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Found 135 results

  1. DJ: Sere Host: Madame Drammond Genre: Pop and Christmas! Are you ready to start celebrating for Christmas?! We certainly are! We invite you to come down to the club to festively party your night away, do you know a lot of Christmas facts? Have a 'cracker' at our Christmas Trivia, for a chance to win prizes! Both Events have 22 questions all about Christmas to answer for your chance to win! Prize: L$250 Letis Tattoo Gift card, L$500 {What Next} Gift Card, L$1000 -Vista Animations- Gift Card for the top 3 most correctly answered questions! You must be in the [ GLOW CLUB ] Group to win! For more details check out this link: https://glowclubsl.blogspot.com/2018/12/glow-christmas-trivia-exclusive-group.html Club Website: https://glowclubsl.blogspot.com/ SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/196/38/24
  2. GROUP MEMBERSHIP CONTEST | BEST IN ANGEL AND DEMON WEAR PRIZE: L$500 Angels & Demons! 5pm slt! @ Glow Indie Bar & Lounge Are you sinfully naughty, or innocently good! Does, your horns sick out, or is your halo super polished;) Come on down at Glow Indie Bar & Lounge! DJ Sere will be spinning the tunes for you to rock your socks off!?!?! Genre: Metal, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Mashups http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/178/22/24
  3. -=ℂ??? ??ℕ???ℂ™=- Announces Sinners and Saints: To Celebrate the Week of Halloween leading up to the 1 year anniversary of -=Club Kinetic=- Sunday the 28th starting at 6:00 PM SL the club presents Queen Kinetic and Temptation, Live DJing the Sinners and Saints party~! Come dressed as your favorite Sinner or Saint and see if you win! If you are a winner you qualify for the Grand Prize to be handed out on Saturday! So what are you waiting on! See you on the dance floor!
  4. $$CLUB SWAAAG IS NOW HIRING $$ *100% tips * must have your own tipjar * Djs have accessed to put there stream in land * Djs, Voice is preferred * closed on Sundays open Monday thru Saturday 10am-8pmslt *ALL genres except metal and screamo *DJs must take requests and dedications *Staff incentives http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arima City/223/231/25 CONTACT: sammantha zimerman -DJ Mgr Noire (zakilya69) Host/ess Mgr OWNERS: Gerald Parkes & Casper Tha Ghost (Ghostmagicc)
  5. Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park invites you to put on your best costume and join us for: "FEAR MOUNTAIN" A SKY FIRE HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! SATURDAY 10-27-18 @ 1pm Particles by SKY FIRE's Lexi Marshdevil & Particle Tom Music by DJ Sunset http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaguar Mountains/74/165/2712 ___________________________________________________________________ Like any B movie...the plot in this particle performance may start with a hot date, but it is doomed to go horribly wrong. Come celebrate the finest of Halloween particles with Sky Fire and dance to the tunes from DJ Sunset. No ghouls, or zombies will be turned away... Costume Contest: 1st - $1000L 2nd - $500L 3rd - $250 ___________________________________________________________________ Like Sky Fire on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/413658565468373/ Follow Sky Fire on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/groups/2816702@N22/ ___________________________________________________________________ MOUNTAIN LION TELEPORT LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaguar Mountains/35/215/21 MOUNTAIN LION ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE http://secondlife.com/destination/mountain-lion-night-club-amusement-park MOUNTAIN LION's FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894546247450880/
  6. CajunTease

    Costume Contest

    Halloween Costume Contest October 27th PrOjEcT ReHaB 4p-6p slt Comes join us for our Halloween Costume Contest. We will have 2000L on the board!! Contest open for entry 4p-5p slt Voting from 5:15-5:30 Contest closed 5:50p slt
  7. The Mermaid Retreat is back in action with a Halloween themed weekend, so get out your inner deviant and let the Merfolk of The Mermaid Retreat kick things off this Halloween underwater styled with a new remodel of the retreat you know and love! Oh and did i mention the contest? Theme: Ghost and Ghouls Date: 10/19/2018 Time: starts at 4pm SLT - 8pm SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet Seduction/155/96/22
  8. Hello all! I am holding a photography competition for my new sim, Cabin in the Woods. Rules: There are none! You can take a scenic photo of the sim or creating a creepy, daring scene with your avatar. You may edit them or not, entirely up to you! Once you take the photo send it to Ishtara Nyn with a caption for the photograph and your name. Winner will be announced on the 15th and will get 4,000L! Hope to see some spooky pictures. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Santa%20Marta/82/64
  9. Join me Tonight @ Delicia Contest : Best in Bikini - 500$L Prize ✯Delicia✯ ♫Tιмe: 4-6 pm ♪DJ: Djane Batista ♫Sтyle: EDM/BIGROOM ♫Host : Lilou --------------------- Listen here : http://srv1.goodsoundstream.com:4534 Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VIP/222/205/22
  10. violettouch

    Best In Pirate

    ╔═════════☢ BEST IN PIRATE ☢═════ ╫☢ SPONSORED EVENTS" TO "ANOTHER SPONSORED EVENT BY Atlantis Design and Danika" ALL DAY LONG!! ╫☢ wнo: DJ Cleo, DJ Lilith, DJ Geri, DJ Kissa, DJ Bull ╫☢ wнat: 100$ 200$ 300$ 400$ 500$ In Gift Cards For 3 Random Winners ╫☢ wнere:Bloody Misery Club. ╫☢ wнen: 10 AM to 8 PM ╫☢ тp : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY PRIME/226/21/23
  11. " All Inn AFK " RAFFLE _ 18+ * One Raffle EVERYDAY at 23:00 Pacific Daylight Time !!! * The winner gets 350$L !! * That's a total of 10500$L per month !! Perhaps the highest in Second Life!! * You pay NOTHING to participate. * Every hour you can click the raffle board to take a ticket. * The more the tickets you have, the more the probabilities to win. *You must be 18+ to enter in our parcel. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dream Paradise/190/7/24
  12. «----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----» [[♪]] «----» ωнσ: DJ Lightning [[♪]] «----» нoѕт: Addie [[♪]] «----» ωнєη: 4 PM - 6 PM SLT [[♪]] «----» ωнαт: Beach Party & Contest [[♪]] «----» ωнєяє: The Armory [[♪]] «----» тυηєѕ: Various & Your Requests «----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----» Get ya beach wear on and come join us - 300L$ starting contest prize! DJ Lightning is ready and waiting for your requests! Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Village of Mist/21/136/23
  13. Joystick's is brining HippieFest is back! That’s right! We’re bringing it back this year, baby~ Like, join us September 19 on Second life for a totally groovy time at PalmWoods city park and bring that cute tie-dye shirt with you. It’ll be a 4 hour set of 60s music, lingo, grass, and fashion! Come on with your flower child outfit and join our contest; L$1k on the board! Gotta be part of our VIP group so ask for an invite or use the URL below to join. Pin the date, don’t be late, and leave behind all that hate. Can you dig it~ ? Url for our SL location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odessa Plains/123/175/18 Url for our SL group: secondlife:///app/group/c14da899-55c0-8cc7-c960-9937b3e01175/about For more info, join our Discord! : https://discord.gg/PTqjRNe Get SecondLife! It's free!: https://secondlife.com/
  14. Hey everyone! Tomorrow is National Video Game Day! (whoohoo!) And you know Joystick’s HAS to celebrate! We’ll be having a party on Second Life tomorrow, Sept 12 at 4pm slt, filled with VGM brought to you by DJ Sonari and a L$ 1k prize Best in Video Game dress up contest! Remember though, you have to be part of our second life group in order to join our contest! Ask for an invite or use the url below to join. You have to be 18 years or older to join us on Second Life, sorry kiddos~ Grab them 1ups and wear your lucky overalls! We hope to see you tomorrow~ Url for our SL location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odessa%20Plains/123/175/18 Url for our SL group: secondlife:///app/group/c14da899-55c0-8cc7-c960-9937b3e01175/about For more info, join our Discord! : https://discord.gg/PTqjRNe Get SecondLife! It's free!: https://secondlife.com/
  15. TELEPORT LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaguar Mountains/35/215/21 VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE http://secondlife.com/destination/mountain-lion-night-club-amusement-park CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894546247450880/ ● ARETHA FRANKLIN TRIBUTE & PARTICLE SHOW ~ SEPT 2nd SUNDAY 3 - 5 PM ~ SKYFIRE & DJ SUNSET ● COSTUME CONTEST 3-4 PM ~ BEST IN 60'S, 70'S or 80'S ~ BIG PRIZES The Mountain Lion Club and Amusement Park is proud to present ARETHA FRANKLIN TRIBUTE PERFORMED BY SKY FIRE: with a moment for Remembering Elvis Particle Performance By: Sky Fire Productions: Lexi Marshdevil & Particle Tom MUSIC and AFTERGLOW party by: DJ Sunset You are invited to join Sky Fire to celebrate the music of Aretha Franklin. We honor the legacy of the Queen of Soul and have chosen to remember Elvis Presley who died on the same day in 1977. There will be a costume contest in the spirit of the 60's,70's and 80s so come in a costume of your choice and share this tribute with us! Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park is quite simply breathtaking. Featuring many various views of a mountain, amusement park & club overlooking a beautiful ocean on a full family-friendly moderate sim. A different breath taking view no matter which direction you look. Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park features a large Waterslide, as well as various themed Roller Coasters; Angry Birds and many more! Brand new walk thru Aquarium, Kid Zone, Water Park and Beach to enjoy! Wander the park while enjoying the rocking tunes of our DJs featuring themed sets from the 60s thru to the present hits of 2018. Live DJs & HOSTs from 10am - 10pm Monday thru Saturday! Shop at our Shopping Mall, while you listen to the tunes. Come see the variety of shops in our Mall and Market Carts. Browse at the Art Gallery and pick up something for your home or office. Rent a Shop or Cart to sell your wares. We also have beautiful various sized SkyDome homes for rent fully furnished or bring your own home, with full security. Need a Job?...We are hiring DJs & Hosts.  Bring your family, friends, neighbors and yourself for a fun loving time here at Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park. We are Family oriented, people caring, fun loving & love to have a good time!! Music is always great & so many attractions to see and ride! Grab your family for an outing. You'll be glad that you did! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Live DJs & HOSTs from Noon - 10pm Monday thru Saturday! ● ARETHA FRANKLIN TRIBUTE & PARTICLE SHOW ~ SEPT 2nd SUNDAY 3 - 5 PM ~ SKYFIRE & DJ SUNSET ● MELLOW MONDAY MUSIC ~ MONDAY NOON - 2 PM DJ SUNSET ● ROCK OF AGES ~ SEPT 3rd MONDAY 2 - 6 PM DJ VIXEN ● MYSTERY MUSIC~ TUESDAY 10 AM- NOON DJ ANGEL ● DOUBLE SHOT TUESDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● MUSIC MIXOLOGY ~ THURSDAY 10 AM- NOON DJ ANGEL ● TOTALLY 80'S REWIND ~ THURSDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● MAGICAL MIX SATURDAY 10 AM - NOON DJ ANGEL ● RAFFLES ~ COUNTRY MUSIC APPRECIATION ~ SEPT 8th SAT NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● WARPING BACK IN TIME ~ SATURDAY 4 - 6 PM DJ ARIEL Message Inworld for more information: Host Manager: Cat (catinmass) DJ Manager: Wishy (wishstar.ninetails) Club Manager: Wildfire (misswildfire) Owner/Rentals Manager: Krystal Rose (krystal333) Owner/Senior DJ Manager: Sunset (sunsetmoonites) Owner/Park Manager: Dan (dan.pevensey) COME ROAR WITH THE LIONS!         
  16. This pageant is open to everyone in Second Life... We are searching for a Queen who is beautiful, well spoken, kind and generous with a heart full of Hope to share with cancer sufferers and their friends and families across Second Life. Our queen will receive a generous prize package worth thousands of lindens.. including a beautiful estate mansion, vehicles, clothing , jewelry and much much more.. A one of a kind crown has been created for her by Zuri Rayna herself! It is exquisite in detail.. and Zuri has also created two amazing tiaras for the two princess runners up who are chosen.. To sign up for the pageant please contact JennyDearest in world and I will be happy to help you get on the voting boards.. The contestants with the top ten votes will move on to the finals from which three finalists will be announced and the winners chosen at a gala event in Honor of the Queen of Hope and her two princesses. There is a small entry fee of 250L and you will receive an incredibly beautiful gown , an information hud and entry form. Get started by signing up and start collecting votes to get in the finals.. We look forward to meeting you and wish you the very best of luck in this fabulous contest. This is a all proceeds fund raising event for the American Cancer Society. Help by joining or voting 25L per vote!
  17. ♪ Joystick’s Rockathon ♬ This Sunday, at 2pm slt, log in to Second Life for a chance to win L$4k! Join us for an 80's outdoor rock concert event in PalmWood City and show us who looks best in studs and leather in our Rock n Roll contest! 2-4pm slt: Rock n Roll contest SL URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odessa Plains/180/136/18 You can only win lindens if you’re part of our VIP group, so be sure to join us! And don’t worry, it’s completely free! Joystick’s VIP: secondlife:///app/group/c14da899-55c0-8cc7-c960-9937b3e01175/about Want more fun? Join our Discord Community for all the latest news on fun events! https://discord.gg/PTqjRNe
  18. ◣◥◣◥ ◣◥◣◥♪♬ Joystick’s 5k Lindens Under the Sea Party ♪♬ ◣◥◣◥ ◣◥◣◥★ ╠●╬ WHO☀➩[☊]DJ Juston ╠●╬ WHERE☀ ➩Joystick’s Bunny Beach ╠●╬ WHAT☀ ➩ Under the Sea Contest ★ ╠●╬ WHEN☀ ➩ 6pm- 8pm SLT★ ◣◥◣ Come join us as we show our love for all things aquatic in our Under the Sea Party. Mermaids, sharks, starfish pasties, it’s all good! Just be sure to join our vip group before entering our contest board. L$5k is on the board, which fishy will reign supreme?
  19. ωнαт: Mr Serena-Autumn 2018 Competition ωнєη: August 25th from 12p-3p slt ωнєяє: location TBA RULES: 1) Participant must be a owner or owners partner who has land with Serena Estates. 2) This Competition is for men ONLY. 3) Your applications must be turned in on August 11th by 9pm slt. 4) If you leave Serena Estates before the competition your application will be voided. 5) Only contestants that walk the runaway will be able to enter the contest board. 6) All contestants must be in a respectable attire. You get to pick the outfit but the Event Manager must approve it first. 7) Private parts must be covered. 8) No body building bodies. We want to see your personal appearance not more muscle than clothes. (Autumn themed) Prizes are as followed: Grand Prize: 10000L You will be judged on the following: 1) skin tone 2) body shape 3) overall physical appearance 4) Criteria Questions 5) Judges' Question Score is as followed: Criteria Questions make up 50% of your score Avatar Appearance makes up 30% of your score Judges' Question makes up 10% of your score Contest Board- Anyone can vote so invite your friends!! Contest board will give you 10% of your votes. Be sure to bring your friends.
  20. Well, may this be a platform for photography contests or competition for all Second Life residents. Any contests or competition available now?
  21. Join us at Sweethearts for our Wedding attire Formal! Get out those Tuxes, Wedding dresses and veils, or those member of the wedding outfits and show that SWEET style. Our best dressed male and female in Wedding Attire will each win $500 linden! Come dance, romance, giggle and have fun with SL's warmest Sweethearts! Let your personality sizzle on the dance floor and spark a HOT fiery connection. Join us for fun, romance, excitement, and the elegant splendor of Sweethearts Jazz. We are blessed to be the warmest and most genuine group of "sweethearts" in Second Life history. Fabulous wonders await you. Bring a special sweetheart to dance or meet someone special right here. Sweethearts is the #1 place in Second Life to meet new people for romance and friendship. Happy couples all over SL have proven that our Sweethearts MAGIC works! "Visit_Sweethearts"
  22. Are you a ready to cruise the Atlantic looking for the love of your life? Are you a First Class beauty? Gentlemen are you ready to charm your way across an ocean of classic beauties?????? Join us for our Titanic themed event at Sweethearts and whether you're a shy beauty, a graceful debutante, a prince of romance, a captain of the heart, or belle of the ball, you have the opportunity to win your half of a thousand lindens for being you and doing it the best! "Visit_Sweethearts"
  23. Grab your Poodle Skirts and Leather Jackets We want you to join us for 50's Night! ╠▶ ѠHO: ★...Ɗل CAJUN ...★ ╠▶ ѠHAT: ★... 50's NIGHT ...★ ╠▶ ŤHEME: BEST IN 50S COSTUME ╠▶ ѠHERE: ★...PROJECT REHAB ...★ ╠▶ ѠHEN: ★... JULY 7th, 4P-6P slt...★ Enter drawing from 4p-5p. Voting starts at 5:45p. When a Free Complete diner to place at your next party. Complete diner picture above Please contact a member of managment for any questions!! Owner- Ericthorn54 Resident Samara Meskin GM- Cajuntease Resident
  24. I read the official SL Wiki for the Crystal Ball contest in celebration of SL15B. It states the "outfit" must be an old look from past years. It is very vague. My question is, can I wear a mesh head, mesh body, mesh hair, mesh shoes, then wear like a flexi or standard sized mesh outfit? I'm guessing they meant outfit, as in clothing. They recently had a SL15B contest for your oldest avatar but this is a new contest with a different theme. I want to make sure I am doing it right so I have a chance at winning. Edit: I have no idea which section my thread goes in. I haven't used the new forums.
  25. This Sunday, join us for a day of fun in the sun during our Joystick's Sand and Surf event! Nothing says summer like building some sandcastles on the beach with your friends. Come down to Bunny Beach for a prim style Sand Castle contest! Let’s see what you can build with just prims and sand texture. Crowd voted favorites will be earning some linden prizes~ After the Sand Castle contest, the party isn’t over just yet! Put on that sexy yellow polka dot bikini or avoid those tan lines and go all natural as we host our SwimWear contest! Dance along as our DJ blasts some summer tunes and join Joystick’s VIP group for a chance to win some lindens! L$3,000 is going up on that board, and you never know when it’ll go up~ 4-6pm slt: Sand Castle contest 6-8pm slt: SwimWear contest SL URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odessa Plains/126/193/17 You can only win lindens if you’re part of our VIP group, so be sure to join us! And don’t worry, it’s completely free! Joystick’s VIP: secondlife:///app/group/c14da899-55c0-8cc7-c960-9937b3e01175/about Want more fun? Join our Discord Community for all the latest news on fun events! https://discord.gg/PTqjRNe So come down, get your tan going, and join us for a summer beach day of fun!