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  1. Hey lone wolves! I'm Shiva, I've been in SL for about 10 years, with a lot of on-and-off periods. In RL I'm 27 years old and I live in Italy so my time zone is GMT+1. I like exploring and always doing new things because my main problem is my tendency to easily get bored. I'm up for both long-lasting friendships and casual company. I just don't like doing things alone, it bores me a lot!
  2. Hi there, I'm Shiva! I'm always looking for people to talk (both in chat and in voice) with but I tend to engage myself more in casual conversations than in lasting relationships (I don't login always at the same time nor everyday; it happens that I don't login for months and then, for a week, I do it everyday, etc but I like meeting new people and explore the world in company). How can I engage people to just have a chat and explore with me, in an occasional way? Should I join a group or go to specific places? Or just IM someone interesting and say "let's go, no strings attached"?
  3. Hi! It would be great to hang out and roleplay together but I can't find you in-world with the Search!
  4. Hi, I can't connect to the voice server. When I log in, this message appears: **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**s://gyazo.com/f11783ba6a607cf8986bf2586c345b18" border="0" width="401" /> I use SL viewer (but it doesn't work on Firestorm either) and I have ESET Smart Security as antivirus and firewall. Help needed!
  5. I've a 6 years old laptop with overheating problems. What is lighter for the RAM, SL viewer or Firestorm?
  6. Hi guys! It could seem an unusual request but... do you know any places where you can do "anti-stress" activities such as throwing places against the wall, punching and kicking something, destroying and breaking objects, etc? I would like to do something like that but I really don't know how to look for a place like that (by the way, how do you search for something? I never get to find what I want using the Inworld Search, maybe it could be better using Google or what?). Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hi, I sent you an IM inworld :matte-motes-wink:
  8. OMG what a complicated story! Anyway thank you so much guys, I didn't know anything about this stuff, it all makes sense now. I got the Maria by Isteni with the redelivery but now I'm wondering... should I buy the Omega applier for Sapphira or the one for Isteni (even if the latter is not available at the Omega store anymore)?
  9. Hi Nadia, nice to meet you! We have some interests in common: I also love watching TV shows (I haven't seen True Blood but it's on my list since I'm a big fan of TVD) and The Sims (actually it's because of that videogame that I got into Second Life), and reading romance books (it would be great to share some good YA titles). I'll add you in-world so we can hang out and talk about those things and others :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  10. It says "Unknown". I think the creator has deleted the account because I can't find her anymore, and neither the store, the group, etc. I can't find anything related to that mesh body anymore!
  11. Is there anyone who owns the Banned Dea mesh body? What happened to the store and the groups? I'm still using it but right now I'm experiencing a problem with the HUD and I don't know where I should ask for help!
  12. Hey everybody! I'm Shiva and I would like to meet people who are usually online between 11 pm and 4 am SLT (I'm from Italy so I'm usually online at that time). About me: I like roleplaying (urban, modern, everyday life), shopping (for freebies), books and poetry, music, dancing, taking pics, laughing and having fun doing all kind of activities, I just hate to get bored! It would be great to join or create a group of "night people" to hang out with, explore, roleplaying, create a family, a club, anything! Contact me here or in-world if you're interested
  13. Hi, I'm Shiva! I'm from Italy and I love books, poetry, music, exploring and doing new activities. It would be great to hang out together in world
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