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  1. Im about to send you so much nudes right now
  2. I can still go on it right? or does my account get locked? Cause if so. They can say hi to my lawyers.
  3. "THIS IS NOT A TROLL THREAD" - yes it is" No, it's not " i spent a few hundies on my avatar" - no you havent, i have seen you" Lies, when/where did you see me?
  4. "im attracted to self confident, silly and/or in any way interesting people." I'm all of this.
  5. First of all. Huge: DISCLAIMER, THIS IS NOT A TROLL THREAD, ITS A LEGITIMATE TOPIC THAT I NEED HELP WITH ( Jagix Linden) How do you guys get girlfriends? I see tons of Second life men with E-girlfriends, and I just don't know how they are able to get one. It's a real struggle for me, even though i spent a few hundies on my avatar. Women just seem to not be all that interested, and I have been playing second life for a long time now Close to 6 years, and I've still yet to have a proper online relationship with an actual woman. If i could get a few pointers or even a few volunteers i'd appreciate it very much. Crap: Apologies if i posted this in the wrong forum. If a mod could please move it.
  6. If they shut down the servers, Would I be able to get all the money i've spend on Second life? or even a partial Refund.
  7. Take enough lsd and you can pretty much have conversations with anything
  8. whats wrong with talking to him like normal human beans?
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