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  1. I was already wondering why Victorian has been on the page for a while, longer than a single home normaly stays.
  2. I love the Log Homes and Houseboats. And I will enjoy strolling through the Chalet neighborhoods, as much as I enjoyed running through the camper ones, even if they don't catch me enough to get them. I will try out a Stilt, when they come out.
  3. Speaking of many rooms: The Alpenrose has plenty of roomes, no addon needed. Thats why its probably the one design that I like the most among this style. I just counted them: 7 rooms. Not gigantic ones, but still! - Edelweis has 4 (but one is the big space downstairs). - Matterhorn has 5 and seems to be the biggest overall. - Reizend also has 5 and seems to be equally big, compared to the Matterhorn, as it does not need space to include stairs.
  4. There is a balcony in classic Bavarian houses (the ones I would think of, when thinking mountains + south Bavaria), but they are very much attached to having the house in this specific style and LL went with more like "something something Fachwerkhaus!"
  5. Its also much more tame, than what I would have had in mind, if someone said "picture a classic traditional bavarian house in the mountains!" Which might be good, for an international audiance.
  6. By accident I think I have a picture from the downstairs layout of this one.
  7. I think overall the Chalets (thats what the style seems to be called in the house names), fit between the Trads and Loghomes. For those, who want it a bit rustical, but not full blown "alone in the woods" rustical.
  8. Fits the soft alpine style those house style seems to go for.
  9. There is a great varity of layout types within those houses. The one in my screenshot has a very detailed layout, with interesting cuts. Perfect to right out of the box set up seperate rooms (bath, office, kitchen...). Others feature some bigger rooms, that allow for livingroom and kitchen to be mixed (for example). And there is beer near the windmill (which by the way has moving interior).
  10. To everyone who can't go, this is the house model seen in the winter photo:
  11. Thats definitly it. I recognize the door we speculated endlessly about in that first picture.
  12. You forgot someone chewing, a dog braking in the background and a kid crying/demanding attention/being generally loud.
  13. Group names for stores and events. Seriously, stop giving your groups fancy names with symbols and stuff, that thos them to god knows where in the grouplist. I have over 40 groups and you ask me to wear your group tag for gifts and bonus points. But when I can't find it, because its so far off from your stores name, it just becomes a peeve.
  14. I haven't noticed. But I think its good. There are plenty of resident owned places voice enthusiasts and go to, which are better regulated, than some public Linden owned place. We often discouraged people coming to the forum, to linger around those places, as its attractive like a honey pot for griefers and aholes.
  15. Ah nice, then the expo opens in the afternoon for me.
  16. Shower thought: You know whats the best thing about the Stilt homes? For a short period of times, we will be all (somewhat) close neighbours!
  17. I have one from Abiss Interior. It looks quite good, even if its a few years old and only 6 LI heavy. If you like it a bit more "heavy" on the decorations, Swallow has one for 8LI.
  18. No. How should that work? From your SL account? Hows that going to make your card information any more secure, if by your previous statement one would only need to know one of your email adresses? Credit card, backed up PayPal and I think skrill works aswell. I do it with PayPal. Those are your only options. Of course PayPal can only be as safe, as the user using it. The moment you enroll for any subscription service, you don't need to be asked a second time to pay for ongoing subscriptions. Thats your fault for not paying attention, not a security issue on PayPals side. And the only thing you can do now is to cancel all subscriptions you don't want to continue to prevent being charged for them in the future.
  19. I'm a stilt pessimist. But how would one notice, that they are released?
  20. I just got a Loghome almost directly on the edge of where people once waited for the Stilts. I think I'll keep it until they are released and put up a lemonade stand or something.
  21. There is one poor camper sitting on the landpage for ages now.
  22. Thank you Qie! That at least is a huge relief to hear. Adapting to a new head is much more difficult (and expansive) than adapting to a new skin (if I find one).
  23. To drop a name: Its Pink Fuel. They made skins for a wide range of heads and when I switched skins a while back and was glad, they supported Lelutka + offered a really good selection of pale skins with lots of texture detail on them. Now the issue is, that they sold only appliers. There is no system layer skin in my box. Instead, they now sell a separat bodytexture for BOM bodies and have only two head BOM options, both designed for genus heads.
  24. Those pictures are never straight from SL. They use external 3D rendering programs and pour some photoshop over it. I always take a demo first, before I buy anything from stores with this type of "enhanced" vendor pictures and highly recommend doing the same.
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