the Caspertech Support group. It is very helpful. The website also is an exceptionally good resource. I would grab a big cup of coffee, sit down, read it through, make notes, and then read it again. It is a lot of learning, so take it all slowly and learn the basics and you will be fine. It just is not a simple plug and play when setting up and running rental properties.
  5. I believe that is shared media. it used to be called Media On Prim. It does not use the parcel media or audio stream, so it bypasses land restrictions. There is also a function that allows playing external media to a specific user. I've seen those standalone radios you mentioned in skybox or skydome rentals over the years. There are some still for sale on the marketplace, but you really need to investigate them to be sure they still work properly and are not old scripts. You can play two music streams on the same parcel by setting the parcel audio stream (sound) to one thing, and also setting the Media to an audio stream. That gives you two music streams on a parcel. It won't fade out as you walk away from an object, but it is the easiest solution.
  6. We are pleased to announce that our renovation of Darling Resort is now complete! Darling Resort is an Adult Rated lush green residential Sim, lightly landscaped, with excellent views, rocky beaches, waterways, and more. With very few rental properties in the entire sim, it is very exclusive and private. We've designed to ensure that our residents will enjoy their private homes and properties with open yard space and water views and water access. At Darling Estates Rentals we limit our residential rental properties to 10 parcels or less in a Full Estate. All of our rental properties include our Sim-Wide Dance system with singles and couples dances. Dance alone or with your partner to our Darling Radio music stream. Dance, bowl, or play Alienum at our entertainment center. Enjoy quiet, private, exclusive, comfortable living. *** DARLING ESTATES RENTALS Visit our unique and beautiful landscaped Sims to find the perfect place for you at Darling Estates Rentals! Since 2012 creating unique living experiences! *** [Rental Office & Community Center] * [Facebook] * * [Blog] *
  7. We've made some landscaping changes, price and prim changes too, in Darling Keys. Come visit our Rental Office to see what we have to offer. At Darling Estates Rentals we limit our residential rental properties to 10 parcels or less in a Full Estate. All of our rental properties include our Sim-Wide Dance system with singles and couples dances. Dance alone or with your partner to our Darling Radio music stream. Dance, bowl, or play Alienum at our entertainment center. Enjoy quiet, private, exclusive, comfortable living. Welcome home! [Rental Office & Entertainment Center] * [Facebook] *
  8. We are pleased to announce that our renovation of the Darling Keys Sim is now complete! Darling Keys is a unique neighborhood style design, with a central park, carriageways for walking or bicycling, with a wide outside river, and is exclusive - having only 9 rental parcels in the entire Sim. Upscale homes, large private parcels, and no commercial traffic. It adjoins our Darling Seas Sim on the East side, which is usable by our tenants for relaxing and light boating. The Keys River can also be used to sail up and into the Darling Seas Sim. We've designed and landscaped to ensure that our residents have a quiet, enjoyable home. Great views on all sides, and a very livable residential experience. Here are some of the rental properties and homes now available in the Darling Keys Sim: *** DARLING ESTATES RENTALS Visit our unique and beautiful landscaped Sims to find the perfect place for you at Darling Estates Rentals! Since 2012 creating unique living experiences! *** Please Visit our Rental Office to see the available residential listings in Darling Estates, Darling Keys, and Darling Resort. [Rental Office & Community Center] * [Facebook] * * [Blog] *
  9. Our Easy Going Society 7Seas Fishing Weekly Contest at Easy Goings Skyland Mall is underway. Our contest starts every week on Wednesday at 10am SLT and runs for 7 days. Current pot is $L400, Top 3 fishing scores for rounds for the week split 50%/30%/20%. Rounds start every 1/2 hour SLT and run for 29 minutes. Unlimited (Baited fishing). Ties Allowed. We also host Alienum - The Alien Plants fishing game, and Fish Hunt. [7Seas Weekly Contest Area] Good luck fishing, everyone!
  10. Hmm. I see that I wrote that part about roles incorrectly. What I intended to convey from our experience in our sims was that if a person is BOTH an Estate Manager of the sim and also the owner in the group that owns the land, they can TP in from outside the sim via the world map or a LM and it ignores the landing point. If however the person is not an owner in that group, being in an officer role, they get sent to the landing point; If the person is only an owner of the group, not also an Estate Manager, they get sent to the Landing Point now. For example, I am an Estate Manager of a Sim and in the owner role of the land group that owns land in the sim. I routinely TP into the Sim from outside of it by using LMs, selecting locations and heights via the world map, and it allows me to bypass the set landing point for the group-owned parcel. Another person who is an Estate Manager of that sim, but who is in a lesser role (non-owner) of the group, they get sent to the landing point when TPing in from outside of the Sim. This was not an issue for that person before, but within the last 4-6 months or so, suddenly they are always sent to the landing points of group owned land. I however, can still TP in to anywhere in the sim, even when I am not wearing the correct group tag for the land. This is not mainland, it is a full private region, on the main server channel (and now the cloud). Some have said here that they've been experiencing this for 5 or more years, but I have no idea if that was on a RC or Magnum, or other Server Channel, or it relates to the age of the Sim. I can only example our experiences in our sims, and for us, this has not been an issue for my managers or tenants until this very year.
  11. Very interesting. I didn't view that thread because it looked like it related to orbs. The issue with the Linden plants, I've never seen that. But of course I don't use or allow the use of them on any of our lands. I have that disabled, but it comes at a slight cost: Not being able to rez onto the land from the library. Dunno what a lamp or a kiosk in the library has to do with "landscaping using Linden Plants", but apparently it does. *laughs* I do know it that there was not an issue a few months ago, but suddenly my tenants could no longer TP from their created LMs to the rental properties without first getting set down onto the landing point set for that rental property. They did not have any issue with it before, and then one day, no luck. I had not changed the land, had not changed any role settings, or anything. It was just sudden. I guess I will do a test to see if selecting other role abilities for officers might resolved this, one setting at time, as close to owner role status as I can. From what you say, I gather it can be something anomalous and seemingly unrelated to the ignore landing point setting. Thanks for the reply.
  12. For more than a few months now I have been seeing this same issue: Group owned Land with a Landing Point, Group Roles set to "ignore landing point", but the person ends up at the landing point when attempting to TP from the world map from outside the sim or via a Landmark despite them wearing the group and correct role title. Teleporting from within the sim to other group owned land positions/parcels, ignoring the landing point is not a problem. I have noted that if a person is a Group Owner, they can TP from outside the sim to any point they want on group land, but the lesser roles, they cannot. Even if someone is an Estate Manager for the entire sim, if they are not also a group owner of the group that that owns that group land they will end up at the set landing point. I have tested this with the newest Second Life Viewer and Firestorm Viewer. Same thing. A group member with a non-owner role ends up at the group owned parcel landing point. This was not an issue in the past. I've routinely set a landing point on a parcel, had separate Landmarks for different areas (On the ground and another in a skybox, for example), and group members wearing the group tag could bypass the landing point by using a LM or SLURL from outside the sim, while non-group members would end up at the landing point. Anyone have any information about how to get around this issue, or is it just something that is now the norm in SL?
  13. Newly renovated and now available in our Darling Estates sim: [DE11] - Farview House: A stylish shabby open single story cabin home on a private 4032 sqm parcel. The house has stairs and a Mezzanine inside, garage style glass windows, and a stylized unique adult bathroom. The parcel is fully landscaped with wild gardens, feature seating areas, decks, outbuilding with adult hot tub, faux beach and cove, and more. Sim corner and very private and exclusive. [DE12] - Sunview Cottage: A two story cottage style home on a sim edge 4023 sqm private parcel. Beautifully designed and landscaped, with feature seating areas, outbuildings, and one of only a select few rental properties in the Darling Estates Sim. The house has 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bath, partially furnished with a full feature bathroom with an adult tub/shower, a customized kitchen with 2 animation areas (sink and stove), coffee maker with coffee giver, and a kitchen table that seats 4, with animations and props. Outside, there are several seating areas, and an adult Hot Tub. At Darling Estates Rentals all of our rental homes are on their own private parcels and come with Caspersafe Security Systems. Included also is our TIS Sim Wide Dance System that includes both solo and couples dances. You can dance in your house, in your yard, or on the public commons. In all of our residential rental sims we limit the total number of rental properties, so that the vast majority of each sim is landscaped common areas for the use and view of our residents. We do not rent out every square meter of the land and sky like so many rental sims do, causing lag and draw complexity. We do not mix residential and business parcels in the same sim. We keep each sim under 10 rental properties, in total. Upscale, private, and exclusive. A wide variety of homes, styles, and features. Visit us in-world at our rental office or view our blog for available listings. [Rental Office & Community Center] * [Facebook] * * [Blog] *
  14. Hey! We've are gearing up for Halloween at the Alienum Space Station! We've decorated just a little, but nothing too scary. Come visit and look around, play the game, visit the lands who host our Alienum Clusters and Buoys, and earn $L or host an Alienum area yourself! Always fun, interactive, and a good way to meet people and see amazing locations. Something wicked... err... special.... this way comes, so check back over the coming weeks.
  15. You have no recourse. None. LL will not do anything, not even send a note to the person suggesting that they return the objects or give you a refund of the money you paid. I have been in similar situations several times, but on a much larger scale. You hire managers or staff and they come in and put down objects that they own, and then later they decide to quit and take their objects with them. Or, you hire outside landscapers/designers to do specific work using objects they own, they accept the contract and agree to the payment, give you their object rights, and can leave their objects on your property for months or years. They can come back later, sometimes years later, and suddenly demand more money. If you don't pay, they take everything. The simple fact is, unless you own the object, it is not yours. Many designers/landscapers come in, put down objects that they bought, and you are paying for that design service, but they are not selling you the object(s)/product. They can't, because unless the object is transferable they cannot sell it to you. They can loan it to you, or even rent to you, but they cannot sell it fully to you. If the object IS transferable then they will transfer ownership to you. If they don't give it to you, it is probably because they can't. Here is another issue I have with designers who use non-transferable objects that they purchased from stores and then give you their object rights: They landscape, decorate, and furnish and so on, give you their object rights so you can move things around if you need to over the months and years, and all is good. Right? Wrong. Because most these design people who give you their object rights also give their objects to every customer they have done work for. That means that possibly some previous customer of that designer can come to your place and mess things up, move things around, or return objects, because they have that person's objects rights too. And, really, if you are relying on their objects rights you are at risk if they suddenly decide to leave SL and cancel those object rights, or their account gets deleted, or they go MIA from SL and their account settings become corrupted. If you can't get ahold of them anymore and move to different sim on the grid, you can't pick those objects up and take them with you. It is really a risk if you don't own everything yourself. What you have to do is buy the products/objects yourself and have the designer or staff place them. You own it, it is yours, you can give them your object rights temporarily and they can design/furnish/landscape, move, and modify. If a designer/landscaper is also the creator of what they are putting down, they can transfer everything they want to use first to you, then you rez it, and they do the rest. A true professional sim designer, landscaper, or interior decorator, will either be the creator of everything they use so that they can transfer all to you, or they will give you a list of everything YOU need to go purchase so that you are the owner of every object. If you are not the owner, you will always be at the object owners mercy.
  16. DARLING ESTATES RENTALS Visit our unique and beautiful landscaped Sims to find the perfect place for you at Darling Estates Rentals! Since 2012 creating unique living experiences! Ours are upscale homes, with custom landscaping designs, rare select business parcels, and both furnished and unfurnished houses. All of our properties are full parcels, not shared. The public areas of our Sims are beautifully landscaped and planned with tenant access waterways, public feature areas, and other amenities. We also limit the number of rental parcels in each Sim. We do not rent out every square meter of space (and in the sky too!) like so many other rental companies do. Our Sims are guaranteed exclusive and private for our residential tenants. Come visit our rental office and look around the choices and options of our many highly landscaped and exclusive rental properties and find your perfect place for a home or business. If you've already visited us before, check back to see our new additions and updated parcels! [Rental Office & Community Center] * [Facebook] * * [Blog] *
  17. No, it is not allowed, but it goes on all the time. It is griefing, by using rezzed objects, or a hud to attack, cage, harass or otherwise. You should file AR reports every time this happens and hope LL does something about the person(s) doing it. But, most of the people who engage is this kind of activity, once they get suspended, or banned, make a new account, come back, and do it again. It is a never ending battle. If you are being attacked, TP out, or Ground Sit. If you are being caged or bounced around by hidden scripted objects, you can do the same. Turn on highlight transparent and then you might be able to see the objects and abuse report those objects and owners. And also look at your mini-map or nearby list and if there are only a few folks around, begin blocking the other people around in the same sim. Sure, if there are more than a few around, it isn't reasonable to block everyone, but you can do a test to see if the issue disappears after you block a specific person or group of people. Block and unblock and you can narrow the field down There might be more than one person doing this at the same time, so you are getting effected by multiple user objects or attacks. It is game to them. Bleh. You can do an area search and find who is rezzing things around you or scattering suspect objects all over the sim. Easier to report because you report the object and it fills in the owner in the AR. In any case, just AR every time you experience this kind of harassment. Make a notecard as a template for the report if the same thing happens over and over. Copy and paste the text into the report. That way you don't have to type in basically the same thing over and over in each AR. That's all you can do really.
  18. No. Su cuenta de Paypal debe ser verificada antes de que pueda comprar $L usando Paypal, incluso si ya tiene el dinero en el saldo de su cuenta de Paypal. Debe verificar su cuenta de Paypal en el sitio de Paypal antes de poder usarla para comprar $L.
  19. In regards to the website, not the links from within a Second Life viewer, if you look closely you will see that when you login to the marketplace you are actually logging in to a different subdomain, not the marketplace subdomain (marketplace.secondlife.com). Clicking login, it redirects you to the id.secondlife.com subdomain where you login, and it returns you to the marketplace subdomain. If you click "remember me" it is saving that to id.secondlife.com. This process is handled differently on the main Second Life page, so when you login and check remember me it will automate that login until you logout of that account. The marketplace login process, as stated above, is handled in another way. However, even logging in to the main website saves your login data for and to id.secondlife.com. Check your browsers password vault to see how many instances for id.secondlife.com are in there. If you created, logged in, ever as another SL account, there will most likely be more than one listed there. Quite simply put, if you have other accounts or alts, have logged into the main Second Life site even one time with the other account(s) (or a someone else used your computer to login to the website or marketplace), then the cookies, the website data, etc., will remember that, and when it goes to the id subdomain to login it doesn't know which one to use, so you are prompted to login again. This is probably the main cause of why "remember me" is useless for so many people when using the SL marketplace. When you access the MP site directly, once you leave the site, close the browser, have it sitting idle for too long, then the connection that was established between the ID subdomain and the marketplace subdomain basically disconnects and/or expires. Going back to the site from a bookmark you need to remake that connection by logging in. So, if you access your account dashboard on the Second Life Website, go to the Shopping>Marketplace via the menu you will not (or should not) have to login to the marketplace separately. Your current login data gets passed over to the marketplace subdomain. Err, usually. *grins*
  20. Like others here have commented, it does sound like you are talking about the display name, not the username. Usernames never could be changed prior to the recent addition of that feature for premium accounts. The only caveat to that is that when an older account with a first and last name username added a display name, their account name would from then on display as "first.lastname" in chat and by scripts and never returned to first-space-last when they removed the display name. For example, my account username is "Markham Weatherwax". If I add a display name like just my first name, it would now display as: Markham (markham.weatherwax). That period between the first and last is really the only real change to how a username is displayed, however it does not change how we older accounts log-in, which is still Firstname Lastname. I personally have never added a display name to my account, however many of my friends with older accounts with two names (and no period) did and got stuck with that between between the names forevermore. I looked at your SL profile and I see where you changed your display name several times 3 months ago, and finally back to JonnLeGroove, which you had 6 years ago. I can tell you've already changed your account name. What you have now is nowhere close to what your original account name was (I won't write what your previous account name was for privacy reasons). You CAN revert back to your original account name, and the last name you originally had IS still available to you to use for name changes. As stated on [This Page], "No one can use your original name. Your original name will always be yours, and you can revert back to it by changing your name again whenever you wish. Your original last name will also be available to you for future name changes." What it sounds like is you tried to change your display name many times in one day, and you cannot do that. Not even if you remove it and make it blank. When you change a display name it can take 24 hours to propagate down into all SL servers, and you can only change your display name once every 7 days. That means any change, no matter how slight (like capitalizing one letter). If you attempt to use invalid special characters, it can gummy up the works too. If you got a premium account, paid to do a name change, then probably you could immediately after changing your account name also change your display name even if you had changed it a day before when you had the free account (this is only a guess on my part). But, you wasted your money if all you were attempting to do was change your display name.
  21. Same here, when accessing the forums from the SL account page, selecting community>forums. It loaded when I selected the forums link on that not found page.
  22. Check our this thread: And also, if you have have tons of stuff in your lost and found folder and/or received items, clear them out. I've heard of this issue due to having landmarks pointing to invalid locations - especially in your favorites. Read the above thread and the last message there from 2017. It might help. Good luck!
  23. It can and does happen. It can lose all for your settings due to a corruption, or something got borked after a viewer crash, or your hard drive had an issue, or really it could many reasons. Something happened when your hard drive was optimizing itself, or during a security scan, or a disk cleanup. Whatever was the cause, the system files didn't get saved or got corrupted. You actually could have had a crash that wasn't exactly a crash (enough to bring up the crash dialog), but enough that your settings got corrupted. Your Firestorm settings are saved on your computer, not on the Firestorm servers. You do need to save that backup of your settings once you get Firestorm configured again. Make it a routine. Once a week, or month, do a backup. Make a folder in your document folder or on the desktop, go into Firestorm preferences and set your backup path to that, and back them up. Make sure you are careful not to delete that folder on your computer, or have it where someone else can delete it by mistake. And, I'd recommend saving a back up of that backup folder to a disk, usb drive, or even on cloud storage. You never know when you might need to restore a back up of your backup.
  24. It is a strange one. It is really difficult to answer without precisely knowing the details of the house and having seen it ourselves. The best thing to do is ask the creator for assistance. I have actually seen this issue before, at least similar issues. The trouble was that the doors worked if you clicked them on the reverse side (inside the house) and it never worked when trying to open them from the outside. I saw one where you had to click the doorknob exactly in the right spot to get the door to open. Perhaps the doors are not set properly for the "click to", or there are other scripts inside the house (a color script, window scripts, etc..). You might be able to fix this if the house is modify and you edit>edit linked>click on the door to select it, and make sure the "click to" action is set to touch. If you have windows that open and close when clicking them, then that sounds like the doors were not set correctly. If you can right click touch on the roof and the doors open... you do need to contact the creator and ask for help on that, or an update. I'd ask for assistance on that in any case. Perhaps the creator doesn't realize there is a gitch or flaw. Good luck!
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