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  1. I hope I'm ok to do this but we are looking for new recruits for our RP sim. I have read the guidelines and all it says is not to advertise the RP location. Fun star trek roleplay with ships, space, planets, starbases and more! You can RP as an officer in either medical, security, engineering or science. The officer track includes learning on the job, interesting courses and full training. You can also opt for the enlisted track which is a lighter RP that does not include as much training and courses. Be promoted from cadet to ensign within one month and from then on promotions are possible through active status, duty assignments, mission participation and other things. Apart from this we do a lot of other OOC events like quiz nights, meditation sessions and table top games to play. If you would like more information, please reply to this post with your questions and hopefully we can arrange an in-person meet and greet in second life too. Looking forward to seeing you RP with us!
  2. I'm having a brain fart on this one.... I'm sure it's just obvious, but I'm tired and just can't see where I made the mistake. I'm back to SL after about a 10 year hiatus, and trying to pick up the scripting and such again with builds. Help please. Trying to make a simple check for group > if in group allow touch to turn object transparent on/off, if not in group doesn't allow touch. key kGroup = llList2Key(llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(),[OBJECT_GROUP]),0); default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llSetAlpha(0.0, ALL_SIDES); state texture; } if ( ( kGroup != NULL_KEY) && (llSameGroup(llDetectedKey(0)) ) { Dialog(llDetectedKey(0), MENU1); } } state texture { touch_start(integer total_number) { llSetAlpha(1.0, ALL_SIDES); state default; } if ( ( kGroup != NULL_KEY) && (llSameGroup(llDetectedKey(0)) ) { Dialog(llDetectedKey(0), MENU1); } }
  3. Hello! I am looking for members who may be interested in becoming a member in a KPOP group. I’ve seen black pink. It would be cool to have twice, or itzy or maybe even mamamoo. if you are interested either send me a notecard or an iM in world. @ Meaners Anyone skilled with the dance hud would be great. Not required. if we can get enough people interested. Would be awesome to have twice or itzy
  4. I recently made a hud where I found out that it does not take the group of the land although I do wear the tag. Only when I detach the hud and put it back on it is set to the group. However, when I log out and come back in, the hud switched back to no group. Settingt the group in the edit window does not work either. Only detach and reattach works, just for the present session only. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you
  5. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 For 12 weeks --> 640m - 219 prims - L$3,499 Ocean Front at Gramela 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Roadside at Murinata 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Mavora 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Grand Moat at Titian 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Golden Sands at Deminis 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 Grass Hills at Klaatu ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  6. MK Home Rental office (starts August 2021): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seafront/23/143/23 Dear ADULT-FURNISHED HOMES admirers, As MK Home Rental aims to keep on developing, we have moved all adult-furnished homes to the new location in a private region, with very less lag. We are happy to call the area: Apurva MK Beach-Hill Resort A beautiful beach and hill area of modern homes with dominating touch of admiration to nature/greeneries. Pick your adult-furnished home, whether to maximize the enjoyment of adult life in SL or simply as a retreat home away from RL. MK ADULT-FURNISHED homes only use high quality brands: Ruckus, Debauchery, Rawage, Lalou, VRDz, Fancy Decor, Apple Fall, CasperTech, and more. We do not force a community in the Apurva MK Beach-Hill Resort, yet strongly encourage respectful approaches to fellow residents. Our new location has new shared-beach area, shared pool area, and more to follow. Visit the new location of MK Home Rental Office starts from August 2021: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seafront/23/143/23 you may also check this link to see what is available: CasperPanel - Available Rentals self house tour is allowed for 10 minutes in each vacant home, the security may remind you and that's fine. MK Home Rental continues to provide affordable yet high-quality ADULT-FURNISHED Premium and Regular homes, with extra prims. Premium Homes: 1) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH HOUSE; 2) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH COTTAGE; 3) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH VILLA; 4) ADULT-FURNISHED HILL MODERN-CUBE; 5) ADULT-FURNISHED HILL CABIN. Regular Homes: 1) ADULT-FURNISHED SLEEK ATTIC; 2) ADULT FURNISHED SLEEK PARISIAN; 3) ADULT-FURNISHED NEW YORK ECOLOFT; and more to follow. Come join as an Apurva MK Beach-Hill resident now. ~ xoxo - millenakera ~
  7. Hi everyone, So I would like to invite people to a close enrollement group. They will be my tenants. I have the scripts so they get the group invitation when they click it or start renting. But why they cannot join? There is no join group button appears, only group information itself. I have been searching on market place for a tool or script to do this automatic invitation so they are able to see "join group" button eventhough it is not open for public, but I couldn't find it. Did I miss something? Edited: I saw some people are able to invite their tenants eventhough their group is private (not everyone can join). I tried with firestorm, and it's the same, my alts cannot see the join group button. I purchased another group inviter also, and still that "join group" doesn't appear. I have to keep my group public so people can join, but I don't want random people to join, because this group was created for my tenants to rez their items in parcel. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  8. 12,283 sqm. of paradise without the paradi$e price. This is what you get: Affordable rental rate for long term comfort = 3000 1st week, then 4250/week or 16,000/month if you choose a 4 week plan. Personal customer service from yours truly. I'm in world at least once a day, and can respond quickly to messages. Land group permissions allow you to feel like you own the place... group is exclusive. Invite people, make new roles, adjust the land shape etc. faces west to the ocean and right on the Bingo Straight (Blake Sea West) so sunsets are amazing. Easy access to Blake Sea by boat or plane. Sub leasing is allowed ... renting space to sub tenants is no problem for role play or commercial use (as examples of use). Quiet location with no nearby ban lines or annoying orbs when traveling by sea or sky. 4,283 prims available for whatever your needs may be. Contact me in world with Instant Message or Notecard for any questions and for land group invite. Click the link below to visit in world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atai/11/53/23
  9. I turn off all group notices/instant messages of all groups I join. Methodic, no question. Equal peeve about message cap notices, when I am on every day and they still get capped (because of all the notices) - so I turn it all off, always have, always will. This has worked predictable in the past for years, it always takes, most of my groups are whittled down to those I frequent a lot so there isn't much change in groups... Today I notice I have blue-dot/chiclets all across the top of my screen for Group IM discussions - to then check to find out that all 69 of my groups now have Yes-Receive Group Instant Messages checked. Whatever happened, it did not reset "Receive group notices" or "Show in my profile" - it only added a checkmark to the "Receive group instant messages" option to every single group I have. Now I am opening all groups and resaving. I recall no "group setting" were I as a user could "accidentally" reset all those myself in one/two clicks, or a user bulk-change... I could be wrong and if so correct me please if there is a setting like that, but... What new madness is this?
  10. SAIMYA ESTATES Office - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whitemud/208/179/2017 Move in Special- Pay 2 weeks get 1 week free 105 Saimya Bay - 250 Prims/ L300wk - Access to sailing waters Furnished house but you may remove the furniture only and use your own. Adult Furniture in home also Netflix movies TV. You will be able to add your music stream of your choice and have access to rez your boat by the beach area in the front of the community. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bishops Wall/35/216/21 113 Saimya Bay - 100 Prims/ L200wk - Waterfront land with access to sailing waters Furnished house but you may remove the furniture and use your own. Adult Furniture in home and on land. You will be able to add your music stream of your choice. If you are in need to rez a larger boat the community beach is also behind this home you may rez your boat there and sail away http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bishops Wall/234/252/21 Rent: 1100 Saimya Erindale - 600 Prims/ L675wk -- Access to driving, bike riding etc. with several rez areas around.. Beautiful scenery for you to explore. House and Furniture may be used or you may remove what is not needed and use your own. Host friends, have a party beautiful home wit lots of space, a pool and outside bar for you to enjoy. Netflix movies TV and Adult Furniture also included.... Group invite is sent once the rent box is paid the box is located at the front of the property for your convenience. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erindale/118/231/27 Sale -L15,000 for 2048m 703 prims- All items may be used in sale ADULT LAND FOR SALE L9,500 2048M 703 PRIMS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myanimo/58/145/61 ALL ITEMS ON THE LAND MAY BE USED WITH SALE . IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RENTING THIS LAND PLEASE MESSAGE KHIA SAIMYA INWORLD 101 Secluded House - 100 Prims/ L150wk Furnished house but you may remove the furniture only and use your own. You will be able to add your music stream of your choice. This home is on the water with privacy in your home no one can see you or hear your conversations. You also have access to secluded beach area where you can hang out and have friends over. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leto Yoshiro/239/83/22 102 Apartment - Secluded by Saimya Estates 300 Prims/ L425wk This apartment as 4 rooms it is partially furnished you may use furniture or remove it to use your own. Teleporter in the home to take you down to the beach, the beach is filled with lots of Adult furniture for use to use. Live in style with affordable price. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leto Yoshiro/213/92/1547 RENTED
  11. Hello 🙂 Anyone has an idea how to set a prim group? I was thinking about something ressembling as (but this parameter does not exist😞 llSetPrimitiveParams([ PRIM_GROUP, uuid]); Thanks. Dimi.
  12. Hi I'm thinking about going premium to buy this plot/parcel on mainland. It's 1,120 sqm. I read about how a group can get 10% bonus, but how do I actually get it so that I won't pay any tier on that parcel? Do I... (a) buy it personally and then deed the whole parcel to a group, or (b) buy it personally and then deed 90% of the parcel, or (c) buy for group at the point of purchase? Thanks (I'm a little confused 😶)
  13. We have a land full, but we decided to make a platform for rent, I can't rezz using a new group for rent, how do I use a new group in the main group of the land
  14. I had been hoping to attend one of Ms Gypsy's Campfire Sundays ever since she showed me around her beautiful place. My time and schedule just never allowed it, UNTIL recently. I was logged in and happen to see the notice about a one year celebration, so I popped on over. It's going to be difficult for me to come up with just the right words to describe the atmosphere (and being without words is generally not a problem for me), so bear with me as I try. Click here for the full article
  15. The more time you spend in SL the more you notice that our roleplay community tends to just confuse some people. I've been shamed for wanting to adopt, live the family life, and some day marry, and after a while you learn how to just let it roll off your back and move on. It's SL, things happen, people aren't always going to agree with your every whim or opinion, suck it up buttercup! I got to thinking, however. Wouldn't it be great if we, as a community of like minded people, had one central location where we could join, talk, discuss, chat, and even advertise or invite at our leisure? I know it's not the most original idea in the entire world, but I decided to give it a go myself! So, in that line of thinking, and being consumed by the want to just have that one place, I decided to make a group. Sure, it's taking ages to take off, but that's also mostly my fault. I'm not exactly the most adept advertiser in the world, and I know that it needs more exposure! That being said, I truly believe in it! This post, I suppose, is just to poke at people and see their opinions about such a thing. While I have already made the group in world (IM me for an invite, everyone is welcome!), I would also like to know what people think of it! Would you join such a group? Do you think that there is also a need of an inworld sort of HQ location for something like this? A connected family oriented dating site? All opinions are welcome!
  16. A premium member can own 1024 square meters without paying tier. A friend would like to donate his 1024 meters to a group. He is hoping the group can combine several donations and buy land larger than 1024 square meters and not pay tier. But we do not know how to donate the square meters. I assume that is different than deeding land already owned to the group...it would not make sense for the group to own several disjointed pieces of land.
  17. Hi, everyone I'm a a new player and a premium member and I own a 1024m² land (mainland.) In order to get more prims I upped my tier for an additional 512m² land ($4USD per month.) I had to abandon my previous land so I could find both lands on the same sim (that's a requirement, right? I don't want the space, just the prims.) So I bought both (1024m² and 512m²) on the same sim (they're not side by side) and deeded them both to a group I created (I had to add a friend since you can't have a solo group, lol.) Now I have more prims just like I wanted and this is what is showing in my acc: Allowed holdings: 1,536.00 square meters Current holdings: 0.00 square meters Available for purchase: 139.00 square meters Peak square meter usage: 1,536.00 square meters Total monthly cost: USD 4.00 Land Use Fees: Current Fees Estimated Fees Square meters owned: 0 0 Square meters donated 1397 1397 Premium Bonus in Square Meters 1024 1024 Paid Tier Level: 512 512 Available Square Meters: 139 139 Monthly Cost:* USD 4.00 USD 4.00 1) I supposed those extra 139m² are the 10% group bonus, right? Should I buy another land up to 139m² will it up my tier to the next one ($7USD per month - 1024m²) or nothing will change? 2) In order to get the prims from this new land it will have to be in the same sim as the others, right? 3) Since I donated both lands why the square meters donated shows 1397 and not 1024+512=1536? Did I do something wrong? Or am I reading/understanding this all wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Hello! How to set a price on object and allow to buy it's content to group members only by script?
  19. I am basically a script idiot. I have bought and tried 4 different scripts for making colorchange HUDs and that is too difficult. So I found a freebie script that I can use. This uses an old school blue pop-up. The problem now is that I want only owner or group to use it. Anyone can touch now and change texture. Can you help me set in a code line? //______Change Texture Menu___Alicia Stella______ //__________last modifed__May 2009___________ //_____more scripts: www.aliciastella.com_____ //Drop this script into an object with textures inside. //When anyone Touches they will get a menu with all the textures available. Button names in menu will be first 10 characters from that item's name. //NOTE: Texture Names may not exceed 24 characters or script error and menu fails. integer side = ALL_SIDES; //ALL_SIDES or any face number 0 through 5 list texture_list; key user = NULL_KEY; composelist() { integer currenttexture = 0; integer totaltextures = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE); if(totaltextures == 0) llWhisper(0, "Please add up to 22 Textures inside this object."); else { texture_list = []; do { texture_list = texture_list + llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, currenttexture); currenttexture++; } while (currenttexture > 0 & currenttexture < totaltextures); } } //The Menu integer menu_handler; integer menu_channel; integer menu_page; menu(key user,string title,list texture_list) { menu_channel = (integer)(llFrand(99999.0) * -1); //random channel menu_handler = llListen(menu_channel,"","",""); integer max_page = llFloor (llGetListLength (texture_list) / 9) + 1; if (menu_page >= max_page) menu_page = 0; else if (menu_page < 0) menu_page = max_page - 1; integer range = menu_page * 9; list buttons = ["<<<", "Random", ">>>"] + llList2List (texture_list, range, range + 8); llDialog (user, title, buttons, menu_channel); llSetTimerEvent(30.0); //menu channel open for 30 seconds } default { state_entry() { composelist(); //make list from inventory textures } touch_start(integer total_number) { user = llDetectedKey(0); menu_page = 0; menu(user, "\n\nPlease select one below.", texture_list); } listen(integer channel,string name,key id,string message) { if (channel == menu_channel) { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(menu_handler); if(message == ">>>") { ++ menu_page; menu(user, "\n\nPlease select one below.",texture_list); } else if (message == "<<<") { -- menu_page; menu(user, "\n\nPlease select one below.",texture_list); } else if (message == "Random") llSetTexture(llList2String(texture_list, (integer) (llFrand (llGetListLength (texture_list)))), side); else llSetTexture(message, side); } } timer() //Close the Menu Listen or we'll get laggy { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(menu_handler); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) //inventory has changed { composelist(); //rebuild the list } } }
  20. Hi I'm apologized for geting banned from GEMC for Trolling. because I'm just asking the question about the detroit milestone for the too many listens errore question about the detroit milestone for the too many listens error could everyone help IM to beck to unban me from the Group? everyone? using Hi, I have a question before these word
  21. Hello all! So i have recently come into an issue with some games like Hand and Foot, and some vehicles from SCP. it is my understanding that if "EVERYONE" is checked under Parcel Details for "BUILD" then quite obviously, everyone can build. And if it's set to "GROUP" then anyone with the relevant group can build. However if both of those are un-checked. Then the powers that are granted in roles of that specific group, kick in and that is what decides who gets rez rights. Now my problem is, that it seems if BUILD is ON for the Land... then everything seems to work fine. However if that is turned OFF... then the games and vehicles seem to just sit in a "deer in headlights" state. And don't know what to do. Games cannot give out HUDS to play, and the vehicles cannot be driven by anyone UNLESS FOR BOTH, the Owner is online.... Extremely confusing since the whole idea behind the group is to restrict those rights to specific people.. So! my question is, does anybody know of a resolution to this issue. Thank You in advance, Dez
  22. 5248 sqm for rent directly on the Blake Sea. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barushkya/88/209/22 Land as shown in picture is above water as much as it can be, but can also be sunk to be a water parcel 1799 prims available until the prim allowance goes up on June 24th ! ** Price will NOT increase, you will simply have more prims to use Looking for long term tenant(s) so I offer a 9.3% discount for paying monthly 2400 per week, or 8700 per month. Meter is set to weekly currently, but will be changed for any payment plan. Land group offers ownership abilities including terraforming and land access & settings control ** Land group is specific to this parcel, not shared by other properties ** You have ability to add friends or co-renters to the group, or remove them Contact me in world with an Instant Message or Notecard if you prefer
  23. I watched some live LL roundtable that said group limits, (as far as how many you can join would increase). This same webcast talked about land prices dropping & taxes on MP items would be raised in order to encourage more users to have SL land & then decorate it with items from MP. (Made sense to me at the time). This was months ago and I haven't seen or heard anything since. Anyone else know if this has already happened or is incorrect? I haven't seen land pricing drop whether you rent or buy, (although a while back they increased prim count a bit). MP pricing seems the same as well. I even heard they were developing cloud-based storage to increase performance. Maybe it was a dream or maybe the timetable is a bit longer than they made it seem? Either way groups in SL provide vendor discounts, admittance to some of the most beautiful sims ingame & updates on new SL merch. Limiting that to a number like 60 for premium accounts shouldn't be a thing IMO, The community has grown way past the days of groups being used for chatting, making new friends or trolling. Some SL bloggers and photographers like myself are *required* to join several groups just in order to blog for that vendor. I truly hope LL is taking this into consideration, it sure seemed like it was going to happen soon from the webcast I watched.
  24. Hello, is it possible to get a group invitation looking like in the screenshot by clicking on an object? How to achieve that? Regards
  25. Dear all, I've got a question. I closed an update group for my store and I ejected all members, but the group doesn't close after 48 hours. It's not the first time I closed a group, but it's the first time it remains active. I ejected all members 9 days ago, the group is set so nobody can join it and I'm the only member. No clue what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Riley
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