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  1. Of course. And the line is definitly crossed when an opinion becomes a call to arms for your followers, while you have the power and your followers the ability to follow that call. Especially if the background noise to that is the wish of ripping apart a democratic government and killing all "enemies". Being pessimistic I would say this is behond fixable.
  2. I actually agree. I find such statements quite problematic on a social level and they should be frowned upon in the same way other opinions of the same nature are. My comment was a response to multiple people making blanket statements that every opinion should be allowed to be promoted and spread. This blanket statement is just nonesense, because it eliminates the ability to draw a line. And a line needs to be drawn somewhere.
  3. Some people in this thread would be fine with Hitler tweeting about a "solution for the Jews", because its "just his opinion".
  4. The good thing about Second Life is, that for most people in the world, its an obscure niche thing with a significant learning curve. For that reason I do not think that a noticeable number of far right groups will move to SL. That being said: Over 70 milion people in the USA (or thats the the numbers ball park I read about) voted for Donald Trump. He managed to become president in 2016. People with shocking viewpoints are talking to a mainstream audiance on social media. So the fear of some "hate groups" seeking cover in SL is absurd. If anything the "hate" is among the general population and has been for years. If you encounter Trump supporters or similar people, its not because some "hate group" secretly set up camp in SL, its because this has become a mainstream political view in the US.
  5. Or early SL breast physics. <wobbles at every move>
  6. My thoughts on this? Best opportunity for everyone to get tricked out of their money.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to say those places have always been bad and they certainly do serve a purpose in preserving a part of SL history. It just seemed like such an odd idea to go looking there for a house to actually use today, even more if there are some requirements like low land impact.
  8. I'm suprised someone would go to Freebie Galaxy unironically. That place was already outdated, when I was a newbie ten years ago... Anyway, how low does it need to be?
  9. I swear I'm cursed when it comes to linking stuff. It ALWAYS increases the LI. 😢
  10. None of them are "good jobs and opportunities". The only jobs I can think of that require a decent roleplay skill are dancers and escorts. Two jobs, both of which are often not even that profitable, compared to the invested time. In general you should only pick up any work in SL, if you enjoy doing what you do. This isn't just a work simulation afterall.
  11. Have you actually taken a look what your groups? I did that a while back. Looked at every group I was in and reconsidered if I actually need that group. Its like decluttering ones inventory. There will probably be groups you haven't used in years. And unless there are some rights, benefits or a jon fee attached, you won't lose anything from leaving.
  12. You really need to look up what "freedom of speech" actually means, because you are currently not making any sense. Voice being disabled at an event is not an infringement on your rights. The rest of your text is... really weird. No we aren't. That term refers to employees of Linden Lab. This has nothing to do with teaching people how to use the viewer or that anyone but you is unable to properly use their viewer (what a narcistic view). Uncontrolled voice at big events is disturbing and anoying. There is more to it than just people being "too loud". You do realize that some disabilities may prevent people from using voice and that they are by default excluded from any conversation that happens in voice only? By your logic, that would be hating them.
  13. Would some of you mind sharing where you buy your outdoor plants from?
  14. A dear acquaintance of mine died this night (afternoon in his timezone) from covid. He had been in hospital since the 23th, but seemed optimistic in his posts on social media. We had last talked 1 on 1 on my birthday in September. Our conversations had always been infrequent, as we lived far apart and I was simply part of the gigantic group of people he got to know from a shared hobby. I regret not reaching out more, despite this. He was such a kind person.
  15. So you will return once every year and show us what you are currently stroking your carrot to?
  16. Ah yes, the best way to dig up an old thread. "Contributing" to the discussion with a pointless video. Now you want to compare SL to literally any 3D rendering?
  17. I thought a little bit about this and to be honest, it entirely depends on your perspective if its a sad day or not. Second Life is an entertainment product. If it doesn't entertain you as much as it would need to, to justify £99 a year, then its just logical to not spend that money each year. People change. Its normal that this doesn't exclude the enjoyment we take from our hobbies. It is actually quite suprising, if something consistantly sticks with you your entire life (or a decent portion of it). And 15 years is such a long time. Thats half my life! You run into people on the internet, who weren't even born, when you settled into SL. Tresure the memories and the joy you had here and don't be sad, that an old love doesn't cause the same spark it used to. Instead, set sail to something new and when you are looking for something comfortable and familiar, SL will be there for you to enjoy once more. It would be sad, if that spark of joy was still there and something external would force you to quit your membership. But you moving on as a person doesn't need to be a sad thing, at least for yourself.
  18. Thank you! It is a prim, because this is not even the ground. The Tortuga has two platforms outside and this is one of them. I just put the gras prim on top of the wood floor.
  19. I think we are neighbours, @usagihara ! (Just looked, I live across the street!)
  20. I'm not finished with it yet (need more plants and garden decor) but so far, this is the concept I'm going with at my Tortuga. I made the lower area into an artificial garden.
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