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  1. A new venture by BaC® (the new brand identity of Barthes LLc®), the BaC® Conflict Management Centre™ supplies a relaxing, tasteful venue for individuals of all nations, species, planets and timestreams to work, play, and work out conflicts with a dedicated conflict management staff. All are welcome. For a price. We're not a charity. It's not so much a roleplay venue as an in-character hangout. All characters from other settings are welcome to bring their stories here and maybe interact with others. It's themed as a corporate-owned diplomatic outpost (with a slight edge of satire, i admit) a
  2. Actually, having said that, a week down the line, someone finally said, try the new build. And (cross fingers) it seems all right.
  3. I tried there first. And the live chat. Nothing.
  4. Still trying to sort this, still no luck. Does anyone at all have any suggestions as to why it might be doing this?
  5. OK, I get this for some reason with Kirstens, and not with SL2.x or Firestorm, but since the support at the Kirstens site is worse than useless right now, I'm asking here on the off chance. Essentially, every time I log in with Kirstens, all the textures - and I mean all of them, even sculpt maps - have a sort of border around them, a discoloured line around two out of four edges. This means, among other things, that all sculpties are ruined, and seamless textures are tiled. Check out the ground here, and note the line across my av's forehead, neck and waist. Also see how messed up her shoes
  6. OK. So I tried both of those. Darkie's doesn't work, I'm afraid. Rolig's, although it works, as in you click it off, and your av moves normally, when it's on, it actually goes on-off-on-off every second.
  7. Hi Darkie! OK. So how would you work it so you only needed to touch it once?
  8. OK, so I tried it, and while the script throws up no errors as such, and you can touch it (you get the little hand if you mouse hover), touching it does nothing. I am at a loss. Now it should be apparent I know little about scripting, but there was a lot of nonsense in that script. I tried something simpler. It still does not work. I am eager to learn. Please tell me why? integer gpose = 1;string anim = "chinup"; // Name of head holding still pose thingy default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(),PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } run_time
  9. I suspect it's my computer - Firestorm (I know! I was desperate) falls over too. Any advice on what the Nvidia control centre settings might be?
  10. That is a really good idea. But yes, I have, I should have said. Freeze frame or not, format, size, nothing. Crashes every time.
  11. Like it says in the title. When I save a photo to my computer, although the photo is (usually) saved OK, SL crashes. Although I have been using 2.8.1 recently, this has been consistent behaviour since 2.6, and happened before I recently upgraded my graphics card from a 6100 to a 7600. Is this a bug? Or can I mitigate? My spec: Second Life 2.8.1 (236154) Jul 20 2011 18:35:51 (Second Life Beta Viewer) Release Notes CPU: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3200+ (1800 MHz) Memory: 2012 MB OS Version: Linux 2.6.38-10-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 28 15:05:41 UTC 2011 i686 Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corp
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