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  1. I see today that several large K-Places have been emptied out and the lands now up for sale. This was very sudden and there is nothing noting it on the websites or in Cosma Creator's profile (yet). She has sponsored the K-Places all over Second Life for years. The K-Places, K-Port, and more, all dedicated to spreading Knowledge. It's sad to see the K-Places going and gone now. I think there is still a need for such places, but without a lot of promotion and volunteerism, they just sit empty and purposeless. It is a sad loss to SL. So! Thank you for all the years of supporting SL, Knowledge Foundry and Cosma Creator (la marama). You will be missed, at least by some.
  2. A good one to consider is a KittyCatS Perma-Pet. It does not need food, milk, or even to be petted. You can pose it or let it wander around in a set range. The other side benefit is that it can be updated for free to the newest scripts as time passes so you'll have the newest scripts and animations. The free ones don't update so you run into issues with older out of date scripts, or glitches that never got fixed. You can get a free KittyCatS Perma-Pet by using the Firestorm viewer. You can also pick up free ones when there is an event, like SL12B. Cheap is cheap, but those are free. If you want a specific type of cat you might be able to find a good deal on one at the secondary markets or on the MP.
  3. It depends on what you like. For some folks it is a cat, while for others it is a dog, or a dragon, or something else. You just need to find one you like the look of and go with it. Look at the abilities. Some just sit on your shoulder, some follow you, and others are much more complex and can do things on their own. It really depends on what you like and what you want out of having a virtual pet. Good luck finding your pet in SL!
  4. 1024 m2 Parcel on the Sansara Mainland, in the Snowlands, on a Protected Linden Road. The price includes the objects (House and trees). 117 Prims. Close to many snowland features and protected lands, as well as protected Linden waterways. Great for a home, a lodge, or a shop. Quiet and nice Neighbors. Price: $L6000 or make a reasonable offer by IMing me in-world. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ess/167/12/106
  5. Look, I am not going to continue this back and forth with you because I've ready said we'll probably never see eye to eye on this. You want to argue, not have an evolving conversation or debate. I will say that nuke, bulldoze, tear down, are not relevant here. You can take everything in a build into your inventory in one block, then put it back exactly where it was or in a new place, complete and intact, in one click. The build isn't destroyed. Even if you delete it LL can bring it back from the backups. It's not like real life at all. If SL was like real life those Linden buildings would begin to fall apart after years being empty, neglected, and not maintained. Real historical structures have to be cared for, heated and cooled, and repaired on a regular basis if you want them to remain standing. You want to argue RL issues in SL context, but the two do not equate. I said before, keep them on the grid, but only as long as they are being maintained. You locked onto "if not, sell the land" and went into a diatribe about real life property developers. You are raging about part of what I wrote, not the entirety. You want to argue a point that is out of context. Stillman Bazaar is updated, maintained, managed. The Village and the mansion are not. That's what we were talking about, or at least I was. You seem to have it in mind that I am talking about every place of historical value in SL that is empty and underused, and I am not. I never was. It's obvious that I never was. I guess you are bored and just want to argue to pass the time. We should be in-world DOing something, if there was anything to DO in SL these days. *grin* Let's agree to disagree. You are not winning me over and I am not winning you over, because we are not having the same conversation.
  6. It's a problem a lot of people experience in SL. Many have said that it relates to your e-mail provider blocking most mail originating from Second Life. Others have said it's a Linden Lab issue. From my experience it has been e-mail providers. Sometimes even if you whitelist @im.agni.lindenlab.com, remove the account level spam filters and even turn off the virus checker, you still won't get IMs. It's apparently blocked at the provider level, not the user level. However, you can try adding "@im.agni.lindenlab.com" to the whitelist and it might work on some providers. Some it won't. If that's the case you'll have to find an alternate e-mail provider that allows it. Even if you own a domain (hosted on a web provider like 1and1) you can find that you are not getting IMs from SL. It's because 1and1 blocks those for some reason. I think it is because of an issue years ago that landed SecondLife.com on a large blacklist, or at least the headers for IM being blacklisted. I would suggest making an SL support ticket, though. It could be a glitch in your account. If not, then try asking your e-mail provider about it. I don't get IMs either. My e-mail is mail.com which is owned by 1and1. I also host my domains on 1and1 so my domain e-mails can't get IM's either. However, I DO get mail from support.secondlife.com. It could be an SL glitch, but I suspect it's 1and1 blocking the other mails.
  7. Pamela Galli wrote: I discovered that if I disabled Atmospheric Shaders, all is well. Except now I cant see materials or shadows. My iMac is almost 6 yrs old anyway, so I just bought a new one (with a Nvidia instead of ATI card). It sounds like possibly the video card memory is failing/faulting in that unit, that or the GPU. It could be software related, but I doubt it. You need to run or have a tech run intensive diags on the hardware and software. The machine could still be salvageable, but if you let it go too long it can cause other damage. Hope the new machine works out for you.
  8. Qie Niangao wrote: Yeah, I read that on a blog. Color me skeptical. Yeah, I'm skeptical as well. But, you know, I don't really care about the actual reason why it shut down, only that it shut down. The owner(s) had his reasons, didn't care enough about it continuing on SL to look for other options or people to take it over, and so he/they killed it off. I'm a bit disheartened that it is now gone, but to be honest I have not visited there or even thought about it in probably 5 or more years. The people I really feel sorry for are the residents and shop owners who had no time to find some place else to go. A week notice? That's pretty lame.
  9. irihapeti wrote: i disagree with the sentiment Yadni's continues to exist bc it means something to Yadni + how would nuking the Governor Linden mansion serve us better? what would serve us better on that spot? A garden? A park? And a monument with a plaque that says "Here is the site of the olde worlde Governor Linden Mansion. Is not here anymore bc we nuked it. bc is better for you the person to read this plaque and go here to this website to see a picture of what it was we nuked" That's your opinion and that's fine. As for Yadni's Junkyard, if it means something to him he should do what he already does there and get rid of the rest. By that I mean show the history of Yadni's, tell his story, and make it a memorial park or museum. He doesn't need to have the tons of outdated freebie items that end up causing problems all over Second Life and also discourages new users who think nothing works here or fits on their land or puts them over script limits. They should come to Yadni's Junkyard to see what an amazing person and builder he was, not to walk off with a lot of useless crap that makes them think SL is a worthless POS. As for the Linden places, they should actively use them or sell the land off. No plaques, no monuments, no nothing unless they are active Linden locations. The mansion and the village are full of missing pieces, half finished projects, single parts up in the air, and notices that read "We are working to restore..." dated in 2009. You know who goes to Linden locations the most? New users. From those empty desolate places they go to other Linden locations, which are also empty and many unfinished. They also go to the Infohubs where there are empty signs and sections that look like they should have something in them. In one of the first InfoHubs new users discover they still have up the feature photo and landmark link to the Gnubie Store, a place that closed in January 2011. I don't mind those places staying in existence, I actually like a lot of them, but if they are not being maintained there is no purpose for them other than as a historical place that has been forgotten and abandoned by the very people who should care most about it. New users see those places, see the unfinished clutter, the outdated info and links, the notes from 2009, and then many decide that Second Life is a dying place and give up and get off. What do you think will happen to those places once Second Life closes down? There won't even be a memorial anywhere for them because the grid will be gone. If SL doesn't get new users and keep new users, interest them enough to spend money and time here, Second Life will go away. It will shut down. Abandoned buildings do not inspire people to stay in Second Life. That's my opinion. It's obviously not yours. We will probably never see eye to eye on this topic. But I will say this: I talk to a lot of new users and almost universally they say something akin to, "Yeah. Nice empty building. But let me ask you, what can I DO here in Second Life? It's been pretty boring so far." *shrugs* We are going to lose this if we are not careful.
  10. Pamela Galli wrote: It was a very old build, and from the pictures, it does not look like anyone had been doing the updating it badly needed. Other than being big, there was perhaps not much else to recommend it. I imagine that is why it closed. That's certainly one of the main reasons no matter what the owners say. They can claim it is because of the Linden's not caring or willing to work with them, because of greifer attacks that were destroying parts of the ship, and lots of other reasons too. They said that money didn't enter into their decision, but I think it did. They were not making what they used to make, not in the current SL economy. It undoubtedly was becoming harder and harder to have the feeling of it being worthwhile maintaining the SS Galaxy - especially after so many years of doing it. There are a lot of reasons why the SS Galaxy closed. It all just came to a head after recent greifer attacks destroyed part of the ship and when asked for help Linden Lab basically said, "We'll help you this one time but then you are on your own." That did not sit well with the owner(s) who thought that they deserved more after so many years of providing content and activity for SL users. I think that was the straw that broke the camels back. SL has always been this way. You build a place, people come, it gets popular, it thrives, then it slows down, people get bored, stop coming, and it closes down. Some people are die hard fans and want it continue, want the Lindens to save it, want it to be preserved for posterity, but that's not practical. If Linden Lab saved every place that was ever built in SL that deserved to be saved there would be whole continents of beautiful places that no one visits, ever. It is up to us, the users and the builders, to maintain and sustain places we think are worthy. It costs us in effort, time, and money. The Lindens benefit from us doing what we want to do, but they don't owe us anything. If Second Life is not built and maintained by the users, then it has no purpose. There are other virtual worlds that are fully fleshed out enterprises that don't need users to build and design much or anything at all. Second Life was designed to be user maintained and supported. If the users won't do it, then Second Life needs to close down. There are a lot of places in SL that should have been shut down a long time ago. Yadni's Junkyard for one. It serves no purpose and actually causes problems in Second Life because it gives away tons of old items and scripts. Yadni continues paying to keep it going, even though Yadni doesn't live here anymore. The Lindens are no better. They keep lots of useless places around, but don't upkeep or maintain them. Linden Village is a joke, as is Governor Linden's Mansion. They'd be better served (and better serve us as well) if they got rid of those places and made a big historical museum with photos of all the places and events that were once popular in SL. They could include feature places like Yadni's Junkyard and the SS Galaxy, to name two out of hundreds if not thousands. In the early days Second Life was great because it was new and interesting and something none of us had seen or experienced before. Now it is just another virtual world among many. And, what we used to love about Second Life is now boring. New users want to DO something, not just shop, dance, and sit around and chat. The SS Galaxy was great and interesting and amazing in its day, but for most modern day users it was really nothing more than a sightseeing day trip. They came, they saw, they left. Time spent there beyond that, boring for most people. Linden Lab is not going to do anything because they've gotten into the habit of not doing anything. SL was designed that way, for them to do the underpinnings of the world and little else. It was always the users who made the best places, the best activities, the best equipment and items. When many builders and designers left Second Life for better ground Linden Lab did not step up because that was never their business plan. They do not have the staff or resources to provide all of the content, activities, and events in Second Life; They can't do it anyway because then they'd be in direct competition with the users who build, script, and host events. They'd be sued on a daily basis if they tried to for loss of business, profit, and endless other anti-competition issues. They can't do it here, so they are making a new world with different rules. WE have to build it, script it, set it up, and make Second Life interesting and appealing - otherwise it goes away. WE have to take the financial hit or risk. Linden Labs doesn't. If Second Life closes down they will continue on with other worlds and businesses. Sure, old users of SL won't trust them again, but new users will. They always do. The truth of why the SS Galaxy went away is mainly because the owners lost their passion for maintaining it and were not willing to sell or give it away to others who might have been able to keep it afloat. It was not going to outlive them or their passion for it, so it would have gone away at some point anyway. It was never going to be an enduring Second Life attraction. Let's hope some new people come in and build the next amazing place, hopefully this time with something for users to actually DO. If not, we are seeing the future of Second Life and it's eventually demise.
  11. The only thing I can suggest is that if abuse reports are getting you nowhere, take some snapshots of the issue, go over and get the exact SLURL and other information, then file a support ticket. Keep updating that ticket too, adding to it. Not every day of course, but after reasonable periods of waiting. Give LL a chance to do something. Try to contact the land owner first, though. Every time you send them an IM send it with full details of what you want and why you want it. Don't send "We need to talk" or "I want to discuss something about your land" and the like. You'd be surprised how many people do that. You want to write that you are having an issue, this is what it is, and suggest how to fix it. If anything is going to get you a response, that will do it. If you don't get a response within a week or two file a support ticket, and in it state that you've tried to resolve the issue by whatever means. If LL doesn't fix it the only thing you can do is buy an Estate or leave SL for someplace else that's better supported.
  12. There is a group that owns a neighoring parcel that I have an issue with, but I cannot contact the owner or owners of the group. The founder is listed as Nobody. You can't join the group, can't find anyone associated with it in the search or the group itself (even though the setting to be findable in search is set). I can't find anything about the group in a Google search either. So, how can you contact the owners of a group if the founder is deleted and you can't see the other users in the group? Is the only solution to contact LL support? Thanks in advance! Edit - There are no objects on the property, so I cannot check them. The issue relates to the land. I'd like to contact the owner of it to discuss something concerning it. It could be ban lines, it could terraforming, it could be the build setting set to anyone and the objects by non-group members are causing a problem because of no auto-return. There could be a whole host reasons why someone would want to contact a land owner. What, if anything, can you do, beyond what I have already done, to contact a group member or owner if the founder or owner is set to Nobody? I guess nothing but submit a support ticket. Thanks for trying to answer. I appreciate it.
  13. Take stock of your items, their sizes, and if when you come back there are less prims available you should be able to ascertain the what and why. Also go to Build/Pathfinding/Linksets. Check that too. You might have an object with a script that is rezzing items, either automatically or when a user touches the object. You should be able to find that in the linksets.
  14. Yes, it certainly does. And thanks for the group setting info too. It was a good detailed response, something we should all try to do all of the time. And I agree 100% with moving those settings together instead on different menu pages. Now what irihapeti is talking about is about what I suggested in my first reply. Allow group access, have the alt set home position, then uncheck the group access. The alt still has their home position set on your land. No ban lines and no one else in the group can set home to your land/Linden home. But Caitlin Tobias is completely correct. You've got to set the land to group first otherwise you can't turn on the allow group access setting for any group. If you do that my suggestion dosen't have to be done at all. Set it to group, have your alt set home, then remove the land from group. The Allow Group Access doesn't setting doesn't have to be touched at all. You don't have to create a new group just to accomplish that. All that is required is you and your alt be in the same existing group. It can be a free access group. It doesn't matter. You set the land to that group, the alt sets home, you remove the land from group so that no other group members can set their home location to your land or Linden House. That is, as long as Pussycat Catnap detailed, the group settings allow users to set home to group land. It's very unlikely, as irihapeti said, that another user will have time to set their home position to your land in that short window you are doing this to allow your alt to set home. *sips coffee* Ah. My brain is starting to wake up.
  15. Caitlin Tobias wrote: Markham Weatherwax wrote: Just as Amethyst Jetaime said, you can do it. But FYI, when you do, everyone not in your group list and your neighbors will get ban lines. Try this: Set it to group, then have your alt set the place to their home location, then change the setting back to non-group public access. Your alt should still have home position set there. That way you can have non-group visitors and your neighbors won't see ban lines. No. Setting a land to group has nothing to do with access, it is just to allow a group to rez or set their home position or any other thing you would want groupmembers to be able to do, depending on their role. As long as you do not restrict land access to group only, anyone can visit and no banlines show...but non-groupmembers cannot set home or rez etc. Access restricting is a completely different thing. Ah! I stand corrected. Sheesh! I was thinking only of the Allow Group Access option. I had it in my mind to say "please don't check that box!" *chuckle* I run into it too much that folks have public access and allow group access. That was forefront in my brain. Lesson learned! Don't post when you are tired and have not had any coffee yet. Thanks for the correction!
  16. I just recently joined the SL Friendship Network. You might look into that. It looks to be an active group and they do things, have events, and so on. I must admit, I haven't done anything with them yet. I am busy working on an SL newsletter project. I do look forward to getting more involved with the group soon.
  17. Just as Amethyst Jetaime said, you can do it. But FYI, when you do, everyone not in your group list and your neighbors will get ban lines. Try this: Set it to group, then have your alt set the place to their home location, then change the setting back to non-group public access. Your alt should still have home position set there. That way you can have non-group visitors and your neighbors won't see ban lines.
  18. Yes, you can, but it's not going to simply fall into your lap. You've got to develop, test, build, perfect and then advertise and promote. It's just like any other business. If you are looking to make your sole living off of creating in SL, that's a long ways off and might not even be possible. You can develop here and also on other platforms. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. You can put out good quality products here (and there) and then give yourself legitimate credits on your resume. That can help you in other ways. Worst case, you can get practice in here. Some people will tell you not to, that it's not worth it, that you need to wait for this or that, but don't listen to them. Do your own research and decide your best course of action. Not everyone is helpful, not everyone will be looking out for your best interest, and will try to dissuade you from anything and everything. Don't pay attention to them.
  19. Ah! That's a good idea. I'm going to set that up too. I'd much rather stand than sit. Thanks!
  20. Eh! Abuse report him. He obviously knows he can't use the name. Governance8Linden? Sheesh! *laughs*
  21. Yes, perhaps you should FYI them. I run into it all the time where someone has marked the land Public Access but also checked Group Access. Some folks don't understand that if you do group access it overrides public access. I guess some people just forget, but others just won't read instructions. Just recently I FYIed two large land owners who are selling their properties that no one could actually get on the property because they had the group access checked along with public. These folks are long time SLers so I assume they forgot what these two functions do because they went so many years with just group access. It happens. It happens more to newer people, though.
  22. Yeah, it's useless. I think most people won'tl care or even benefit from it. Most of their perks are pretty lame and long time users just shrug when they hear about them. A premium account can pay for itself plus in land tier and the $L stipend for individuals. Anyone registered after 2006 gets $L15,600 (value around $60) and $60 a year value in tier which is $120. A premium account is $72 a year, so if you own land you get $48 more value a year. Paying quarterly costs $90 a year, so still ahead. Paying monthly, you don't make out at all. If you don't need the $L stipend you sell it off and use that to offset or pay for the cost of additional land you own, or go towards your next premium membership fee. I know lots of people who own 1024 parcels who do just that. I also know people who make lots of money in-world who covert some of it to USD and pay for a premium account because they come out ahead, economics-wise. SL really can be an ecomonics game. You have to do the figures, add them up, and play it just right.
  23. A couple of others have mentioned that and I think it's a great option. I am going to try out the Firestorm viewer myself, but does the standard SL viewer have this function? If it's there I can't find it. When someone asks me how to deal with this kind of activity I don't want to simply tell them to swap viewer software I don't mind new people bumping into me as they get used to their "legs" or really if anyone accidentally bumps into me. It happens. It happens when you TP into a area all the time. It's just part of it. I do wear a nice little HUD that tells me who is near me and if anyone bumps into me. Now I wear an anti-bump thingee on my spine just in case. I'll do a ground sit if someone begins slamming into me or attacking, as per the recommendation of several people here. If it was a malicious attack, then I'll report and block the user. Next, I'll ban the user from all of my properties, group and personal. Chances are they'll never come to any of my properties but better safe than sorry. I will try Firestorm and from what I've read it's looks to be a great viewer with lots of needed functions and abilities. I'll certainly use the movelock function when needed. Like I've said before, I've been on SL a long time and rarely have run into this kind of thing personally, but have heard lots of stories from others about being attacked out of the blue or greifed to the point they stop going to certain places. There should be solutions for everyone, even those who use the default viewer.
  24. TundraFire Nightfire wrote: There is a very aggressive griefer who hangs out in Wengen and has for years. I love to watch the northern lights from Chalet Linden and have had numerous problems with him/her. I'm guessing it's the same person because of the description of their griefing actions. If it is the same person, they always used a variation of the same name and it made it easier to block/mute as soon as I TPd in. After a while I found that they completely left me alone and I haven't had to block anyone for a long time there. Your best bet is to ground sit when under attack then report/block/mute. I go for a ground sit whenever I enter a known griefing area or I notice an avatar coming in my direction too fast on the map whenever entering a new sim. I wish SL would go back to the old name format with first and last names and drop the display names. It might well be the same fellow. Bullet something or another. *cough* Good advice. I'll follow it. Too bad LL doesn't deal with these kinds of people more effectively. If you've reported the person and I have (and probably others too) he should have been gone a long time ago. Ah well. Life.
  25. Kenbro Utu wrote: If they were bumping into you, pushing you or hitting you with something, all you have to do is look up the name in Bumps, Pushes and Hits and it will be recorded there. I think its menu position varies by viewer. In the Second Life 3.8.0 viewer that function is hidden in the develop menu which one has to enable. I do have it enabled, but I think most folks don't and won't. They could really mess things up in that menu if they played around in there. It's not a good place to put it.
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