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  1. Of course they're open to it. I love my current partner to death and would never try to replace them. They are very much aware that I am looking for a second partner, they just don't feel the need to be really involved with my potential second partner. Most people still call themselves poly even if they're currently not in a poly relationship. However, I do not do that. It's monogamous until more than two people are involved imo.
  2. Heyo, my name is Amayan. I've made posts in the past, but I'd like to try again. I'm 21, I have a lot of geeky and creative hobbies. I play PC games, watch anime, read manga, I aspire to be a webcomic artist, compose music and develop games. Sound too ambitious? It probably is. In SL, I've roleplayed, shopped, worked, created. I'm always open to try new things. I consider myself to be a submissive and am somewhat hoping to meet a gal (preferably female RL, in case I get attached) who considers themselves to be a domme. Whether the friendship leads to more or not, I am open. I'm currently in a
  3. Hiya! My name is Amayan or Iz as close friends call me. I've had one or two accounts before this one when I was rather young...like a pre-teen. I'm now 21. So I guess I've been around for like a decade now. I have a lot of hobbies. Most of them revolve around art. Comics, writing, roleplaying, animating, general illustration. Ages ago I was really into the roleplay scene. Specifically family roleplay. However, from recent times of trying to become active again, it feels pretty dead unless you're into extremely lax "families" or you roleplay as a toddler. So I tried other forms of roleplay, the
  4. I was referring to them just having the time to physically come in and take care of things. I mean, I don't think you can really call in a linden now just to ban someone. Normally people would now just mute/block or kick them from the area.
  5. Wowie, the Lindens must've had so much free time back then.
  6. Honestly, it can be anything. Or at least almost. I'm an artist and roleplayer. I can dance, I can host, I can be an escort. I can take art related commissions (such as drawing your avatar in my style). I use the Maitreya body and sometimes Kemono. I've shuffled through the M3 Venus head, the new M4 head and CATWA's catya. I also use the V-Tech boi chest with my maitreya body. I prefer to play an androgynous character. Since I love to roleplay, my ability emote isn't much of an issue. I have worked as a Hostess and I've worked as a Dancer. But most of the time these clubs never lasted long. I
  7. Hello...! My name is Amara or Amayan..I'm 15, and pretty shy... I'm into many things, such as the occult, magick, art and comics... In school, I'm not very good math or science so if my future family is any good in those subjects, maybe you could help me with my homework..? Heh.. I've always wanted a large family, mostly because I get lonely easily. So um...heh..I hope you can consider me..! OOC: Hiya! I go by either Iz or Amayan, I'm 20, still kinda introverted, but I absolutely love company. Makes 0 sense, right? I'm into geeky/nerdy things, I'm a digital artist.. and I'm a pretty seri
  8. We're also looking for staff!!! Such as Hosts and DJs!!!
  9. Are there any clubs (preferabley Adult), that are M3/Utilaztor avatar friendly? The few that I've been to are kind of dead, so I was wondering... I use a normal kemono body and Venus head, but I am most certainly NOT a child avi. Basically, I'm looking for work as either a dancer or hostess. I am also looking for LGBT friendly and techno-themed clubs. Thanks in advance! 
  10. Can anyone give me some names of stores that specialize in 2.0 clothing or any clothing that works for 2.0? I'm looking for primarily flat-chested/small-chested or male clothing. Thank you very much~
  11. Okay, let me start this out with I do have flash installed and updated. and I do have the latest viewer (I'm using Firestorm). I was told that I needed third party flash. Which confused me greatly and that I'd need Firefox. (I use Chrome.) So I downloaded Firefox, still didn't work. I even relogged. The error was something like: "Whack! You need to update your flash to the latest version..." etc... So If anyone can solve this, I'd very much appreciate it.
  12. Bumpity bump.... (Finding a family is ridiculously difficult.)
  13. UPDATE: I decided to boost my RP age from 13 to 15. I'm more used to RPing that age than anything.
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