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  1. But other adult stuff is still okay in SL? Sorry, but this is lame. Rather enjoyed gachas. Everyone knows that you only play the ones where you like everything you could possibly win, and you just resell stuff you got extras of. This is likely to devalue the stuff reselling. ...Now I'm wondering who to thank for invading my reality escape, the pandemic or the newer generation? Oi. Someone come up with a fun work around before I replay the Half-Baked scene where he quits, yet again! 🤪🤣
  2. Again, just tryna help. Even if I was paying for more chat, tho, the point is that I'm just not getting ANY chat.
  3. Oh yeah, I just remembered something else... As a Premium member, extra groups is something that you are paying a subscription for. If say, my ISP has a blackout for more than 2 hours, I get a refund for an entire day because you should only pay for things you are actually getting (& they want a reputable business rapport with customers). ...I wonder if the same logic can be applied to the missing SL group chat features for weeks & weeks now? That may certainly ease the craziness some.
  4. That's funny, Premium Chat told me it was my browser settings. *points to the lack of communication, thanks the pandemic, and omits something else*
  5. My mistake. I meant for days and days on end. I forgot that maybe because I have to work and cannot be on SL all the time, I might've missed a day or so. Sorry I thought I was on your side.
  6. All I know is: That I have enjoyed SL groups very much for a very long time. If your friends aren't online, you'll never feel lonely by chatting in groups. I feel like this is needed more now than ever because of the chaos the world is currently in. Stability is one thing I'm sure a lot more ppl other than just myself would like to very much cling to right now. And if SL is supposedly offering socialization when the RL pandemic does not, then this feature should be a priority. When I brought this issue to Premium chat several months ago (when this first started happening), they explained that THEIR viewer (the regular SL one) has no group chat communication issues. I could not disprove it because I unfortunately loathe the regular SL viewer and would rather "suffer" on FS. I could only stand about an hour on the regular SL viewer. It did not feel like home or comfy to me, and SL is an escape I would definitely like to feel relaxed in. (This is also why I never took helping newcomers seriously either, something I really would've like to have done, but as those newcomer friendly places insist you use the SL viewer as a priority, nevermind.) Thus, I could not push the issue, and LL did not take me seriously because they very effectively passed the buck. But I do know for a fact that the SL group chat hasn't had any major communication issues in the last several years until SL moved their servers to Amazon, fondly referred to as "the cloud" by them and "the LL fart" by me. Now that all regions have been moved to Amazon, I'm not sure what the issue is except that the holiday happened and everything went to hades (and not even in a fun way). It would be nice if this could be resolved when business resumes tomorrow (hopefully), or maybe by reset day. ...Until it predictably breaks again. Band-Aids are acceptable until surgery can remove the problem once and for all. Meanwhile, Discord is an app that goes on my antiquated phone for the purpose of keeping in contact when I'm offline and in RL ...Plus it's just too far for me on the desk to even care about while I'm on the gaming rig that I'd rather use to experience SL. Seriously. And all those notifications that I cannot keep up with on my phone from all those groups... I give up and could care less. Maybe I'm not alone in that, IDK. But I'm sure that if LL had the power, they would fix this, along with the no new regions that server issues + pandemic have also caused ...somewhere between EEP and some other dumb thing I could really care less about other than stability. ...Although, the BoM was nice. Thanks for that at least. Oh, well. Good luck, Pepsi.
  7. Okay, now that I've been in RL a bit and stepped away from SL, I guess I can see some differences better in the pix I took last night. And some of you already having shared, I guess I feel okay to share too now... Even tho it is a bit embarrassing, and oh, gawd, it's here for forever, LOL! ...No super artsy background or anything, just on the posing stand... So this is the current skin I have and have had for a very long time now. The only thing I don't necessarily like about it, is how un-crisp the eyelids are. That's it. But it is rather a "cartoony"/"guassian blur" version of RL me. I'm not wearing any makeup except for the eyeliner and lashes, this is my "starter" avatar for making outfits, I will keep things like that in all pix. This is a demo version of the skin that "creeps me out" because it's more "realistic" me. You might be able to see the demo watermarks on it because it's a demo, ignore that, LOL. Of course I would have to fix my hairbase to re-add my widow's peak, and the eyebrows should be fixed back to red. But this is my true brow shape. The eyelids are *SO* crisp. The nose looks more like my RL nose. Except for the weird "cat" thing happening with my nostrils, that I just noticed. You might be able to see the difference from the previous pic, how that nose is more "supermodel" and this one is more flat. The (I don't know what you exactly call it) "dent" above the cupid's bow in my lips is definitely more truer to life. And there are no "blushy dimple things" going on in my cheeks here, like in the previous pic. Blush is there, but it's much more subtle. The lips have more realistic depth. And I think the only thing "supermodel" about this is the shading under the brow, but that's also realistic, and will likely not matter when makeup is added. Here's a side-view of the skin I currently have. Pretty, soft. Here's the side-view with the newer/demo skin. Not exactly "pleasant" or "supermodel," but very realistic. This is my current skin, and what happens at a distance (for the face, anyway). ...Yus, my cheekbones kinda disappear behind my haircut, I'm ok with that. This is the demo skin, and what happens at a distance (for the face, anyway). ...Yus, my cheekbones kinda disappear behind my haircut, I'm ok with that. Anyway... ...Is my original skin too "cartoony" or does it work just fine? But then I'd also like additional thoughts on this new twist I'd like to throw in... Let's say I want to be a dancer or an escort or something. Realism is of course ideal, but so is what would possibly be more attractive. How does one skin pair to the other? I'm actually too stuck inside this to be able to tell what others may or may not see, so please help, LOL. Would I be okay sticking with what I have, or should I try the adventure of the new skin? Thanks!
  8. Ohhh. Well, wow. Now I understand. Gee, that is quite a dramatic difference between different heads! I had no idea that "older" skin and such could work great with newer heads. I thought you had to upgrade everything.
  9. This is what a lot of ppl end up saying to me, and why I came to the forums to see what everyone else is kinda doing with their avatar. But I guess it's kinda like the whole thing I went thru with wearing makeup (because nobody ever really taught me how to wear makeup in RL, so I did a lot of research)... "Does this look right? Do these colors work? Is this pretty?" And at the end of that, I found that it really is just a personal preference too. Generally, "normal" is below brow being same color as eyelid, & darker/similar color surrounds eyelid (to make it kinda "pop")... But then again, you can be black, black, black monochrome Goth... or you can be vivid, vivid, vivid wonderfully gay peacock. I don't know. It does rely on feelings, personal preference, and all that. And I realize that. Guess I'm just trying to figure out where the "normal" lies with avatars and realism, and decide my personal spectrum from there.
  10. /me nod nods ...I must say, I can certainly appreciate both versions of you in those pix. I love the "gaussian blur" kinda makeup thing going on in your first pic, and I love the realistic version of you in the second pic (maybe even a bit more). I'm just kinda thrown off a bit by how eerie it was to see RL me in SL, with that new skin I'm thinking of getting. Fritigern, when you went to your newer skin that looks more realistic, did it creep you out a bit? Like, do you ever worry that someone from RL would recognize you and hold everything you do in SL against you in RL? And this might not fit the way you view the world, but to me, I find myself wondering if I really even like how much I look in RL to be that in SL... I'm confused a bit because it seems the object of SL is to look as realistic as possible. And of course I made my shape that way, from the old system (not mesh) avatar, absolutely never thinking it would ever be possible to come close to how I look in RL -in SL. Now that it is completely possible, seems I'm at an impasse... Like, do I want to look more realistic with all the things that could possibly go wrong? On the other hand, if others were to like me, wouldn't it feel so much better if they were to like the truer version of me? What if they don't and I really am as not pretty as I feel in RL at times? And in that case, do I just want to start over from scratch and be somebody completely different in SL who looks realistic? It's like some sorta existential SL crisis, LOL
  11. Hey, wow, thanks for replying... ...It's not the head I'm questioning, it's skin. I'm sticking with the Queen head. And the skin I've been using is nice, kinda has a make-up-y feel to it compared to this other skin. The new skin in question makes my nose a bit flatter and takes away from whatever hint of blush I may have had on the original skin, plus the lips look more realistic. It's hard to describe, but it's is truer to RL. I tried taking pix before I gotta go to RL, but the pix aren't really showing what I'm talking about. To me there's not much difference between these skins, but I can tell in different WLs. There's no doubt about the head. It's the skin.
  12. Hey there! Just got the Catwa HDPro Queen head, and yup, it looks REALLY realistic. As a rule, I've tried to make my SL self look like the RL me, with the exceptions of the, you know, whole succubus thing (as that's really more a metaphorical SL thing). 😛 ...But anyway, it got me to trying new skins. I found one that makes me look creepy realistic. It's like actually looking into a mirror when I'm in SL. I'm not entirely a fan of how I look in RL, but OMG, wow, this hit it on the nose. So now my question is... Should I go for a more realistic me in SL, or should I enjoy the "cartoon" fantasy of it? What would you do? Any thoughts? Has anyone else ever been in this position? Pros, cons? Thanks in advance.
  13. I have kind of had my fill of writing for newspapers in SL, hence my blog, but thank you. And I do wish I could spend hours sitting in a RP region waiting for ppl to respond to my emotes, but I have 2 screens because I like to fish while I write
  14. Hmm. I guess here would be an example, if this helps... Maybe in RL I bought something (say, an apple, for example) and it turned into a big fiasco. But instead of just venting about that experience and trashing everything, I thought I would make it fictitious and bring it to SL in a positive manner... So instead of going off in this blog story about how arduous it was to buy the apple and then the stomach issues I got when I got home, and on and on and on (for example)... I could make up a similar story, like... I bought this 3D model of an apple from so-and-so. It looked really beautiful, but then when I tried to build with it, I really messed it up to the point where it made me sick. ...Until I contacted the so-and-so creator, and wouldn't you know, they were just so nice and calmly explained what I was doing wrong, and I came up with this beautiful thing I can now admire? ...Except, you know, with a lot more details with the intent of humor and such. Does that example help explain my intent here better? I just need some creators or businesses willing to be mentioned so that I don't get anyone or myself in trouble is all. I do intend to disclaim my intent at the beginning of the actual blog post, and I do intend to take the RL lemon situations and make them SL lemonade situations. The businesses I would like to put in this story require hair, a doctor, fictitious financial institutions, & metaphorical grocery/retail situations. This is a fun little challenge I would rather focus my energy on, instead of the bad RL stuff I can do nothing about at this point.
  15. So, I would like to do some creative writing on my blog. I kind of want to play a bit of Mad-Libs and something maybe like 2 Truths One Lie. I thought it might be fun to give some residents or businesses some free press and, of course, explicitly disclaim that the post is all in fun, completely fictitious, and that these residents/businesses are completely awesome and good sports for letting me use their information for metaphorical RL situations that are driving me absolutely batty. I'm willing to pay some L$ too, if that's necessary. Writing always makes me feel better about some situations beyond my control (it's a bit of an escape, and a bit cleansing to get it all out of my head), so I thought to myself, "Why not make it fictitiously believable, so that I could vent in a positive manner by having others benefit for being so awesome as to let me use their information?" Then at the end of my venting / creative writing, I could put in positive resolutions as to how things worked out splendidly & how awesome you/your business is (all in fun, of course, you know ...'cause, you know, it would be awesome if RL would actually work out like that, LOL). *shrug* If you're game, let me know ASAP I can check this occasionally or you may contact me inworld. Thankies! ♥
  16. Hey! Thanks so much for bringing up the whole cloud situation. I was about to create a forum topic, myself, when I found yours had already been done! Yay! ...First, I want to cite this before I continue: ...Now, I think it's wonderful that LL will eventually be able to start selling regions again, because of the cloud. That's a particularly nice silver lining to the dreariness of the pandemic and all. ...I am a huge fan of SL. I mean, I've been in this relationship for a little over 12 years now. I understand that not only is land one of the bread and butter things that is good for SL business, but that an update/upgrade like this has been needing to come to fruition for quite a long time now (especially when you look at other, even slightly comparable online platforms/"games"). And yes, the group chat maintenance yesterday seems to be making group chat work better now, so thanks for that also! However, I would very much like the opportunity to give some feedback on my personal feelings with the cloud and SL... And to perhaps even see if anyone else may feel the same (even if ever so slightly)... Or to possibly have another, politely explain to me how I may be wrong (and what the actual "look forward" to point may more likely be), if they would choose to be so kind. Ok, so let's suppose that there may be some majority of residents who work for the rival company of Amazon in RL. Let's suppose that some of those hard-working folks do not like what things are coming to, and have chosen for the past few years to boycott all things Amazon. Well... If we're fans of SL (or have even just chosen SL for pandemic socialization, but may become inevitably accustomed to, or even willingly "addicted"), now we have no choice but to utilize Amazon. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. They win. "...They should take on the gov't!" 🤪🤣 "...Well, ok, but why, Majik? Why hate on Amazon if they've done nothing but advance us into good?" Well... Let's take this a step further into the abyss... I remember when they were just a yellow and black website that sold books. Now all of the sudden (precluding the pandemic), companies are struggling to keep up with this competition... To the point where robots/drones inevitably replace jobs. ...Jobs are important for esteem, efficacy, and socialization, especially to those who may be disabled (which to my understanding, make up a vast majority of residents, as SL affords opportunities to those who may not otherwise have them). "But how can that be? How will anyone be able to pay for food if all jobs are replaced?" Ah, well... Aside from pointing to the horseless carriage putting horses out to pasture, and also skipping past the light-hearted movie reference of WALL-E, + other analogies ... Likely, we may globally become a communist type of society. --Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that, as I'm NOT trying to open a political debate type can of worms here, at all... And I do strongly believe that everyone has the right to live how they see fit, as long as no harm is being done to others. I just don't personally like advocating that type of possible unfulfillment in my own future, because that is not what I am accustomed to... And possibly because that's not what the SL economy is accustomed to, either. I realize job security may all be out the window since the pandemic has unfortunately, underhandedly taken many jobs anyway ...but I would like to still have this small glimmer of hope (and not feel guilty for the ironic conflict of interest between my first and second life). I also know many might say they would feel safer in a cloud from a reputable/stable company, and that's fair enough. But having the bigger future picture in mind, perhaps LL can eventually take on a mix of all kinds of companies offering a cloud service, not just Amazon. Not sure how un/likely that may be regarding the technology aspect (as my working theory, on why teleports fail to/from regions that have been assimilated into the cloud and those that have not, is because the newer/antiquated technology doesn't seem to communicate very well with one another). But it's definitely a well-intended thought. I do understand that evolutionary advancement is inevitable (and you know, thank goodness we don't have to drag our laundry down to the river and beat it silly with a rock anymore for it to be clean). ...If it weren't Amazon, it would be some other company leading the future (of possibly our own demise). However, if we take the road to investing in giving [many] other companies a chance, perhaps we don't have to sacrifice ourselves completely just yet. It's never wise to put all your eggs into one basket anyway. At any rate, since Amazon is such a huge world monopoly pretty much at this point, it may eventually split into several different smaller companies (so it's no longer overall dominant). This is what I've observed happening with utility companies throughout the years, so that is why it seems probable to me. And perhaps, if such split takes place in enough time, I (and possibly others) may feel more secure in/with our human legacy. ...But, you know, we could always just, take the initiative ...as the unique, creative, and educated entity that we (as SL) are.
  17. Thank you! 😌 ...Good grief/agree with you both/*adds it to the laundry list of triage that's hard to remember in a panic on top of confusion on top of that related hall of mirrors* 🤢
  18. I tried another browser as well, and it's been over another half hour. I guess if anyone else could confirm whether or not they're open for you and that there's indeed a technical error of some sort on my side, that would be muchly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. 1) I waited all night until they were open to ask something, and now it's been 2 hours of being ignored. 2) What other technical problems could it be if I already cleared my cache? What else do I need to do? 3) Crazy busy for over 2 hours? 4) Maybe... But still. I pay them to ask dumb things about money, right? 5) Maybe. I'm not a fan of the cloud at all: a) Amazon already owns everything, b) teleport fails, c) chat fails
  20. Yesh, I know that. I waited like all night for them to open at 6AM to ask a stupid question that nobody knows the answer to inworld because I waited to ask Premium Chat
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