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  1. Again, just tryna help. Even if I was paying for more chat, tho, the point is that I'm just not getting ANY chat.
  2. Oh yeah, I just remembered something else... As a Premium member, extra groups is something that you are paying a subscription for. If say, my ISP has a blackout for more than 2 hours, I get a refund for an entire day because you should only pay for things you are actually getting (& they want a reputable business rapport with customers). ...I wonder if the same logic can be applied to the missing SL group chat features for weeks & weeks now? That may certainly ease the craziness some.
  3. That's funny, Premium Chat told me it was my browser settings. *points to the lack of communication, thanks the pandemic, and omits something else*
  4. My mistake. I meant for days and days on end. I forgot that maybe because I have to work and cannot be on SL all the time, I might've missed a day or so. Sorry I thought I was on your side.
  5. All I know is: That I have enjoyed SL groups very much for a very long time. If your friends aren't online, you'll never feel lonely by chatting in groups. I feel like this is needed more now than ever because of the chaos the world is currently in. Stability is one thing I'm sure a lot more ppl other than just myself would like to very much cling to right now. And if SL is supposedly offering socialization when the RL pandemic does not, then this feature should be a priority. When I brought this issue to Premium chat several months ago (when this first started happening), they e
  6. Okay, now that I've been in RL a bit and stepped away from SL, I guess I can see some differences better in the pix I took last night. And some of you already having shared, I guess I feel okay to share too now... Even tho it is a bit embarrassing, and oh, gawd, it's here for forever, LOL! ...No super artsy background or anything, just on the posing stand... So this is the current skin I have and have had for a very long time now. The only thing I don't necessarily like about it, is how un-crisp the eyelids are. That's it. But it is rather a "cartoony"/"guass
  7. Ohhh. Well, wow. Now I understand. Gee, that is quite a dramatic difference between different heads! I had no idea that "older" skin and such could work great with newer heads. I thought you had to upgrade everything.
  8. This is what a lot of ppl end up saying to me, and why I came to the forums to see what everyone else is kinda doing with their avatar. But I guess it's kinda like the whole thing I went thru with wearing makeup (because nobody ever really taught me how to wear makeup in RL, so I did a lot of research)... "Does this look right? Do these colors work? Is this pretty?" And at the end of that, I found that it really is just a personal preference too. Generally, "normal" is below brow being same color as eyelid, & darker/similar color surrounds eyelid (to make it kinda "pop")... But t
  9. /me nod nods ...I must say, I can certainly appreciate both versions of you in those pix. I love the "gaussian blur" kinda makeup thing going on in your first pic, and I love the realistic version of you in the second pic (maybe even a bit more). I'm just kinda thrown off a bit by how eerie it was to see RL me in SL, with that new skin I'm thinking of getting. Fritigern, when you went to your newer skin that looks more realistic, did it creep you out a bit? Like, do you ever worry that someone from RL would recognize you and hold everything you do in SL against you in RL? And thi
  10. Hey, wow, thanks for replying... ...It's not the head I'm questioning, it's skin. I'm sticking with the Queen head. And the skin I've been using is nice, kinda has a make-up-y feel to it compared to this other skin. The new skin in question makes my nose a bit flatter and takes away from whatever hint of blush I may have had on the original skin, plus the lips look more realistic. It's hard to describe, but it's is truer to RL. I tried taking pix before I gotta go to RL, but the pix aren't really showing what I'm talking about. To me there's not much difference between these skins,
  11. Hey there! Just got the Catwa HDPro Queen head, and yup, it looks REALLY realistic. As a rule, I've tried to make my SL self look like the RL me, with the exceptions of the, you know, whole succubus thing (as that's really more a metaphorical SL thing). 😛 ...But anyway, it got me to trying new skins. I found one that makes me look creepy realistic. It's like actually looking into a mirror when I'm in SL. I'm not entirely a fan of how I look in RL, but OMG, wow, this hit it on the nose. So now my question is... Should I go for a more realistic me in SL, or should I enjoy the "c
  12. I have kind of had my fill of writing for newspapers in SL, hence my blog, but thank you. And I do wish I could spend hours sitting in a RP region waiting for ppl to respond to my emotes, but I have 2 screens because I like to fish while I write
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