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  1. Hey! Thanks so much for bringing up the whole cloud situation. I was about to create a forum topic, myself, when I found yours had already been done! Yay! ...First, I want to cite this before I continue: ...Now, I think it's wonderful that LL will eventually be able to start selling regions again, because of the cloud. That's a particularly nice silver lining to the dreariness of the pandemic and all. ...I am a huge fan of SL. I mean, I've been in this relationship for a little over 12 years now. I understand that not only is land one of the bread and butter things that is g
  2. Thank you! 😌 ...Good grief/agree with you both/*adds it to the laundry list of triage that's hard to remember in a panic on top of confusion on top of that related hall of mirrors* 🤢
  3. I tried another browser as well, and it's been over another half hour. I guess if anyone else could confirm whether or not they're open for you and that there's indeed a technical error of some sort on my side, that would be muchly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. 1) I waited all night until they were open to ask something, and now it's been 2 hours of being ignored. 2) What other technical problems could it be if I already cleared my cache? What else do I need to do? 3) Crazy busy for over 2 hours? 4) Maybe... But still. I pay them to ask dumb things about money, right? 5) Maybe. I'm not a fan of the cloud at all: a) Amazon already owns everything, b) teleport fails, c) chat fails
  5. Yesh, I know that. I waited like all night for them to open at 6AM to ask a stupid question that nobody knows the answer to inworld because I waited to ask Premium Chat
  6. I even cleared the browser cache since the beginning of time. Are they still not seeing me? They're still not answering. Will they forget about someone for all time? Will it be fixed in a day? What could I still need to fix? Have I been blacklisted somehow? How do you report a problem with Premium Chat? Can we blame it on the infamously horrible cloud that has eaten teleports and chat? *sigh*
  7. Makes sense, albeit a bit sad. Someone who normally uses a human avatar might be more inclined to switch over if there was a demo for the furry head, even if it was the only one in the market. It just seems good business practice to offer a demo (like, "yes, my product really is that awesome, check it out, you will want to be furry, you'll never look back, and won't ever regret it"), instead of relying solely on something like a "buy your way in" to a type of "exclusive club" or something ...Which, BTW, is a far cry from what little I thought I understood about furries, dinkies, tinies, etc.
  8. ...You'd think so, wouldn't you??? *points to the title and then laughs*
  9. Ohh, okay, I see what you mean now. I was actually thinking of something completely different, which is why I didn't even think about it. Thanks!
  10. *nod nods* I, uh, linked that at the beginning, but you know, it went over my head a bit... Would you mind pin-pointing what paragraph this voice thing relates to in there?
  11. Where did you find this? Oh, nevermind, I see when I keep reading, thank you: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Residents'_privacy_rights
  12. Yes, and then when you TP, the alpha glitch is back! I went out of my way to buy Doux hair, which I truly and thoroughly love. It does come with a HUD where you can turn on/off materials and that helps too... But like I said, you have to keep pushing that HUD materials button every time you walk, turn, TP, you name it. Alpha glitching is a "normal" SL thing. Gryphon of Maitreya said it best about stacking a bunch of things with alphas, SL doesn't know how to process which layer goes on top, thus the glitch. And I even give picture examples with my flexi hair (and who knew, mesh
  13. Hi! ...Alright, I'm not trying to be nasty in any way, honest. I am kinda frustrated, tho, and I truly and genuinely would like to understand what is with some fashion creators that choose to purposefully NOT provide demos? If I cannot find it inworld, I will try to find it on MP. If I can't find it anywhere, I'll ask politely (sometimes via NC), explaining that it is NOTHING personal, but I have several special things going on with my avi that I want to make sure their wonderful creation will flatter (and of course, mutually/respectfully vice-versa). Maybe not that detailed, but
  14. Hiya! I saw something interesting on someone's profile the other day, and I wanted to know how debatable or true it is... Basically, they were a DJ or something, and they said that it's against TOS to record voice in SL, therefore, anything you may want to report in SL from a voice conversation or whatever, is hearsay and not permissible in court or to LL or the like. I can't find anything that may relate it to a DMCA or anything to make sense of what that brief profile glimpse I got actually said... https://www.lindenlab.com/tos & https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/community-
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