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  1. You are going to be a rabbit, not an anime avatar. I don't think thats going to be a problem for you.
  2. No way is that an avatar. Lots of photoshop: Yes. But I would bet money the base is not from Second Life. That is either... a) a real life human being in a costume, heavy theater make up and LOTS of photoshop (one of my hobbies is Cosplay, so my eye is familiar with how some of the heavy editing fantasy photoshoot pictures turn out.) b) something entirely made outside of Second Life in advanced 3D rendering programs, because it also has this "Big budget fantasy game/movie trailer" vibe going on. Whatever it is _that_ is not archieveable in SL and shouldn't be used for advertisement. It gives unrealistic expectations to newbies and looks out of place for veterans. Edit: Looks like my Cosplayer-instincts were right, that is a RL woman in a costume with heavy photoshop: She is first seen at around 1:12, getting dressed. So its from a professional add. Still...terrible choice without the proper context.
  3. They do fit the early 00s look the whole thing has. The logo size is the smallest issue with this build.
  4. I would activly avoid anyone with a lastname like that. Nothing more cringy than this. Its like and advertisement above their heads, warning people that they will unironically use that in a conversation and probably even engage in that weird mixture of "furry babytalk". Urg.
  5. Nah, we will be getting 15 more pages of denying that there is any problem with his ideas. Just like all the other threads from him.
  6. Sometimes I wonder whats wrong with some people.
  7. Something that does not suprise me. The Meadowbrook style combines two excellent attributes: 1. Neutrality. Meaning, that the houses easily fit a varity of furniture styles. From futuristic to a 60s style. 2. Easy to furnish. Its box shapes stacked together. Every donkey can place furniture in there.
  8. Nah, getting a stilt home was way easier. I consider this year already canceled, because the government can't get their ***** together and it might take them until next winter to finally get to the general population. At least thats my estimate.
  9. We were talking sim names and I used the city were the McDonalds headquarter is located at (Chicago) and a random example city elsewhere as a stand-in to explain why franchise/chainstore concepts work in RL, but not in SL. So in fairness it wasn't about knowing the RL city Chicago, although its still odd to assume knowing a sim name is relevant or that people from outside the anglosphere are that isolated from the rest of SL.
  10. My two cents: All I see in the discussed picture is an avatar limited by the deficient abilities of the standard avatar body, not a caricarture.
  11. If you are happy with what you already have, you don't need one. I couldn't stand the rough edges, the wrinkles and ugly feet anymore a couple of years ago and wanted the content specifically made for a certain mesh body. Thats why I switched.
  12. Correct, but no place in SL is a desert in the same sense of the RL thing. They may not know about the Chicago sim, but they may know McDonalds. So they type in "McDonalds" into the search and the search gives them "McDonalds Mainstore" located on the Chicago sim. And off they go, teleporting there and purchasing stuff. Most of them will have enough english skills to get that done and if the McDonalds owner has doubts (because maybe the fries come with a really elaborate hud), he includes a notecard with translates instructions. And we are still talking about a business that sells stuff, right? Because thats never going to be a place in SL where people hang out (most hangouts barely break even and are more or less some whales hobby or a community effort). Sure, some of them will prefer to seek out people from the same region/language and those places do exist, but I think you are overestimating this "bubble effect". The international community of Second Life is not just made up of the anglosphere and everyone else stuck in their tiny, national bubbles. We happily shop at Maitreya as it is. We wouldn't need "german Maitreya".
  13. Thats not going to work, because you lack a key ingredient that makes both franchises and non-franchise stores work: Physical distance. Max Mustermanns McDonalds restaurant in Hamburg works, because his customers in Hamburg can't buy their fries and burgers directly from the McDonalds headquarters in Chicago. If McDonalds was a business in SL, I would simply teleport to the "Chicago" sim and buy my fries and burgers directly there. No need to teleport to the "Hamburg" sim to buy fries and burgers from Max, who rented the sim and purchased a bunch of franchise equipment to set up a McDonalds restaurant there. The little bit of franchisy stuff that worked in SL took a big hit, when the MP became popular.
  14. A bit off topic, but I got to say: Lovly home!
  15. Du hast also knapp sieben Jahre für einen Premiumaccount gezahlt, den du gar nicht nutzt? o_o Hmm... und zwischenzeitlich gabs nie Probleme mit Rückbuchung etc.? Kannst du nachvollziehen wann das letzte Mal abgebucht wurde? War das auch ganz sicher der Account und nicht ein anderer?
  16. They are completely seperate things. One does not include the other. Together they influence how your avatar looks like. The shape is a combination of slider settings, that determine how your avatar is well... shaped. How long your legs are, how big your butt is, how close your eyes are to each other and so on. The skin is basically the texture that goes on top of that. Its colour and details also have a great influence on how your avatar looks like. Both are considered "essential" avatar parts, meaning you can never not have a skin or shape, you can only replace them with another skin or shape. They are often often sold as pack, because they depend so much on each other.
  17. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I will never understand why items like this go into male specific shopping events. Whats so manly about a storage rack for paintings?!
  18. Why do you assume people are hiding something? Hiding would imply, that they chose to not show something on purpose, that they actively want to keep others away from seeing something. Is "not hiding something" really defined by using voice chat and showing pictures and/or videos of yourself? Is your voice and apperance more "you" than everything else you have already displayed in SL?
  19. Ah yes, great. We need the poor people to make the virtual world feel more real. Increase the poorness!
  20. @heartzwhim Kasha was faster than me (and right!). This set is from Tia. The furniture comes with a hud, so you can change the colours of the wood and fabric.
  21. I don't think this is good. Just read SL Marketplace comments. So many people aren't able to even read what they are buying or request the shop owner takes care of their mistakes.
  22. I think this could depend if LL a) decides to care enough and b) how much those instagram idiots make themself (intentional or unintentional) look like they are 'official'.
  23. Is life a game because you have the option to play DnD and LARP while being alive?
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