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  1. Good afternoon. Please notice I used “mainly”, thus implying that it might not be the case for everyone.
  2. Good morning! So glad to see there is someone who acts the same way as I do! Have a wonderful day!
  3. Good morning! Well, I do not. I have no Flickr account. I have been into photography in RL for such a long time, with a Pentax SLR camera and several lenses and all the bells and whistles, I have never felt the same regarding SL photography. Not really sure why... Have a wonderful day!
  4. Good morning! I think you have a point when you say that SL is changing. I mean, the way I see it, it is still possible to connect, but whereas before that was the main aim of people coming into SL, it might be true that nowadays the mainstream position is that of bloggers and creators, as you point out. Being around since 2007, I have seen many trends come and go, and I hope to be able to see many more. But there is a bunch of people who enjoy meeting really interesting people, maybe connecting with them, and becoming Friends (uppercase). I know people with lists comprising so many
  5. Good morning, Helena: Very good point. Different TZ can be very challenging. I’ve had my (more than) fair share of that, and at times (pun not intended) they can even put the whole friendship/relationship at risk. So, you made a very good point there. But then, as it is with lags and stuff, that is one of the things that make SL what it is... Have a great day!
  6. Good morning! I would ask to know if you intended it to mean ALONE or actually, A LOAN. To be alone in SL seems to be counterintuitive with the spirit of the place, as it is mainly a socialising place. You may choose to be a lone wolf, wandering from sim to sim, and you might be able to keep the interactions to a minimum, but I do not think you can be alone, as in not interacting, forever. As for ALONE meaning without a partner or a special, significant other, that goes on personal preferences. As for being a LOAN, that would imply so many concepts I would not mention them here... Laughs
  7. I have been using SpeedLight in both my iPad Pro and my iPhone for about a month now, and I must say that I am pretty much satisfied. It will depend on which usage each of us does of their SL for sure, and you have to keep in mind that SpeedLight is a W-I-P kinda thing. But overall, and as a change from computer-only-SL to mobility-allowed-SL, I find that SpeedLight does most of the job for me - I’d add a couple things to it, and have by now told the developer. I have not tried Lumiya, as I am an Apple user, but I would recommend SpeedLight. Just hope this is helpful. Have a great day!
  8. Hi there. As a matter of fact, there are some. True, we seem to be a nearly-extinct species, but you can find some. I mean, I understand what you mean, because I have met plenty (maybe this quantifier falls short of the mark) of those. Don’t lose hope. And, around here, that is something! Best wishes, and see us around.
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