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  1. Oh, holy cow! I'm blind! The answer was right in front of my face the entire time, good grief! Thank you for showing me this, Jewell! *slaps forehead*
  2. Oh, thank you so very much! I never knew that link existed and Google wouldn't tell me either. Have an awesome Memorial Day, Cindy!
  3. ...because of Memorial Day, or is my browser betraying me? Thanks!
  4. ...Because it looks like it might work with what I wanted:
  5. Apparently it's not on MP anymore, but you might find something you like at AVid: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gothic Clothing/42/178/57 Also, have you tried searching MP for "Harry Potter" stuff? This is what that jacket/scarf ensemble strike me as being.
  6. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Josephine! I really do appreciate it. Unfortunately, I failed to mention that because I have naturally curly hair in RL that I vehemently straighten, I just don't want to do anything that's remotely curly or wavy in SL. ...And you're right, the Neria is the closest, as far as making these whispy/feathered/face-framing "bangs" work; it's just a little too big/wavy/curly pointing outward and not inward, tho, to be the exact nit-picky answer I'm looking for. 😂 I think I have the long part of my upgraded hairstyle handled, I'm just trying to get the shorter face-frame whisps. Goodness, thank you again, and sorry to put you to all that trouble for a probably very unsatisfactory reply from me!
  7. That's a shame! That one is PERFECT!!! 💜 😭
  8. ...Okay, I have 3 pictures... The first is what I'm currently doing. That's 2 hair pieces, the long one is flexi, and the short one that frames my face is a mix of some flexi and sculpt. I like it, but everybody complains about complexity, so I'm thinking if I can "upgrade" the feathered face frame to mesh or something, that'd satisfy it. The second is the VERY OLD AND EMBARRASSING prim hair that I still have from many eons ago... Nonetheless, if this style could be made into some form of mesh, this is truly what I need. Lots of feathery whisps going on there, and they fall into the long part of the hair. And the 3rd picture is basically the same as the first, just, the longer hair is already mesh... And I'm trying to figure out how to "upgrade" my feathered face frame. 😯😛
  9. Awesome, thank you so much for trying to help! ...Not a huge fan of the bangs that cover the forehead. Somewhere between that and this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rosy-mood-MESH-hair-Glimpse-short-Red-set/12825256 (even tho I still seem to run into the same issue). Will definitely keep it in mind, tho, and again, thank you so much! "...Hair farm..." 👍 😄
  10. Hello! Huge fan of the Jennifer Aniston "Rachel" haircut where it frames the face and is feathered... Is there something like this in mesh now (or is there such a thing as flexi-mesh - what is the most up to date thing now)? I have super long hair, but if need be, I can just wear 2 hairs to get the top/front part I need, it's just, SUPER IMPORTANT to have this SPECIFIC kind of hair -style, tho (see what I mean by face-frame and feathered?): ...Thanks in advance!
  11. *nods* True... But typing is how I talk in SL. One could arguably record someone else's voice from SL, without the speaker's knowledge, too. I did not think of it that way. One might be used to this. SL is vastly different. Kinda wish there was a fail-safe idiot-proof mode when it comes to important things. "Being an adult is great because you can eat M&Ms for breakfast! ...No, wait, it's not worth the BS I have to trade for it... Can I just go back to eating vegetables and cleaning my room? --I'll be good, I promise!" 😛 Yes, I know. Apparently, my joke was not very funny. *shrugs & goes back to watching SVU* That video's hilarious!!! And no, I wasn't scoffing at having a lawyer look at something... Just, every time we turn around, something costs money. Being human or flawed, costs money! ...I'm surprised nobody thought to nickel and dime us for the air we breathe!
  12. That may be true for a bit, but the only constant is change. Humans are not prone to stay stagnant, it goes against nature. Balance, sure, but evolution has ingrained in us the very potent ability to adapt and survive *also may point to the laws of physics here* ...There is statistically a possibility for some very negative outcomes and, lordy, I don't want to even think about those, but hopefully, it doesn't have to come to that and there will be no example to draw from on that note. This is very informative, thank you! That's also very informative, thank you! It kinda also backs up what Lindal said them being about 5 ppl. And yeah, I did know they have meetings: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups, I just wasn't aware earlier that Governance was the department that handled ARs. One reads the ToS and Community Standards. If you can't understand those then you hire an attorney to do the interpretation. Otherwise you decide who to trust. ...Well, I know that now, from having done this forum post. But I did not before (also feel I should mention that the forums have been the only help I've gotten on this so far). I've read the ToS quite a few times, and the loop-hole still caught me by surprise. It's not exactly clear (I did mention earlier that there can be children, foreigners, ppl with [cognitive] disabilities/disadvantages, etc., stumbling into and becoming accustomed to what they believe is a wondrously pleasant SL (as they may be escaping RL), and they may not be aware they need to either: A) hire a lawyer, or B) know boundaries on who exactly they can trust)... It's not exactly like RL, where yes, stores/public places of business will likely have video cameras... But you really don't think some friend you invite into your home will be recording everything you say so they can later use it against you, because you're busy doing the very intimate thing of hanging out and watching TV - in SL, everything you type can be recorded, sure ... But I felt safe, knowing that chat logs cannot be shared -just- I didn't realize they can be shared outside of SL (per the asinine loop-hole) (LL really ought to take a copyright of everything said/done in SL to prevent this, but, OMG, that's another can of worms). In RL, I might know where someone I invited into my home lives or works... I can politely confront them, or see the expression on their face or their body language to judge whether or not (or how far) to trust them. It's not the same in SL. Not everyone emotes. Not everyone voices. Not everyone has Bento. Everyone can make an alt. Cultures from all over the world. Barriers. Etc. Etc. ...So, if this is the case, then perhaps the "obvious" needs to be pointed out in the ToS, i.e., "Please consult your attorney, if you cannot clearly interpret our ToS..." And I guess, never mind the fitting Miranda Rights part to this chat-log loop-hole where, "you have the right to remain silent..." "...anything you say and do can and will be used against you in a court of law..." "...you have the right to an attorney..." "...if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you, at no cost..." 😆
  13. Although I can very much agree with your thoughts here... I'm going to try and focus on what Lindal said about it needing to be this way so that if LL needs to help you legally, it doesn't backfire. That's about the best I can do with that. [Second] Life does go on. So I'm just going to continue being productive and trying to do the right thing in all situations, and hope that nothing really horrible has to become an ugly legal matter.
  14. *nod nods* I do not think LL or Lindens are villains, and I do understand what you are saying, and furthermore appreciate it very much. I did not realize how small the Governance Team was (I thought maybe it was more like 20 ppl in a building of maybe 50 - Lindens and maybe lawyers or a legal team) , but I figured that was what happened with a lot of ARs (to which your examples are prolly a lot of what those ARs unfortunately end up being). Let's just hope that they all get the coffee they need! :) ♥
  15. Calling phone support was the second thing I did before coming to the forums. They also said the same thing, that they are not allowed to interpret ToS, for legal reasons.
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