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  1. 🎂Happy 16th Birthday Second Life, Guess you wont live past 20 at this rate.🎂
  2. You can check your spendings at your Account - L$ Transaction History - set your filter to the maximum 28 days (that is the maximum available) and you will get your monthly expenses.
  3. Non Premiums (Basic) users like me spent on average 20k lindens per month on the marketplace purchases, We are not really "FREE" users as many highlighted, and the reduced groups really bites . Im considering a cut down on time spent on SL, maybe have a spending limit of 1K Lindens(fingers crossed) per month after june. I can imagine the creators and sellers having a harder time making lindens with the new rules and most probably less transactions due to exodus of Basic Users away from SL. Time for me to find another game worth paying for.
  4. You are right on the taking away from the free users, Yes free users are basically the backbone of ANY mmorpg games, i can imagine a reduced free users will do to SL. Less free users, less visitors to land and sim, for real, there is no landowners or sim owner would pay for a ghost town monthly. They stop paying, and less sim available, less sim to visit will cause the remaining free users to exit and finally when no more free users, the premiums will leave too as there is only few faces available. Not to mention a dead Market Place where no one buys anything and this will cause the Linden purchases to fail too.. It is a vicious cycle that will eventually tear SL apart.
  5. That is what i thought, it is very normal hentai and even many of the private parts are quite pixelated. Wonder why someone would say it is underage stuffs.
  6. Was at a Adult sim and everyone is discussing how come the Event Board changed, Apparently someone complaint to the owner that the so called image on the board "might" violate LL terms as they looks like underage.. Seriously? Since when do Hentai images illegal? And which part of them looked underage?? What are your views?
  7. What an achievement!🙄
  8. Second Life withdrawal symptoms showing up in minutes.... this maintenance could take days. omg 😨
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