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  1. Hello, back from a long trip doing what I love to do best: sitting quietly and reading. Love this new pouf with reading poses.
  2. Haven't been here or in SL much--popped in this morning and took a snapshot. Happy Sunday!
  3. Thanks so much--I will look into this! (And try and be more chill at the same time.... ;-))
  4. So--here's another question that revels my lack of technical knowledge regarding SL: why is my foot going through the edge of my chair here? Is there a way to fix this? It's a pose that came with the chair and it kind of bugs me. #thwartedperfectionist
  5. Mornings (middays and aftenoons) are for coffee and contemplation. :-)
  6. Slightly frustrating time in SL yesterday and today. Yesterday my mesh bod disappeared and I couldn't get it to come back. Today I unpacked it and got it to work again. then I had a terrible time getting this pantsuit to not have "gaps" even after clicking on the HUD to make parts of me disappear. (As one does). You can still see a tiny spot of skin and that was even after the HUD had been clicked. And then when I changed poses in my fave chair further skin bits appeared. Why is that? So I switched to my other chair, whose poses I don't like. If anyone has nice chair/pose suggestions I'd love
  7. I hope so! I first thought those were bloodied white kitties, but they're you're hands-right? ;-)
  8. Bobsie's baaaaack!! Finally on break and ready to flood the forums with OOTD and what am I doing pics. Happy happy. Now if only I could get hold of a delicious croissant in RL too.
  9. Seriously everyone (including you MM ;-)) seems really laid back and friendly on the forums (unlike sometimes in SL). A nice surprise!!
  10. How does one get points? I don't really understand the system. #cluelessBobsie
  11. Resting after a long day and week--Happy Weekends Folks!
  12. Too late to go out dancing, so I'll just sit here with my hot cocoa and be cozy.
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