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  1. Sorry for the delay in response. Thank you for all of your responses, i went with the jake body in the end!. Much appreciated :)
  2. Okay so I am looking to purchase a mesh male body. But I have never ventured outside of the anime style before and I am not sure which one to purchase. What I need is a male mesh body, not that muscular but some is okay. Has a decent range of clothing, I am looking to create a semi urban but gothic type of look. Not a leather jacket with some jeans, like something half decent unique and interesting to look at so would like it if the body had a good range of clothing. Has a decent skins and tattoos. What would you suggest?. Also looking for a mesh head, not all that interested in payi
  3. $1024 lindens. 1L per Sqm for quick sale. About half of what I actually paid for it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yesan/16/239/3909
  4. Second Life does have a steep learning curve though. Not everything is so straight forward and obvious to a new comer. I can understand why some people who are new might ask for help.
  5. Okay, you go ahead and feel like you are seriously oppressed and have no freedom in this world...which is ridiculously un true but whatever.... I on the other hand do not feel like I am oppressed in any way and feel completely free to do whatever I want to do, it just requires me to work hard to achieve it....I see no issue with this. There is nothing stopping you from changing your life, from doing better, from improving your start. All it takes is for you to actually get out there and start working towards it. Sure you might not achieve all your dreams but you will achieve more than you woul
  6. Thats cool!, she sounds like a interesting old lady
  7. If you pay attention to what I wrote. You will see "SL backup mom?" the question mark gives the game away. I queried it before proceeding. If you pay even further attention you will see "and she plays SL?" the question mark again gives the game away.
  8. SL backup mom?. She would have to be well into her 80s if not 90s to have been part of the Hitler Youth and she plays SL?. Thats dope
  9. I have spoken out about various issues. Several times. But your voice tends to get lost in the noise of everyone else these days and generally speaking out usually devolves into petty arguing and squabbling over who has the right ideas as opposed to having a more constructive conversation. Or games of one up man ship. There are not many people around who are actually willing to engage in a decent conversation over these issues. Most people have their views and are unwavering or unwilling to hear views that might be slightly different to their own and more often than not start raging at the tho
  10. I completely agree with you. It is part of the reason why I quit going on Facebook is every single status for the last year has been trump this, trump that, oh look I baked a pie and here is 50 pictures of my kids that you never asked for, more trump, incase you didn't see it TRUMP AGAIN. To be quite honest I'm flat out bored of the whole affair. All I ever see or hear these days are political discussions and arguments, left vs right etc and it gets exhausting. Im bored of trump, I'm bored of the left vs right nonsense, bored of the 'North Korea threat', bored of hearing about trump vs No
  11. This would easily be anyone who speaks in emotes. Especially if they are REALLY trying to tell you that THEY are depressed RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT. E.g : /me sighs deeply and looks sadly around her "My day has been so bad today" *sighs heavily*. Like, okay....I get it.....your sad......but just talk to me about it, you don't need to go with the over dramatics and the attentions seek
  12. Some will, not all lefties are that hard core. The far left is for sure but then so are the far right, the far left are on a crusade thats on a whole other level though xD. But most of my friends in real life are left leaning and more than just me (though I'm a centrist) accepts that the right does make some good points on some issues. I think the issue is that, for the most part the only ones we really seem to see and experience and get in our face about things are those from the far sides of the spectrum. People like me who are either centrist or left leaning are generally quieter and more c
  13. I have read it. I think certain aspects of socialism are pretty good. But personally I prefer a capitalist society. I can progress further for one. But I do agree with the notion that the left and the right should come together and take the best of each in an attempt to make something that would actually benefit the world.
  14. Both the left and the right are ridiculous at times IMO. Both say exactly the same things about one another. I used to be a pure lefty and detested the right. Then one day I figured to myself that I should start listening to both sides of the argument and make a more educated and informed decision than just listening to one side and making assumptions about the other. From doing this I realised that both the left and the right make some good points and they also make some equally stupid points. The left make some good points in that we really should be more accepting of one another, purely bec
  15. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but i need help! So i am trying to get SL running smoothly on my Nvidia 970. I have tried several viewers and a whole host of settings and nothing i am doing will make Second Life run smoothly without any jittering. I have tried dropping the graphics settings, turning it back up and switching off some of the hardware settings, setting the default graphics processor to the 970, 32bit firestorm, 64 bit firestorm, linden viewer, anti aliasing to 0, antis filtering to 0, draw distance to 32, updated graphics drivers, re installed viewers, changin
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