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  1. My Partner and I met on our Originals in 2005 in the vintage-SL Amazon Nations and have been together ever since. I qualify that as a “real relationship” 🙂 Not to criticize, but maybe if you want a relationship with depth - spend an extended period getting to know the other brain you’re talking to before going for the sexxorz? You mentioned relations lasting “weeks, not months” - so being prepared to sift lots of grains of sand to find that personality-match *before* going intimate might get you closer to someone who’ll still be there when you’ve run out of erotic adjectives to cyber with and just want someone to be with who understands you 🙂 Cybersex comes and goes, but having someone interesting to talk to is like the Energizer Bunny; it keeps going and going....
  2. Then I consider myself fortunate 🙂. All those times I self-censored so as not to get banned eventually paid off 🙂
  3. That could also be Facebook or the social media platform of your choice 🙂
  4. Technically, Real Life is also an adult sexgame.
  5. Personally, forum Rank means nothing to me. Any Rank Perks could go away and I would *only* miss my custom forum titler (which well-describes me). What counts to me is a persons “like” rating in relation to their post count and that only counts until I get to know them by reading their stuff. I appreciate people who put in their time here and in doing so; make themselves helpful to other people. And they earn that one post at a time, not by any “Rank” or even by rage campaigns 🙂 I don’t need Rank to lend credibility to my opinions, but neither do I resent Rank earned steadily over time and by being a valuable member of this community.
  6. I was thinking that back at the dawn of SL time, the average person I met was more likely to be a content Creator than today. Now that the in world economy is established, SL is an easier slog for a wider slice of humanity and the archetype has shifted .
  7. I won’t comment Much despite the fact that the title of my “Generational Cohort” bugs me. 🙂 Personally, I have never worried overmuch about what “era” a Resident is from. I’m more concerned about whether a given individual is the sort who treats other Residents as PEOPLE or not. I’m an SLOldie taking my Original into account, and in each generational cohort I can come up with broad examples of people who either treat others with respect or others who approach SL from a more self-centered approach. Its their choice of course; but I prefer to hang out with that “treats you like a person and not an NPC for my amusement” group 🙂 But yeah; the SLOldies as a cohort are kinda distinctive 🙂
  8. I have some speech deficits following a brain injury and stroke. SL was a great opportunity for me to be accepted as “normal” back in the pre-Voice days. Within SL no one heard me slurring and assumed that I was either drunk or mentally a little “off”. SL Voice has been problematic for me (slightly). I don’t generally have issues with SL Males wanting me to VoiceVerify because I don’t become intimately involved with them, but many newer Residents are so voice-fixated on how they interact in SL that it becomes an issue occasionally. Overall, SL has been a benefit to my self-esteem and a “safe haven” where I can appear as normal as I feel on the inside.
  9. Peach Cobbler with an extra-thick, sugary “crust” is my moms signature holiday dish. She won’t give up the recipe either 😉
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